Aquaman vs Namor: Who Would Win?

Aquaman and Namor, aka the Sub-Mariner, are two characters with similar powersets but very different personalities. While Aquaman is a heroic defender of justice, Namor’s behaviour is much more erratic with him swinging back and forth between hero, villain, and anti-hero depending on the situation. One interesting bit of trivia is that Namor was actually Marvel’s first superhero and was created in 1939, while Aquaman was created later by DC in 1941. In any case, let’s go over the power, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses of these two aquatic superheroes and see who would come out on top in Aquaman vs Namor one-on-one battle!

Aquaman (Arthur Curry) Biography


Aquaman was born Arthur Curry and is half-human, half Atlantean. He is the son of the Atlantian queen, Atlanna, and human lighthouse keeper Tom Curry. Raised by his father after his mother returned to Atlantis, Arthur would begin to show signs of powers inherited from his Atlanna. This kickstarted a series of events that led to his father’s death when Black Manta invaded his home looking for a vile of Arthur’s blood. Out for revenge, he tracked down the Black Manta and thought he had killed him, but it was actually Black Manta’s father instead. Arthur fled civilization after this incident, and would ultimately be taken to Atlantis to assume his role as ruler.

Abandoning his role as ruler of Atlantis to his half-brother Orm so that he could go find ancient Atlantean artifacts, Arthur would eventually return to the surface world and assist other superheroes in stopping an invasion from the god-like being Dark Seid. He would then join them in becoming a founding member of the Justice League.

Eventually, Aquaman would come into conflict with his half-brother when Orm declared war on the surface world after the US made aggressive moves on Atlantean territory. Wanting to resolve the conflict peacefully, Arthur discovered that the entire incident had been orchestrated by an exiled Atlantean named Vulko. Defeating Vulko and Orm, Arthur once again declared himself king of Atlantis.

Arthur would eventually marry his long-time girlfriend Mera of Xebel who had given birth to their daughter Andy. Following his wife’s dissolving of the Atlantean monarchy, Arthur would attempt to live in peace with his family in Amnesty Bay but would be drawn back to Atlantis to help defend it from the Frost King.

Other notable battles include the Drowned Earth storyline in which Aquaman appears to die sacrificing himself to stop the Death Kraken and his rebirth in the Call of the Gods storyline only to be murdered by Mera and sent right back to the afterlife. Arthur would subsequently be brought back to life by Mother Shark and have his memories restored.

Namor McKenzie Biography


Namor, aka the Sub-Mariner, was born to a sailor named Leonard McKenzie, and an Atlantean princess named Fen in 1915. With his father apparently murdered by Atlantean agents sent to retrieve Fen, Namor was birthed in Atlantis and enjoyed a fairly normal childhood for a member of the royal family. Years later, a young (by Atlantean standards) Namor would become involved in World War 2, assisting a group of heroes named the Invaders in their battle against the forces of Nazi Germany. The horrors that Namor witnessed during this war would deeply scar him psychologically, and give him PTSD for the rest of his life.

Upon returning to Atlantis, Namor found that he had been banished, and again went to live on the surface world. During this time he would work with a reporter named Betty Dean and engage in superhero activities on occasion. At one point he was rendered amnesiac when a man named Paul Destine used the Helmet of Power on him. Namor would eventually regain his memories only to find Atlantis devastated. Blaming the surface world, he would take charge of Atlantis and declare war on them. This would lead to battles with the Fantastic Four, Avengers, and even the X-Men. Several organizations would attempt to recruit Namor during this time including the Hellfire Club, the Brotherhood of Mutants, and even the Avengers, but Namor would turn them all down.

Over time Namor’s disposition would soften a bit, and he would begin working with other superheroes more often than battling them. Unfortunately, his love life was filled with tragedy with his first wife and childhood friend Dorma being killed almost immediately after their wedding. He would also marry the superhero Marrina, only for her to transform into a Leviathan and attack the Avengers, forcing Namor to kill her. Later in the Civil War storyline, Namor would ally with Captain America against the Superhuman Registration Act, but this was mostly because his diplomats had been attacked on US soil, and his cousin Namorita had been killed by the villainous Nitro. Despite his difficulties, Namor would become a member of the very secretive superhero group the Illuminati before getting fed up with their decisions, such as sending the Hulk into space and leaving.

Aquaman: Powers & Abilities

As an Atlantean/human hybrid, Aquaman has a variety of ocean-themed superpowers. However, he’s also very powerful on the surface world as well. Here’s a quick list of what he can do with notable differences from Namor bolded:

  • Superhuman strength
  • Superhuman durability
  • Superhuman stamina
  • Superhuman senses
  • Superhuman speed/agility/reflexes
  • Accelerated healing
  • Latent magic
  • Magic resistance
  • Heat/energy resistance
  • Marine telepathy
  • Life Force connection/manipulation
  • Trident of Poseidon
  • Occultism
  • Advanced martial artist
  • Political skills
  • Master swimmer
  • Underwater breathing
  • Polearm master
  • Leadership skills
  • Diplomatic skills

Aquaman isn’t just a superhuman, he’s also a super Atlantean, possessing physical attributes that far outclass the normal Atlanteans who themselves are far above normal humans. Possessing incredible speed, strength, and durability on par with other top-tier superheroes, Aquaman’s attributes are even more greatly enhanced while underwater. This, combined with his martial arts skills and his mystical Trident of Poseidon, make Aquaman a very powerful fighter.

Speaking of the Trident of Poseidon, it gives Aquaman a wide range of additional powers and abilities. With it, he can fly, manipulate the weather, and fire bolts of lighting. It also allows him to use both hydro and cryokinetic powers.

Aquaman is also incredibly durable as well, having survived a fall from orbit, and has been shown capable of traveling through a deepsea lava bed without injury. He is also able to easily withstand the crushing force of the ocean depths and survived being shot in the face with a rocket launcher. Aquaman also has a healing factor, making him that much more difficult to take down in a fight.

One of Aquaman’s most interesting powers is his ability to tap into something known as the Life Force, a power that binds all living creatures. While the true extent of this force is unknown, Aquaman has used it to revitalize a fallen god, and it is the source of his marine telepathy. While his telepathy can affect other creatures as well, it isn’t very effective on intelligent beings.

Namor: Powers & Abilities

Like Aquaman, Namor’s half human/half Atlantean heritage has made him into a top-tier superhero in terms of raw power. However, some of his abilities work a little different. Here is a list with notable differences to Aquaman bolded:

  • Superhuman strength
  • Superhuman durability
  • Superhuman stamina
  • Superhuman senses
  • Superhuman speed/agility/reflexes
  • Aquatic healing
  • Radiation absorption
  • Increased lifespan
  • Marine telepathy
  • Electrolocation
  • Trident of Neptune
  • Horn of Proteus
  • Flight
  • Expert martial artist
  • Master marksman
  • Polearm master
  • Political skills
  • Master swimmer
  • Underwater breathing
  • Polearm master
  • Leadership skills
  • Diplomatic skills
  • Skilled engineer
  • Talented business executive

As you can see, Namor’s powerset is very similar to Aquaman’s but with a few key differences. First of all, is the fact that when on the surface Namor can fly without the need of his Trident of Neptune. He also possesses better martial arts skills than Aquaman since he prefers to fight hand-to-hand rather than with this Trident. In fact, his skill is so great that he was able to take on Thor, She-Hulk, and Iron Man at the same time.

As for raw strength, Namor is one of the strongest characters in the Marvel Universe that isn’t an outright god. He has defeated the powerhouse Luke Cage with ease, knocked out both the She-Hulk and Incredible Hulk, and even went toe-to-toe against the god-like Sentry for a while. Underwater Namor becomes even stronger and was able to savagely beat the Red Hulk while submerged.

In terms of durability, Namor is very similar to Aquaman though without the perks of having special resistance to heat and energy-based attacks. He also survived a fall from orbit, and easily endures the deepest depths of the ocean. Like Aquaman, he also possesses a healing factor, though it is much more potent underwater.

Also like Aquaman, Namor has a mystical trident, the Trident of Neptune. However, Namor doesn’t get as many of his powers from it. Instead, the trident gives Namor the ability to fire beams that do various things such as damaging, healing, and even cursing. It also gives him shapeshifting abilities with additional powers. Namor can even use this transformation ability on others if they’re willing. Despite how overpowered the trident is, Namor typically uses it only as a melee weapon since he doesn’t fully understand how it works and understands how dangerous it could be if he fails to control it properly.

Aquaman: Weaknesses

For all his power, Aquaman has very few actual weaknesses to deal with. His main weakness is the fact that he is much more susceptible to dehydration than normal humans. In addition to the life-threatening medical concerns that dehydration causes, it also robs Aquaman of his powers, and can even make him as weak as a normal human.

Another interesting weakness is that Atlantean steel will pierce or cut Aquaman as easily as normal steel pierces or cuts a normal human. This typically only comes into play when he’s battling other Atlanteans such as his half-brother Orm though.

Namor: Weaknesses

Like Aquaman, Namor doesn’t have many true physical weaknesses. While he does get weaker the longer he is out of the water, he doesn’t dehydrate at an accelerated rate. He can also revitalize himself with just a splash of water, so it typically isn’t an issue for him. However, unlike Aquaman powerful heat-based attacks can dehydrate him.

Other weaknesses include the fact that Namor needs the wings on his feet to fly and loses the ability if they are mutilated, though they will grow back eventually. He will also be weakened if exposed to polluted water.

Unlike Aquaman, Namor has some very glaring psychological weaknesses. In fact, Namor possibly suffers from bipolar disorder in addition to his PTSD. This can partially be attributed to the fact that if he spends too much time on either the surface or underwater he develops an oxygen imbalance. This imbalance has led to irrational and sociopathic behavior and is responsible for much of his villainous and warlike activities.

Namor’s last weakness is his head. In a few rare cases, a sharp blow to the head by even a normal human welding something as mundane as a lead pipe was enough to incapacitate him. This could be a side effect of his oxygen imbalance issues or a permanent injury sustained at the hands of the psychic Destiny. Despite this problem, Namor has also tanked blows to the head from characters as strong as the Hulk, so when and why this weakness comes into play is basically up to the writers.

Namor vs Aquaman: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Namor and Aquaman are extremely evenly matched in a one-on-one fight since they have such similar powersets. Even so, there may be a few factors that could give us a clear winner. First, let’s see how some of their similar but different powers match up.

Arguably Aquaman’s greatest power is his connection to the Life Force, while Namor’s is the unlocked potential of his Trident of Neptune. Both of these are kind of “I can do whatever I want” powers that are as potent as the writers want them to be. That said, Aquaman’s Life Force connection is inherent and not a part of his weapon’s powerset, so he does have a slight advantage here.

Speaking of weapons, Aquaman’s Trident of Poseidon is responsible for a much larger chunk of his powerset than Namor’s trident is for his powerset. This means that Namor would gain much more by disarming Aquaman than Aquaman would if he were to disarm Namor. There is also the fact that Namor actually prefers hand-to-hand combat. If both combatants were to be disarmed, Namor would have a major advantage. There’s almost no question that he would defeat Aquaman in a battle of pure hand-to-hand combat.

Other powers that would effectively cancel each other out would be their weather control, marine telepathy, and healing factor. While both Namor and Aquaman can fly, Aquaman is reliant on his trident, while Namor can do it inherently as long as his feet wings aren’t torn off. This might be a slight advantage for Namor on land but it wouldn’t matter underwater.

Speaking of land, would the battle play out differently on land as opposed to in the water? Probably not. Both combatants get much stronger in the water and weaken over time on land when becoming dehydrated. That said, Aquaman’s dehydration weakness is much more severe than Namor’s but that likely wouldn’t come into play in a one-on-one fight. Aquaman also has the advantage in being able to telepathically control land animals, though this likely wouldn’t give him much of an advantage against a powerful opponent like Namor who could easily kill even a bear or lion with a single blow.

As far as Namor’s other weaknesses go, it is possible that Aquaman could use Namor’s mental instability against him, but it’s also just as likely that Namor’s rage would make him fight even more fiercely. As for Namor’s head vulnerability, we’re not going to count that since the writing is so inconsistent regarding it and it hasn’t really been an issue in the modern age.

What about battle experience? In this regard, Namor has the edge. Overall heroes are stronger than villains, that’s just the way of things in comic books since the heroes always have to win. Since Namor has fought against superheroes just as often as he’s battled supervillains, he has a higher level of combat experience than Aquaman who very rarely fights other superheroes.

Before we wrap this up, let’s consider how things would play out in a prep time scenario. Namor would have access to the Horn of Proteus, which he normally doesn’t carry around with him. This could allow him to summon a number of giant kaiju-type monsters to attack Aquaman. If Aquaman was willing to raid king Atlan’s tomb, he would have access to the Dead King’s Atlantean Weapons. These weapons are very powerful and can do things like sink entire islands with earthquakes, and allow the user to teleport. If Aquaman were quipped with the entire set, Namor would likely have no chance against him.

So, who actually wins this battle? Honestly, we’re very tempted to call this one a draw, and realistically speaking, if Namor and Aquaman were to fight 10 times, they’d both probably win five of those battles. Even so, we have to pick a definitive winner here and we’re going with Namor. This is largely due to his past battles against other heroes that have shown just what a capable one-on-one melee fighter he is. He’s even taken on multiple top-tier superheros at once as previously mentioned.

Namor is also a cold-blooded killer when he needs to be. Aquaman would never raid king Atlan’s tomb to win a battle like this, but Namor would go to any lengths thanks to the fact that he’s a borderline sociopath, especially when suffering from oxygen imbalance. Aquaman might fight to kill when necessary, but Namor almost never holds back.

This was a pretty deep analysis of these two characters, but in the end, it’s Namor’s fluid sense of morality that will allow him to turn the tide of battle in his favor. Even though Namor didn’t quite make waves over the decades like Aquaman did, his experience fighting other superheroes makes him much less wet behind the ears in a battle like this. If you’re hooked on Aquaman and think this outcome is kind of fishy, you can take comfort in knowing that Namor’s popularity is currently like a drop in the ocean compared to his.

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