10+ Cool Pool Tables That Everybody Wants to Have

If you are looking for your next pool table, let us give you a couple of suggestions that we found. But be warned, you probably want to have all of them. What’s your favorite? 

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#1 Mini Pool Table

Don't have the place to put a big pool table, you can start small with this one. It's made out of wood and the felt is the same as with the big tables. So you don't have to be scared about the quality.

#5 Poolception: Waterproof Pool Table

Are there ways to relax even more? Standing in the pool and shooting some pool. Just add beer and this is what heaven should look like. Life is good!

#6 Illuminated Edges Pool Table

This Illuminated Edges Pool Table is perfect for a game of pool but you can also convert it into a table hockey game. It comes with an anti-corrosive aluminum frame so you can put it outside and leave it there. No need to worry!

#7 Shelby GT-350 Pool Table

We already showed the Ford Mustang Pool Table but if the Mustang is not your thing, you can always go for the Shelby. Not a Shelby fan? Have a look at the Corvette and the Camaro. Still no? Oh, you're just impossible!

#10 Glow In The Dark Pool Table

This Pool Table comes with bright light strips so you can create a glow-in-the-dark effect.