Annihilation (Marvel)

Several outer space characters in the Marvel Universe were brought together for a crossover story called Annihilation. Keith Giffen wrote the miniseries while Adny Schmidt edited the project.

In the publication, Thanos defeats the Beyonder with the help of Star-Lord after visiting an intergalactic prison. During the process, Thanos made a new ally in Skreet while enslaving the Fallen One.


Elsewhere, Drax the Destroyer lands in Alaska after his prison transport ship crashes on Earth. Drax protects the locals and gains a new body during the battle before eventually being arrested by the arrival of a second prison ship.

Across the galaxy, Annihilus and his large armada of warships enter through what is called “The Crunch.” It’s where the Negative Zone and universe meet. Annihilus is able to invade Xandar and destroys the planet along with the Nova Corps.

Word quickly spreads of the attack by the Annihilation Wave as the Super-Krull becomes aware Annihilus is heading towards the Skrull empire which causes the Silver Surfer to investigate.

Nova Corps survivor Richard Rider downloads Wolrdmind, an AI with eons of intelligence and cosmic power. The download causes Rider to become Nova Prime and is given a new uniform and mental overhaul to use the immense power while not going insane.

Nova Prime heads to the next star system along with Drax and Cammi to find Quasar helping an exodus of a planet. The Annihilation Wave arrives and is kept a bay by Nova Prime and Quasar as the exodus of the planet is complete. During the battle, Annihilus consumes Quasar and takes over the ability to wield the Quantum Bands.

Annihilus sends out the Seekers to capture powerful beings which causes the Silver Surfer to join forces with heralds of Galactus, Firelord and Air-Walker. The Seekers kill Air-Walker while capturing Terrax and Morg. Stardust, Firelord, and Red Shift join forces with Silver Surfer and the United Front.

Thanos decides to align with Annihilus while trying to secure an alliance with Tenebrous and Aegis, two Proemial Gods. Before they agree, the Fallen One is killed.

The Annihilation Wave begins using the Harvestor of Sorrows on the Skrull Empire. Kl’rt and a young Skrull engineer travel to the Negative Zone and meet the designer of the Harvestor weapon. They torture him and receive a design to create a virus to destroy the weapon. Kl’rt destroys the Harvestor but is betrayed in the process.

Richard Rider has increased his United Front army. Despite its efforts, the Front is defeated which allows the Annihilation Wave to head towards Earth.

Thanos plans to betray Annihilus but is killed by Drax. Silver Surfer releases Galactus who sends out a massive blast known as the “Galactus Event.” The blast destroys most of the Annihilation Wave, vaporizes the Watcher, and over three star systems.

With a weakened force, Annihilus is killed by Nova with the help of Phyla. A treaty is stuck between the remains of the Wave and the Kree with both sides remaining unhappy. Elsewhere, the Silver Surfer destroys Tenebrous and Aegis.

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