A’Lars (Marvel)

A’Lars is also known as Mentor a character from the Marvel comic books. He made his first appearance in Iron Man #55 in February 1973. The writer Jim Starlin created him, you might know Jim Starlin from several other Marvel comics like Captain Marvel but he also worked at DC Comics on titles like Batman.

A’lars is a male with white/grey hair and has blue eyes. He is 6’1″ or 1.85 m and weighs 210 lbs or 95.25 kg. He belongs to a race known as the Eternals who lived on Titan which is a moon of Saturn. The Eternals were created by very powerful beings called the Celestials.

Family and Relatives

Most readers know A’lars as the father of the Mad Titan, Thanos which the whole world got to know via The Avengers movies in his quest to wipe out half of the galaxy. He also had another son Eros aka Starfox. Unlike his brother, Eros is considered to be a real ladies’ man.

Kronos (or Chronos) is the father of A’Lars. Kronos and his brother fought a civil war between each other which Kronos won in the end. He exiled his brother Uranos to leave Earth and never return. His mother is Daina of Times Past who was part of the Gaian Sisterhood who advised the Eternal leaders with their prophecies.

Together with his brother Zuras, Alars created Uni-Mind which is a being that is made of pure light and energy.

Powers & Abilities

A’Lars possesses more or less the same powers as all Eternals:

  • Superhuman stamina and durability: Due to a cosmic energy explosion caused by his father Chronos, all Eternals are considered immortal and got superhuman powers
  • Ability to project cosmic energy: Eternals can manipulate cosmic energy and use this as a weapon of attack of to defend themselves with cosmic waves.
  • Super-Intellect: A’Lars is also considered one of the smartest scientist in the Marvel Universe.
  • Molecular manipulation
  • Telepathy

Interesting Facts That You Should Know About A’lars

Although Alars was the ruler on Titan, he was actually born on Earth in the city of Titanos. Interesting about this, is that Fandom claims that Titanos lies in Canada while Marvel says it lies in Asia…

A’lars decided to leave Titanos as his brother Zuras was chosen to become the new leader of the city. He didn’t want to create any tension between him and his brother so he travelled to Titan (moon of Saturn) where he took on the leadership of a colony that was founded by his uncle Uranos ages ago. On Titan, he met Sui-San who later became his wife.

In order to stop Thanos, Mentor begged his father Chronos to help defeat his son Thanos. Chronos, therefore, created Drax The Destroyer.

In Thanos (vol. 2) #2 which was published in February 2017, we all found out that Thanos is actually dying and forces his father to cure him. Unfortunately, A’Lars is not able to grant his request and Thanos kills him.


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  • Image Credit: Marvel
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