Best Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) Comics To Start With

In the grand pantheon of superheroes, it’s always the characters that are most relatable that make the biggest impacts to their fan bases. Despite being one of the bigger comic book icons in terms of universe-expanding and iconic moments, Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) also excels at being one of the more relatable and human characters in comics as well.

Captain Marvel is one of the most iconic superheroes in mainstream comics and an excellent role model for adolescent girls everywhere. With her awesome powers and super-cool style, Captain Marvel has become one of pop culture’s most iconic female characters. Marvel’s 2019 movie adaptation was critically acclaimed and received largely positive reviews from moviegoers. Captain Marvel continues to be a popular character with both men and women worldwide.

We’re here to help you jump into the comics world for the first time. This list of the best Captain Marvel comics is designed for people who have never read Captain Marvel before. We know Carol Danvers has been around since 1968, but many have a hard time figuring out where to begin!

Captain Marvel: Ms. Marvel – A Hero is Born

If you are reading this article, it probably means you have an interest in comic books and the worlds they create. If this is true then we have some exciting news for you! We are going to be talking about this great comic book series, Captain Marvel: Ms. Marvel – A Hero is Born, and why it is one of the best comic book series out there. In this article, we’ll be talking about the history of this series, what makes it so great, as well as what fans can expect when this new series begins.

If you want to know how it all started for NASA Security Chief Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel: Ms. Marvel – A Hero is Born is the best place to start. Here we find out how Carol got her powers from the Kree and she becomes one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe. Enjoy this great 720 pages omnibus.

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Captain Marvel: Earth’s Mightiest

In today’s world, there are more superhero comics being made than ever. Every month it seems there’s a new series, a new movie, or a new line of action figures based on one of our favorite characters. To help you figure out which is the best Captain Marvel comic, we’ve put together a list and this Captain Marvel: Earth’s Mightiest is definitely on it!

In Captain Marvel: Earth’s Mightiest, they have collected Captain Marvel 1 to 12 from 2012. This volume will give you some great extra insights on Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel. She will take on some new foes like the Banshee Squadron, the Prowlers and why is Monica Rambeau back?

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Captain Marvel: Carol Danvers – The Ms. Marvel Years

For many young girls growing up in the 1990s, Captain Marvel was their first glimpse at an empowered woman in a starring role in their comics. In the last few years, readers have gotten to know this icon a little more as writer Brian Reed has brought the character to life in her own ongoing series and featured her on several other titles. Here, we trawl through some of the best Captain Marvel comics to get you up to speed with what’s new with this famous hero and her future adventures like with Captain Marvel: Carol Danvers – The Ms. Marvel Years.

Captain Marvel: Carol Danvers – The Ms. Marvel Years takes place in the “House of M” universe. In this omnibus, she is not called Captain Marvel but Ms. Marvel. Here you will find out which side she takes in the Civil War between the Avengers. This volume collected the following issues: Giant-Size Ms. Marvel 1, Ms. Marvel (2006) 1-17, Ms. Marvel Special 1.

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The Life of Captain Marvel 

The best Captain Marvel comics are the ones that focus on the human aspect of superheroes. The super-powered battles and adventures are thrilling, but they’re also incredibly dark. This is a serious subject matter that’s explored very realistically in this line of comics. It’s important to understand this when reading these stories since it will allow you to better appreciate the superhero industry as a whole.

In the Life of Captain Marvel, you will read about the past of Carol Danvers which wasn’t great as she had a father who was a alcoholic. As she takes a trip down memory lane, she will be confronted with her past which she wasn’t ready for. In this omnibus, we encounter a very human and sensitive Carol Danvers who everybody can relate to as a human being.

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BONUS: Captain Marvel Vs. Rogue

Let’s face it. There are numerous versions of the superhero comic book series. Every so often, a new one comes out that receives particular attention from comic book fans. The character popularity has led to numerous reprints, basic reprints, and hardcovers making appearances on bookstore shelves across the country, alongside other comic book series that have become more widely read over time.

Get ready for one of the most incredible battles in Marvel history. The one between Captain Marvel and Rogue (X-Men), 2 of the most powerful heroes / mutants in the Marvel Universe. In Captain Marvel Vs. Rogue, Rogue absorbs Captain Marvel’s powers but also her memories. Although loving her new powers, Rogue is in over her head as the memories start haunting her everywhere.

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