10+ Cool Snow Sleds For Adults

The people who think that sleighing is just for kids, couldn’t be more wrong!  We made a list with the coolest sleds that will require you to wear a helmet! Be safe but go fast!

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#2 Kick Snow Scooter

If you want to take it a little bit slower, this Kick Snow Scooter is perfect for that. It is also great for kids who can't ski but still want to have some fun on the slopes.

#3 Carbon Fiber Snow Sled

If you're serious about sleighing, this Carbon Fiber Snow Sled would be perfect for you. Unfortunately, it is discontinued. But nothing stops you from putting it back into production. You know have already an idea how it would look like.

#4 Wearable Snow Sleds

Sled anytime and anywhere with these Wearable Snow Sleds. Just put them on your legs and you are good to go. It is that simple!

#5 Inflatable Snow Tube Sled

This Inflatable Snow Tube Sled is perfect for adults and kids. It has a heavy duty, slick-coated hard shell polyethylene base so it can absorb any impact to provide a very smooth sliding experience.

#6 Hammer Head Sled

If you are looking for speed, you found it. The Hammer Head Sled comes with a powder coated 6063 aluminum frame and 2 polycarbonate front skis + hdpe rear skis. Don't forget to wear a helmet!

#10 Aurora Bubble Sled

Travel through Finland in a heated sled which is towed by a snowmobile. It has large windows and a glass ceiling so you won't miss a thing of the beauty of Finland.