10+ Cool Things That Come Directly Out Of Tony Stark’s Basement

If you have no clue who Tony Stark is, we would really appreciate that you leave this page now.

Ok, now that the noobs are gone we made a list with the coolest things that Iron Man would have in his basement.

#1 Marvel Legends Iron Man Helmet

This is our absolute favorite, the Marvel Legends Iron Man Helmet. It comes with 2 L.E.D. light up eyes, electronic sound effects and detachable magnetized faceplate

#5 Robotic Arm

Remember the robots who help Tony in his basement? You can build your own robot arm so they can assist you in your daily work

#6 Life Size Iron Man Suit

If you want to replicate the basement of Iron Man, you will need an Iron Man suit. Luckily the guys at buyfullbodyarmors.com can help you with that!


This full-size Iron Man Helmet Replica is stunning, it's made of full aerospace aluminum and weighs around 6 pounds. It's a must-have for your basement but it doesn't come cheap!