10 Best Batman Display Rooms

If you already own some Batman statues or other collectables, they deserve a proper display. Here are some examples of how other people did it. Let us know your favourite one in the comments.

#1 Batman Black and White Statue Display Case

One of the best Best Batman Display Cases, I have come across. This is almost the whole Batman Black and White Statue collection.

#2 Batman Action Figure Display Case

When you have a lot of Batman collectables but a shortage in space...

#3 Stunning Batman Display Case

Keep in mind when creating a Batman Display case that light is key like you can see here.

#4 Awesome Batman Display

Turn your game room into a Batcave

#5 Simple Batman Display Case

Even if you don't own a lot of Batman stuff, you can still make something incredibly cool.

#6 Batman Shelf Display Case

You actually only need a couple of simple shelfs and Batman will do the rest to make your room look awesome!

#7 Batman Game Room

If you can't decide between Batman Original and the Dark Knight. You shouldn't worry about it anymore. They both look great anywhere and even together!

#8 The Batman Statue Room

It seems this guy couldn't decide between several Batman Statues, so he just bought them all!

#9 Minimal Space Batman Display Case

If you don't have the budget for a display case or shelves. Just use the boxes that they come in. As you can see, it looks great as well.

#10 Batman Display Case + Suit

Combine a Batman display case with a life-size suit and your room will never look the same again!