10+ Amazing Bathtubs That You Have Ever Seen

The bathtub is for most people, their private time. Time to relax and forget all the trouble in your life. You can go for a boring white bathtub. But life is too short for that. So we made list with the most amazing bathtubs that you have ever seen!

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#1 Carbon Fiber Bathtub

If you ever wondered how Batman's bathtub looks like, this is probably it! This bathtub is completely made out of carbon fiber.

#5 Dual Zone Whirlpool Bath

Dual Zone Whirlpool Bath has a crazy amount of options. You can choose different colors to set the mood, it has 23 jets and two ergonomically designed pillows. The only thing you have to do, is to sit back and relax.

#11 Petrified Wood Bathtub

Do you remember that we said that the Quartz Crystal Bathtub is out most expensive bathtub on our list? We were wrong. We were wrong by almost $1.5 million as this Petrified Wood Bathtub is $2 million dollars.