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Cryptex USB Flash Drive

A Cryptex is a special container with a mechanical combination lock (rotating rings with letters or digits), which people used hundreds of years ago to keep secrets.

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Glass Keyboard

Bluetooth wireless Glass Keyboard, it's a keyboard made of glass! It comes with Blue LED backlight with gesture control + Touch Sensitive key controls.

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What if you could instantly turn your office or living room wall into a canvas for digital content, and update it in real time?

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Mechanical Keyboard

A nostalgic classic reborn with modern innovations fit for composing literary masterpieces. Enjoy a typewriter-inspired mechanical keyboard.

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Myo Gesture Control Armband

With over 100 applications in Myo Market, the Myo armband gives you control of technology from a distance, from games and connected things to presentations and media. Using Keyboard Mapper, bring your favorite applications to life by mapping gestures to your keyboard for customized control.

Xenxo S-Ring

Xenxo S-Ring is one compact smart ring that is crafted with real solutions to answer multiple flaws that today’s smart wearables haven’t been able to address until now. Bluetooth call, Data storage, Music Control, NFC payment & much more in one smart, compact ring.

Kano Computer Kit

Build your own computer. Follow the story, plug the parts, see how it works. Learn to code art, games and music. Hack Minecraft, make lights flash, step-by-step challenges show you how. Discover 100+ apps, browse the web, and more. Perfect for beginners. Create, don’t just consume technology.  

Endoscope Tube for Phones

This endoscope couldn’t be easier to use. Just plug & play. The list of features goes on and on for this product. Intraoral camera system, underwater camera, waterproof Micro-cameras, motor vehicle detector,… just to name a few.  

Vintage Typewriter Keyboard

This is handcrafted wooden keyboard is an absolute beauty! It works with PC & Mac and can even be used wirelessly. It’s made with the highest detail and will just look incredible on your desk.