Endoscope Tube for Phones

This endoscope couldn’t be easier to use. Just plug & play. The list of features goes on and on for this product. Intraoral camera system, underwater camera, waterproof Micro-cameras, motor vehicle detector,… just to name a few.  

Racing Simulator

If you want to upgrade your gaming experience this racing simulator would be a good choice. It is compatible with PS3 & PC and you can even transform it into a game theatre!  

BB-9E App-Enabled Droid with Trainer

Have your own droid at your command. Control it with your smart device via the augmented reality Droid Trainer. Imagine having 10 of these? No, wait! Imagine having 100 of these?!! No, wait! Imagine, oh you know what’s coming…

Floating Iron Man

A desk is a place where you work but this doesn’t mean you could not pimp a little bit with some cool stuff. This floating Iron Man, for example, is something that will put a smile on your face every day! You can power it by battery or via cable.

Vintage Typewriter Keyboard

This is handcrafted wooden keyboard is an absolute beauty! It works with PC & Mac and can even be used wirelessly. It’s made with the highest detail and will just look incredible on your desk.  

Functional Web Shooter

The coolest thing about Spidey is his web shooting.  I can swing from building to building. You can now own your very own web shooter that will stick to any magnetic surface up to 8 feet away!  

Iron Man Helmet

This life-size Iron Man Helmet is the perfect replica from Tony Stark’s suit. It comes with 2 L.E.D. light up eyes, electronic sound effects and detachable magnetized faceplate. [quick_offer id=636]

Pokemon 3D Crystal Ball

Light up your room with this great Pokemon Laser LED ball. It comes in several variations with e.g. Charizard, Dragonite, Blastoise,… It also serves great as a nightlight. [quick_offer id=600]

4D Game of Thrones Puzzle

If you’re looking for a gift for a true Game of Thrones fan, well look no further. It comes with 1400+ pieces and 65+ detailed buildings. Hours of fun guaranteed [quick_offer id=662]

Rocket Skates

Go go gadget rocket skates! These electric roller skates will make you go up to 12 mph. It comes with batteries which will take around 1.5 hours to charge. [quick_offer id=606]

5 Panels Dragon Ball Goku

Goku is probably the most popular character in Manga history. Kakarot is just what planet Earth needed at the right time. This 5 panel will completely light up your room and looks awesome in any room. [quick_offer id=]

Carnivorous Plant 3 inch pot

Time to rid of those annoying insects in the house like flies. These flytraps will do the work for you. Are you scared if you’re not up to the task? These plants come with a detailed full page caresheet + FAQ sheet and a full page potting diagram. Everybody can do this! [quick_offer id=602]

Super Mario Fridge Magnets

Pimp your fridge with your favourite plumber of all time. Every day, the kids can create a new way for Mario to escape the hostile mushrooms so he can power up and save Princess Peach! [quick_offer id=652]

Hydra Desk

If you’re building your own lair or Batcave, the Hydra Desk will be your centrepiece. It has the power to house a supercomputer that will assist you so you can plan to take over the world. [quick_offer id=759]

Pancake Bot

This robot does not simply make pancakes but it prints it. This gives you the possibility to turn your pancakes into artworks like for example the Eiffel tower or a rocket. Get ready to surprise your loved ones every morning with a new pancake design! [quick_offer id=]

Magneto Helmet

If you’re afraid that people can get into your head then this Magneto Helmet is the perfect solution for you. It’s stopped professor Xavier from getting into Magneto’s head. It has an incredible design and is inspired by 90’s X-Men Comics. [quick_offer id=781]

Batman Grappling Gun

If there’s one thing that Batman can’t go without then it would be his grappling gun. This beautiful prop will make you the centre of the party or will just look awesome in your house. [quick_offer id=749]

Interactive touch table

If you’re looking for a new coffee table… Well… your search is over! This interactive table has a great design and runs on Windows 10. But to enhance the experience, it comes with multi-user software so multiple persons can interact with it. [quick_offer id=598]

PokeBall Plus

Pokemon is still amazingly popular thanks to Pokemon Go but also now thanks to the new games on Nintendo Switch, Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu & Let’s Go Eevee. You can now even use a real PokeBall to catch them!

Steampunk USB Drive

This beautiful Steampunk USB drive is available in several colours and is available in 8, 16, 32, 64GB. It comes in real copper with beautiful oxidation.

8Bit Arcade Stick

It’s time to game Old School Style!!! This Arcade Stick is good to go on Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac & Android. You can set it up via cable or even via Bluetooth. [quick_offer id=594]

Cryptex USB Drive

Lock your secrets files away in a proper offline way. No online passwords but in a very nice and old school way with this beautiful Cryptex [quick_offer id=590]

Black Panther Electronic Helmet

This Black Panther Helmet is absolutely stunning. It comes with Vibranium light effects and lenses that flip up and down. It is time for you to serve as the protector of Wakanda. [quick_offer id=542]

Samsung Curved Gaming Monitor

If you want to increase your gaming experience, try a curved monitor. Especially when it’s ultra-wide with 49 inches. It will give you the idea that you’re being sucked into the monitor! [quick_offer id=584]