• The Official 1979 Chevrolet A-Team Van

    The Official 1979 Chevrolet A-Team Van

    This is one of the only six in the world to have the rare Universal Studios license. It was designed as a means of advertising the A-Team TV show and it became one of the most successful celebrity cars of the ’80s. It had exposure to millions of people at national tours The decor is a perfect match for set pieces from the show.

  • Playmobil A-Team Van

    Playmobil A-Team Van

    PLAYMOBIL A-Team Van features the same three-color artwork, expanded sun visor, and red rims as the original, but it’s smaller. It’s a must-have for A-Team and tv shows enthusiasts, but also PLAYMOBIL lovers! A vehicle with room for five figures is included, as are Hannibal, B.A., Face, and Murdock. The van’s rear and side door could be opened, as well.

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