Xiaomi Black Shark

The perfect gaming smartphone Black Shark — the Snapdragon 845 processor, 8 GB of RAM, 128 GB of memory, a screen with a refresh rate of 60 Hz, stereo speakers like in Mi MIX 2S, and a liquid cooling system!

Nubia Alpha

A new generation of smartwatches has been born and we need to thank the company Nubia for that. The Nubia Alpha is the perfect crossover between a smartwatch and smartphone. No need to have both anymore!

Marty the Robot

Marty is a fully programmable, WiFi enabled walking robot for kids, makers, educators, and for anybody who just wants a cute robot. Marty makes learning about programming, electronics, and mechanical engineering a fun and engaging process.

Massdrop CTRL Mechanical Keyboard

Constructed with a solid aluminum frame with a built-in switch plate, it’s stable and fortified. And thanks to the Kaihua hot-swappable switch sockets, it allows you to change switches whenever you want with no soldering required. It’s also fully programmable via QMK, meaning you can assign macros or custom keybinds to every key.

Realbug Spider Mouse

This wired Optical USB Computer Mouse has a REAL Spider in a clear acrylic. It works like a standard mouse and has mult-coloured lights to highlight the Spider when in use. Contains a scroll wheel as well as left and right control buttons.

Ion Blaster Commander

The ION BLASTER COMMANDER is a replica of the personal weapon of one of the Galaxy’s most legendary robots. It is the most iconic gun in the universe inhabited by robots that can change their appearance. It is the weapon of a leader. If you are a fan of Optimus Prime or Transformers, this is for you

Ulefone-Triproof Digital Walkie-Talkie Smartphone

Supports 400~470MHz hardware intercom, always stay connected with your team members. A smart phone as well as a true offline intercom. Certified by IP 68 protection grading, as known as Tri-proof-dust proof, water proof and shock proof, Armor 3T is indestructible count-on partner even in extreme outdoor environment.

Mini Planetarium Projector

With the LiveStar Mini Planetarium from iOptron you and your family can experience the excitement of going to a planetarium right from inside your own home! The LiveStar Mini Planetarium projects the night sky right onto the ceiling and walls allowing you to explore the stars indoors. You’ll be able to see the stars and constellations - even see the Milky Way. Plus, the planetarium rotates to mimic the motion of the night sky! Simple to set up and use - it provides a fun way to learn about astronomy.

Vinpok Split

With Vinpok Split, you can have two extra screens for your laptop. With an extra screen, you can significantly boosts your productivity by up to 50%. Just plug in and start working. Stay productive with Vinpok Split.

The Ninebot Gokart

A Speedy Gokart to Bring Out the Racing Fan in You. The 1800W motor provides powerful support for a max. speed of 24km/ h, an acceleration of 0.7g and a max. gradient of 15°. The three modes allow riders to select top speed based on expertise.

Digital Wrist Paper Watch

A wearable device that looks like a paper wristband but acts like a regular watch, Different from common watch, CAJISO Watch is quite special and with a sense of design.

The Drift W1

Drift W1 is equipped with two detached, independent skates weighting at 7.7 pounds each. The e-skates comes with a maximum speed of 7.5 mph, a maximum payload of 220 lbs, and a torque of lower than 6 Nm to optimize the steering and riding experience.


With its AI voice assistant by your side, you will be ready to go out and speak out loud! Langogo accurately translates speeches between 60 languages in less than 1 second and helps you stay connected with global Wi-Fi anytime and anywhere, bringing you a world of conversations at your fingertips.

Doogee S70

The DOOGEE S70 is not only unbreakable—it’s the world’s first rugged smartphone for professional mobile gaming experiences.


Imagine watching crystal clear 4K video anywhere you want. Small enough to fit in your backpack, and powerful enough to replace your home theater system.

Fidget Power

Simultaneously charge your smartphone, tablet and accessories as you play with 10 addicting buttons and switches thanks to the powerful internal battery.