Homelander vs Superman: Who Would Win?

Superheroes to supervillains and the many possibilities, today we talk about Homelander vs Superman and who would win in a fight. Superman and Homelander have many abilities and strengths. Taking two powerful superheroes and turning them against each other is a sight to see, who would win? Who would leave the scene as victorious?

The two superheroes are very much alike and share many similarities but the slight differences will determine it all; who will win? Who will be named the victor Homelander or Superman? Let’s take a look into the lives of Homelander and Superman and find out.

Homelander: Biography

Homelander is the son of Stormfront and a woman with mental disabilities of which we have no name. Homelanders mother passed away during his birth and he also goes by the name of John. He was grown in a laboratory but the company Vought-American that created him made up a cover story that Homelander is actually an alien like Superman who arrived on Earth as an infant. It is all about public relations as you know right?

To keep Homelander under control, he was restrained with a hydrogen bomb attached to him as a precaution for his potential escape. He is widely known as the Superhero leader of the Seven and a Vought test subject. His gender is male, species is Supe and his nationality is American. He has a son who is known by the name of Ryan Butcher.

Superman: Biography


Superman is the son of Jor-El and Lara of Krypton to which he was born, He was named Kal-El at birth and then was later named Clark Joseph Kent by his adoptive parents Jonathan and Martha Kent. Superman was spared by his biological parents when they sent him to earth via a spaceship moments before a natural cataclysm destroyed Krypton. He landed in Smallville where he was then found by his adoptive parents as a baby.

His adoptive parents persuaded him to use his abilities for good thus leading us to the superhero known as Superman. They hide his identity superman changes into the iconic superman costume with bright blues and reds. In his daily life separate from fighting crime he lives in Metropolis where he works as a journalist at The Daily Planet.

Homelander: Powers and Abilities

His powers consist of superhuman strength, speed, stamina, smell and hearing. You can also add to that list: Invulnerability, heat vision, X-Ray vision and flight. The superhuman abilities, such as strength, speed, stamina, smell and hearing are heightened senses that all Supes possess allowing him to be more powerful than any normal human.

Homelanders invulnerability makes it impossible for him to be harmed and or damaged. His heat vision allows him to focus all of the solar energy stored in his body and release it through his eyes resulting in beams of heat. His X-Ray vision makes it possible for him to see through materials. He also possesses the power of flight, allowing him to fly without the help of anything artificial.

Superman: Powers and Abilities

Superman abilities consist of superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, durability, senses and longevity. Allowing him to also be more powerful than your ordinary, everyday human. His powers also consist of ocular powers such as heat vision, electromagnetic spectrum vision, microscopic vision, X-Ray vision, telescopic vision, and infrared vision. He also possesses the abilities of superhuman breath, freezing breath, wind breath, invulnerability, accelerated healing, flight, genius-level intellect, master martial artist and hand to hand combat.

When it comes to the power grid, we gave Superman the perfect score. We know that he has his weaknesses but he always comes up with a solution to get out of harm’s way. Unfortunately, DC Comics does not provide a power grid as Marvel does on their site.

Homelander: Weakness

Homelander and his weaknesses, are there any? Weakness is in almost all humans, superhumans, villain’s and non-villains causing us to fail in some aspect. It took us some research to find a weakness but we found one through an article on CBR where they called out that the main weakness for Homelander is actually attention. Deep down, he is actually a villain but as soon as the cameras are pointed at him, he becomes this great and friendly superhero. But as soon as the attention goes away, we see a scared little boy with a troubled childhood.

Superman: Weakness

Superman and his weaknesses, what are they? Superman’s weakness is a radioactive fragment found from his home planet of Krypton. This element is known as Kryptonite. Kryptonite will displace superman’s powers leaving him vulnerable and disorientated.

We should also not forget that Superman is also vulnerable to magic, luckily Homelander doesn’t possess this.


All in all these two superheroes will be the match of the century, they both have their weaknesses which they can exploit to their advantage but Superman and Homelander both have very similar powers and or abilities which will make it a very close fight.

Homelander may have a slight advantage as his only weakness is attention. If Homelander is able to get his hands on Kryptonite it is all over for superman even with his extremely intense abilities. After Homelander gets the Kryptonite close enough to Superman to displace his powers and abilities he just needs to use his strengths to finish the fight.

Still, we believe that Superman has the advantage over Homelander as he is quite mentally unstable. If Superman would just decide not to fight Homelander and not giving him the attention he needs, he would go insane and crumble.

Mental stability is a superpower that is often overlooked so keep that in mind for real life as well and be nice to people.


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