Batman vs Iron Man

It is often said that fans have been wanting to see this matchup for years now. The time has come, but it will unfortunately never take place. So let us fantasise about what might happen by placing these two men in a ring and fighting – mano e mano!

This is a fight that I would love to see as none of them has any superpowers. They both heavily rely on their tech/gadgets and their brain. So who would win?


Batman is one of the smartest people on the planet (he ranks alongside Reed Richards); he plans out his actions and his gadgets, which allow him to create a plan of attack. His intelligence allows him to win most fights without any injuries.

Iron Man is also intelligent-his intelligence makes it easier for him to make new gadgets; he’s able to fix other people’s technology, and he built the Iron Man suit. His intelligence can help him in fights but it doesn’t make for as many good plans as Batman’s!

Physical Strength

The biggest advantage that Batman has over Iron Man is his physical strength. Bruce Wayne works out and shapes himself in top condition. We often see Bruce working out while Tony, not really that much.

While both heavily rely on their suit and gadgets, if it comes to stamina, Bruce will have the upper hand.

Mark vs Batsuit

This is a difficult one, we know that both suits are state of the art and have no equal except each other maybe. The only thing, that we could find that could make a major difference is that Tony has an army of Marks at his disposal and he doesn’t even need to be in the armor.

While we haven’t seen Batman creating any bots to assists him.

Hulkbuster vs Armored Batsuit

Ok, so if they ever make a comic or movie about the fight between Batman and Iron Man. Please for the love of God, make a scene where they both fight each other with the Hulkbuster and the Armored Batsuit.

We all know what these babies can do. One can withstand the Hulk, the other one can withstand Superman. I could honestly not say which suit would come out on top but I would love to see it so I would call this one a tie.


If the fight would be in the air, we believe that Tony has a bigger advantage than Bruce. As Iron Man can fly at any time and Batman needs the Batwing. We also believe that the Iron Man armor has an advantage if we compare it with the Batwing as the Iron Man suit will have more manoeuvrability.


Batman has faster reflexes than Tony Stark-he can dodge more easily, and he’s faster at punching or throwing things. His body can take the impact of punches harder than that of Iron man because he doesn’t feel the pain as much.

But Iron Man’s suit allows him to move quickly-he can go faster than a car! He flies using repulsors in his feet and hands which blast out jets of energy; he also has boosters on his ankles, back and palms.


Batman is the world’s greatest detective and he can tell when he’s being watched. He also has his gadgets (such as his grappling hook) which allow him to escape from hand-to-hand combat with ease.

But Iron Man has more gadgets than Batman! He created the Mark 42 armour’s repulsors by himself -they can be used to cut through anything! He has an uni-beam which shoots out a concentrated beam of light. A chestplate that can stop almost any weapon. His gloves have a variety of weapons including repulsors, electric arcs and fire proof kryptonite knuckles! Batman is able to use his gadgets well-but Iron Man has even more gadgets that he uses well too!

Fighting Technique

While Batman is inarguably much physically stronger than Iron Man, we can also consider him the better fighter.

Iron Man relies primarily on his weapons in battle where Batman has relied principally on his fighting abilities, giving him a clear advantage when battling Iron Man.

Batman is highly trained in fighting, but Iron Man doesn’t share this expertise. When gadgets and clever tricks don’t get the job done, sometimes it’s better to try something else – like a physical battle.

The Avengers vs Justice League

The Avengers: The Avengers first assembled after the Invasion by Loki; they’re made up from Iron Man, Thor, Hulk (Bruce Banner), Captain America, Black Widow and Hawkeye. They’ve faced off against enemies such as Ultron as well as Thanos. Their strengths include intelligence-Tony Stark is an inventor who created the Iron man suit for himself-strength-Hulk has strength that can level buildings-, agility -Black Widow specializes in martial arts- and speed.

The Justice League: Batman, Superman, Green Arrow, Flash (Barry Allen), Cyborg and Wonder Woman are all members of the team; they first assembled after Lex Luthor stole a crashed Kryptonian spaceship. The group has faced other threats including alien invasions-the one with Darkseid-, and supervillains such as Steppenwolf and Mongul. They have strengths that include strength, speed, agility- the Flash can move faster than the eye can see- as well as intelligence and technology.

I think both teams even each other out here. They will fight till the end of times to keep each other safe.

The truth is, I think they are two amazing heroes who have made it big because of their intelligence and bravery. There’s no right or wrong answer to “who would win” they would both defeat one another in different ways or situations. !

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