The Coolest Levitating Light Bulbs

levitating light bulb

Defy the rules of gravity with a levitating light bulb. Levitating light has grown to be a gigantic success these last years. Did you know that these lights require no batteries?

The company that is best known for its levitating light bulbs is Flyte. Flyte has their home base in Sweden but is rapidly conquering the world. But what is so special about this product? Well, for starters, it requires no batteries and this is quite mindblowing! It’s powered through the air via induction.

Add to the levitating light bulb a perfect quality oak, ash and walnut wood finish and you have a great looking product that will look good in any environment.

Our Favorite Levitating Light Bulbs

It’s no surprise that Flyte is at the top of our list. The amazing design and great quality finish is just something that you can’t ignore. Add to that, that it doesn’t need batteries and you have actually the perfect light! At this moment, Flyte has 4 levitating lights in their assortment: Nikola, Manhattan, Magnus & Royal.

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But luckily, there’s some competition in the market. Ok, to be fair, there’s just one:

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If you’re more the werewolf type of person and you want to howl at the moon. This is perfect for you then:

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The full Levitating Light Bulb list:

Be sure to check the tabs for extra info & photos!
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These are all the floating light bulbs that we could find. If you’re serious about this, be sure to go for the Flyte. Otherwise, you will pay the price of less quality.

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