Batman vs Doctor Strange: Who Would Win?

Everyone loves a good superhero fight. Even more than that, people love a contest between two heroes who are diametrically opposed in terms of their methods and their ideology. There’s something particularly engaging about watching two heroes who are almost opposites go toe-to-toe, as they both have different strengths and weaknesses, and viewers get to see how one might fare against the other in a no holds barred fight. Today we’re going to be looking at perhaps the most famous of all comic book rivalries: Batman vs Doctor Strange.

Batman vs Doctor Strange: Who Would Win?

Who is Doctor Strange?

Dr. Stephen Strange is a Marvel Comics superhero – and he’s one of the most powerful members of the Marvel superhero alliance. A former neurosurgeon who got his hands is crippled after a car accident. He travels to Tibet to find a cure, and ends up seeking out the Ancient One – a powerful mystic who trains him in the ways of magic. He goes on to become a member of the Avengers, and one of the most important superheroes in the Marvel Universe.

Who is Batman?

Batman is one of the most popular superheroes in the world. He’s been around since the 1930s, and has gone from being a relatively simple vigilante to one of the most complex, interesting, and powerful superheroes ever created. Batman is a master of martial arts, detective work, and espionage, having trained himself to peak human levels of fitness through rigorous training and exercise regimens. He’s a brilliant strategist and tactician, and has access to some of the most advanced technology ever created. He has an almost pathological need to protect and defend those around him – be it his city or his fellow superheroes. Batman is an incredibly intelligent and capable human being, and one of the most well-known superheroes in the world.

So, who would win?

When it comes to a Doctor Strange vs Batman fight, there’s a lot to consider. First off, we have to take a look at the powers of each – which are pretty different. As a sorcerer, Strange has access to a wide range of magical abilities and spells – some of which are pretty much incomprehensible. He’s also got a few useful gadgets and gizmos, such as his Cloak of Levitation and his Dagger of Daggonath. Batman has his tech, of course – but he’s also a highly trained martial artist and master tactician, which is where the fight’s in his favor. Then we have their weaknesses – and here’s where things get a little more boring. Strange is incredibly powerful, but he’s also incredibly arrogant and overconfident. Combine that with his over-reliance on magic, and he’s got a pretty big weakness.

Batman vs Doctor Strange Power Grid Comparison

Batman doesn’t have a Power Grid like all Marvel characters have but we gave him the same score as Iron Man as they match on every level.

Power GridBatmanDoctor Strange

Why Doctor Strange would win

As we mentioned, Strange is a sorcerer and magician, which means he can’t be injured by normal weapons. Batman’s tech would be useless against him, and his martial arts training is not enough to protect him from Strange’s impenetrable magic. Strange is also incredibly arrogant and overconfident, which leads him to sometimes be overconfident – which is a great advantage against a tactician like Batman. Strange is also incredibly powerful, which means that he has the ability to use the environment against Batman, summoning things like spikes of ice or fire. He’s incredibly smart and skilled, which means that he’s more likely to win the fight – especially since he has the upper hand in terms of skill.

Why Batman would win

As we mentioned, Batman is a much more experienced fighter than Strange – and he’s also trained himself to fight and defend against magic, which is a huge advantage. Batman has trained himself to be one of the most intelligent men on the planet, and is renowned for his tactical skills and ability to outthink his opponent. Strange is incredibly powerful, but he’s not particularly fast or strong. His magic is useful, but it takes time to cast, and he can’t be fighting with one hand behind his back. This means that he’s a much easier opponent for Batman, who is faster, stronger, and more agile. Batman has access to a wide range of tech that can neutralize the magic and spells of Strange, and he’s trained himself to fight in cramped spaces – which is where a fight between Batman and Strange would take place.


This is a difficult match-up for Batman for many reasons. He may be the world’s greatest detective, one of the world’s best martial artists, and a rich kid with access to an arsenal of weapons, gadgets, and vehicles, but Doctor Strange is Sorcerer Supreme. The only way Batman would stand even a chance at winning this fight would be to find a way to stop Strange from casting spells.

In the movies, it was revealed that Strange has to use his hands to cast spells. In the comics, he also has to speak to cast spells as a typical wizard would. These are two weaknesses for Batman to exploit. The problem is, could he even get close enough to Doctor Strange to bind his hands and/or mouth? The answer is a big fat no.

First of all, Doctor Strange can fly. This means that he can just kite Batman if he wanted. Sure, Batman could use the Batplane, but that really just makes him a bigger target for Strange to shoot down. Heavy weaponry like missiles and rockets won’t work either since the Sorcerer Supreme can create protective barriers.

Speaking of which, Doctor Strange’s protective barriers are the second reason Batman won’t be able to stop him from casting spells. If Strange creates a barrier, there is simply nothing Batman can do to harm him and it’s game over.

While things may look pretty lopsided here, there is one way that Batman could win. Dr. Strange has a third major weakness and that’s his overconfidence. Being Sorcerer Supreme has made Strange arrogant and, in many cases, careless. In the comics, he once got stabbed to death answering his door at night because he was unprepared. Batman could conceivably capitalize on this lackadaisical attitude and find some way to ambush Doctor Strange.

For example, Batman has been known to use knockout gas. While this typically appears in the form of a highly visible gas cloud, if he could make it invisible and scentless, it is possible Strange would inhale it without suspecting a thing and pass out like a chump. Unfortunately, there haven’t been any cases of Batman using invisibly knockout gas, so this one’s off the table. As for regular gas, Strange could just use a wind spell to disipate it, or an air-tight barrier to protect himself.

The problem here is that if Batman gets prep time, so does Strange. Sure, Batman has done some pretty crazy things with prep time, like defeating the entire Justice League. However, Doctor Strange can call upon the powers of literal gods. Given enough time to do that, he’s going to be completely invincible to anything Batman could possibly throw at him, ambush or not.

The final verdict is an easy win for Doctor Strange. Batman is extremely skilled for a mere mortal, but Doctor Strange is essentially a demi-god who can call upon the full powers of literal gods when needed. We didn’t even mention the fact that Strange has the Time Stone, because honestly, he won’t even need it to turn Batman inside out. Hopefully, it won’t come to that though. If he’s feeling merciful, Doctor Strange could just turn Batman into a literal bat and send him back to the Batcave so that he can take a big guano dump on his own car for Alfred to clean up.

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