Assassin's Creed

  • Paladone Assassins Creed Travel Mug Commuter Coffee Cup

    Paladone Assassins Creed Travel Mug Commuter Coffee Cup

    This cup is the ideal gift for an assassin’s creed fan who travels a lot, be it daily commuting or global travels. It can hold water, tea, coffee, and chocolate, and is guaranteed to start conversations simply because of how stylish and effective it is in keeping your drinks warm. Go out and conquering the world begins with following the creed!

  • Braided Bracelet

    Braided Bracelet

    From girls, women, boys, and men, this bracelet is a subtle but sure Assassin’s Creed symbol. It is cool, simple, can be worn with anything, yet is quite affordable.

  • Assassin’s Creed Metal Drink Coasters

    Assassin’s Creed Metal Drink Coasters

    While clothes, ornaments, and books are great, nothing shows your fandom like interior design does. With these Assassin’s Creed Coaster, Kitchens and living rooms can have the extra touch of personalization. You could use these to protect your tables during game night or simply decorate. Whatever your choice, your guaranteed that your friends will be impressed.

  • Zippo Assassin’s Creed Lighters

    Zippo Assassin’s Creed Lighters

    A stylish all-metal windproof lighter with an assassin symbol on its face, this lighter is both stylish and worth the buy. It is refillable and can be used anywhere from households, outdoor camping, for smoking and many others uses. Just like all genuine Zippo products, it also backed by a lifetime guarantee and comes in a gift box, saving you the trouble of finding one.

  • Assassins Creed Film Keychain

    Assassins Creed Film Keychain

    Simple gifts are also subtle declarations of hobbies, interests, and our guilty pleasures. This keychain is made of 100% Metal Fiber and is a small yet powerful symbol of your love for the game, with the game’s logo being widely displayed.

  • Quartz Assassins Creed Wristwatch

    Quartz Assassins Creed Wristwatch

    It is a round black watch that is programmed to be both digital and analog. Not only is it durable, lightweight, and efficient, but it is also a signature tool having the classic bad-ass design an assassin would opt for. Its straps are made of leather and the case diameter is 42mm in diameter, making it ideal for kids and adults.

  • Assassins Creed Hoodie Jacket

    Assassins Creed Hoodie Jacket

    Clothes are a great way to celebrate fandom. This jacket coat, the latest in the Assassin’ Creed Coat collection is made of 100% Made by deluxe polyester, designed to make you feel like a superstar, and is customizable. All fans have to do is email their color specification and dies, and enjoy perfect wear!

  • Assassin’s Creed Master Assassin Ring

    Assassin’s Creed Master Assassin Ring

    To claim your allegiance to the Assassins, you could double the bracelet with this Assassin’s Creed ring. It is also unisex, made of zinc that is treated with a hypoallergenic and comes in 3 different sizes, small medium and large. Show your zeal for a world that is equal and true!

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