Gifts For A Cyclist

Looking for the Best Gifts For A Cyclist?

I have made a great list. My favorites are the Cycling Sunglasses and the Epic Bike Rides of the World book.

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Wrist Rear View Mirror

A bicycle rearview mirror helps in knowing when to overtake and staying alert of the person or vehicle behind you. RearViz Wrist Mounted Rear View Mirror is ideal for a better and clear rear view, free of road vibration. It’s perfect for road bike riders, bicycle commuters, recumbent riders MTB, & more! It comes with a patented design built to eliminate the road vibration and provide you with a clear rearview. The model has a rotatable mirror featuring a slim plastic housing and a universal armband. Apart from that, the mirror is waterproof, UV resistance, and weather-resistant. Best of all, it’s interchangeable with RearViz Universal Camera Mount for better and recordable views. Find It Here

No Wrong Turns: Cycling the World

No Wrong Turns, the Cycling the World, Part One, a cycling Kindle Edition by Chris Pountney that talks about his ride from Paris to Sydney. Chris Pountney, a self-described “adventurer, and author” takes you through his lifetime ride as he pedals his bicycle way from the Eiffel Tower, Paris to Sydney Opera House. Inside the story, Chris takes you on a journey, making you believe it’s possible to undertake a biking adventure of similar magnitude. It’s a witty, lighthearted, well-crafted, and smart travel storytelling ways with an inspiring, adventurous story for any biker. It’s a perfect gift for a biker, cyclist, or even a book reader. Find It Here

Cycling Sunglasses

Cycling Sunglasses provide better and improved vision during a hot sunny day and the night. Now, with the Wolfbike POLARIZE Sports Cycling Sunglasses, you have the best protection and clarity cycling, riding, or running. They are also ideal at defending your eyes against wind and dust. The glasses are lightweight and comfortable for prolonged wearing. The lens feature high-quality shatterproof PC designed to be durable enough and long-lasting. There is an elastic sport belt put in place for better support. And if you have shortsighted lenses, you can fit then in the inner frame of these glasses. Polarization of the lens provides better protection against strong sunlight and beam light during the night. Find It Here

Cycling Helmet

An excellent protective helmet is a must while cycling, and Giro wants you to have more than a headgear. This Giro Syntax MIPS Cycling Helmet is here to ensure you’re protected as well as providing you with better aeration and clear visibility. Its outer shell features a molding from tough polycarbonate fused permanently to an EPS foam liner using high-quality in-mold construction. That enhances durability and also improve the ventilation while keeping the helmet lightweight. The fit is secure and luxurious, all thanks to the use of a highly-adjustable integrated Roc Loc 5 Air MIPS system designed to allow easy feel/fit customization for better stability and comfort. Additionally, the Integrated MIPS Technology employed here provides an additional protection measure from rotational forces in case of an angled impact. Find It Here

Bike Gloves

Cycling gloves provide comprehensive protection, controllability, stability, and comfort. The HTZPLOO Bike Gloves Cycling Gloves are here to give you all that and much more. As Mountain Bike Gloves for Men and Women, they are here to protect your hands, give you sensitive and accurate handlebar control while speed racing. The gloves will also enhance your hands’ flexibility and a stable grip on the bar. They are made using lycra material, which stays soft and smooth. There is also microfiber on the palm that feature anti-slip silicone gel giving you a secure grip. Another thing, the gloves have shock-absorbing padding put in place to minimize road vibrations and also relieve hand fatigue. These gloves are perfect protective and performance enhancement gear. Find It Here

Indoor Bike Trainer

Similar to other major sports, cycling also needs you to stay fit and also train. The Saris CycleOps Fluid2 Indoor Bike Trainer is here to ensure you get the best chance to up your game. It’s specifically and machine precision-made to ensure you get the most out of it. What’s more, it does work with Rouvy, Zwift, and other online training apps. It’s the bestselling trainer in the US, trusted by both beginners and experts. Its high-end construction feature 100% recyclable, rust-free materials and its fluid resistance is consistent and quiet thanks to the utilization of Powertuned Technology. The use of RUGGED ROUND 16-GAUGE STEEL FRAME and STABLE WIDE FRAME ensures it’s a high-capacity 300lbs trainer that stands stable all the time. Find It Here

Epic Bike Rides of the World

Lonely Planet, World’s leading travel guide publisher, wants you to have an exceptional experience next time you go cycling Europe and Asia with this Epic Bike Rides of the World Hardcover. With this book, you get to discover 200 best places to ride a bike in a beautifully illustrated way. It does cover lots of sites from the sightseeing, family-friendly urban rides to the epic adventures off-road tracks. The riding destinations range from Italy and France, world’s great bike races, to the Mongolia and Patagonia wilds. The best part is, the book is organized by continent, giving you the chance to explore your wish list best. The journeys are an inspiration to an experienced cyclist or a beginner. Find It Here

GPS Bike Computer

Garmin Edge 830, a GPS Bike Computer is here to monitor your performance as well as give you direction while you ride your bike. It has a dynamic performance monitoring system designed to provide you with insights on your recovery, VO2 max, heat and altitude acclimation, training load focus, dehydration, nutrition, and other necessary info when it’s paired compatible sensors. Apart from that, as a practically device, it also has cycling features such as bike alarm, group tracking and messaging, and compatibility with various rearview radar and bike lights. That’s not all; it does bring you a routable Garmin Cycle Map featuring popularity routing to help you ride like local. It might look like a simple device, but it’s a real helper for any biker. Find It Here

Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount

A mobile phone is a very functional device for a cyclist; it will give music, show you direction, give weather updates, and keep you connected to your world while you’re riding. However, it’s not easy to get all functions while it’s on your jersey pocket. That’s where this universal premium bike phone mount comes is your savior. Why this? It’s a comprehensive model that fits all smartphones virtually. Another thing, the handlebar compatibility is also broad thanks to its adjustability. The secure grip and clamp uses two points of contacts and feature premium plastic grips with silicone net. The safety safe provided here ensures your phone never falls or receive any dangerous vibration while you’re riding even in those rough terrains. It’s a perfect gift you can give to your hardworking cyclist buddy, friend or hubby. Find It Here

Crankbrothers Multi-Tool

Are a cyclist looking for a small, conveniently-designed toolkit for your bike? Or are you looking for an ideal gift to give to a cyclist? Well, Crankbrothers M19 Multi-Tool is a perfect solution for the two problems. The M19 Gold 2 Pack comes as high tensile steel set with 19 tools featuring a precise fit and finish. Side grips offer a secure handhold even when you’re using gloves. It has essential tools, like two Philips and dual flathead screwdrivers. Other than that, it does come with a universal chain, too, and a hex tool. Lastly, and to put a smile on your face, you also get a tool flask. The whole designed employed here is high-quality, durable as well as elegantly looking. Find It Here

My World Hardcover

My World Hardcover by Peter Sagan, one of the cycling greatest riders of all time, is an inspiration book that brings you the behind the scenes of his (Peter Sagan) cycling life. Inside the book, he reveals comprehensively his dedication to competition and the determination to win. As a racing fan, you have the chance to know how his relationship with his fellow riders, heroes impacted on him and his career. You also get to know how he copes with his expectation of success. It sounds intriguing. Right? Well, that’s not all, with the many achievements, he shares the technical details about preparation, slice up the art of sprint and also analyze the tactics that involved on the competition stage or race. Find It Here

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