Apocalypse (En Sabah Nur) vs Thanos

Apocalypse (En Sabah Nur) and Thanos are two marvel comic characters with similar goals. Apocalypse fed off the energies of entire planets, while Thanos needed to gather all six infinity stones in order to do the same. Apocalypse’s goal was to bring about an end to man and start anew.

This is similar to how Thanos wanted to exterminate half of all life because he believed it would save the universe from overpopulation. Apocalypse and Thanos both believed that they were in the right to make these extreme decisions in order to save the world and the universe.

Apocalypse: Biography

Apocalypse was born over 5,000 years ago in Ancient Egypt. Apocalypse has been alive for so long that he cannot even remember his actual age. His true form is unknown because Apocalypse can absorb other mutant’s powers into his body making him appear as though he can shift forms, but Apocalypse himself stays the same regardless of who he absorbs their powers from. Apocalypse first appears in the marvel universe when Apocalypse and four mutants (Cable, Storm, Psylocke, and Archangel) go up against Sinister. Apocalypse kills off three of his four followers and then turns to Cable, yet instead, Apocalypse takes over the mind and body of Mr Sinister. Apocalypse changes X-force’s name to his own Four Horsemen and Apocalypse sets his plan into motion. Apocalypse’s first act is to make Sinister kill Apocalypse’s own tribe of people, but after the deed was done Apocalypse reveals himself, he now learns about humanity’s good and bad side.

Thanos: Biography


Thanos was born on Titan, a moon of Saturn. Thanos was born different from the other Titans; Thanos stood out and was shunned for his differences. Thanos is not like all the other Titans because Thanos believes that life exists in order to grow strong and fight one another. Thanos’ mother tried to kill him when Thanos announced his belief, Thanos’ mother believed that Thanos should not exist. Thanos being different from the other Titans led Thanos to be exiled from Titan and sent away to a place where Thanos could do no harm. Thanos builds a space station which is almost like a shrine to death. Thanos builds a shrine there in honor of death and Thanos fell in love with the Death persona that he has created in his own mind. He then creates Terraxia, Death’s perfect avatar who he can actually touch without being harmed by her very touch.

Apocalypse: Powers and Abilities


Apocalypse is an omega-level mutant with great strength, which he demonstrates by easily killing Juggernaut. Apocalypse has vast psionic powers which are capable of manipulating matter on a molecular level, controlling the minds of others, and projecting powerful blasts. Apocalypse also has a healing factor that allows him to survive almost anything. He is able to move at speeds close to running, possesses teleportation and telekinesis abilities as well. All his powers manifest themselves differently with each use. Apocalypse’s powers are extremely powerful, possessing many abilities that were never shown before. Some rare abilities of Apocalypse are the ability to create a nearly impenetrable force field around himself and is resistant to psychic attacks. He can emit energy blasts with his optic beams that are powerful enough to kill most living things. He has displayed tremendous telekinetic powers including levitating and sending people flying with his mind, as well as tearing down structures with his telekinesis.

Thanos: Powers and Abilities

Thanos is an immortal with great strength and endurance, which he demonstrates by defeating Hulk in hand-to-hand combat. He also has vast cosmic powers which allow him to manipulate matter on a molecule level, teleport himself or others across space. He is also able to manipulate space, time, matter, and energy on a subatomic level. Thanos is capable of telekinesis that allows him to manipulate matter with the power of his mind alone. He has superhuman physical abilities most notably being his strength, reflexes, stamina, agility, and durability. He is nearly invulnerable to any physical attack as well as extreme heat and cold. His skin, bones, and muscles are several times denser than a human’s. Thanos’ mind is also immune to most psychic attacks. He also has the power to influence and project his thoughts telepathically into other people’s minds.

Apocalypse: Weakness

Apocalypse does however have a few weaknesses, when he sleeps his physical enhancement process ceases (stops). He is extremely sensitive to psychic powers and can be weakened with multiple nonstop attacks. Apocalypse also has a special protective suit made of unknown metals and materials which is able to absorb almost all types of damage. Keyword being “almost” all.

Thanos: Weakness

Thanos’s weakness is an inability to control his powers. Thanos is also capable of being weakened by psychic attacks and mind games. Thanos has a physical side that makes Thanos invulnerable to any type of attack except for the people he loves. Thanos sacrifices himself in order to save his family even though Thanos knows he will come back now stronger than before.


In conclusion, If Thanos allows himself to be corrupted by his power or if Thanos gets out of control Thanos might lose this fight against Apocalypse because Thanos has yet to be corrupted by his power. Thanos has been around the block a few times, Thanos is Thanos after all, Thanos is nearly impossible to kill.

If they were to meet and fight against each other, it would be a tough call to decide who would be the winner. Thanos could defeat Apocalypse if he puts his mind to it because Thanos has been exposed to stronger cosmic power from Thanos’ father. Thanos also has the ability to teleport across space, giving Thanos a speed advantage over Apocalypse. Thanos is also invulnerable and super strong which gives Thanos the advantage however Apocalypse will try every trick in the book to win. Thanos is also superhumanly intelligent which gives Thanos an advantage over Apocalypse’s psychic powers meaning Thanos will have a very good chance of winning this battle.


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