What are the best gifts for a history buff?

There are actually quite a lot if you know where to look. But if you’re not a history lover, it can be quite difficult.

We found some really cool things like pieces of the titanic, coins from 1886,… which are all available for sale!

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  • This Day in History Boxed Calendar

    This Day in History Boxed Calendar

    The This Day in History Boxed Calendar is perfect for those who want to keep learning every day. The calendar will teach you trivia from early civilization up to the 21st century. Expect influential events, accomplishments, and inventions like when Galileo dies, launch of the Iphone and many more.

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  • History Buff Coffee Mug

    History Buff Coffee Mug

    This History Buff Coffee Mug is a hilarious gift for history lovers and teachers. It is a ceramic coffee mug so you can put it into a dishwasher or microwave.

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  • Dead Languages Tie

    Dead Languages Tie

    This Dead Languages Tie is just plain fun. The languages vary from hieroglyphics to braille but also math, music and many many more. This is a great gift to give during Christmas time. The tie is made from nylon and silk.

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  • President Socks

    President Socks

    These President socks come in 4 pair. They feature John F Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln and Benjamin Franklin. For the eagle eyes among you, indeed the Benjamin Franklin wasn’t a president so the manufacturer made a mistake which is quite funny actually.

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  • Professor Noggin’s History of the United States

    Professor Noggin’s History of the United States

    The Professor Noggin’s History of the United States is an educational card that teaches kids about history. They can pick their favorite topics so they can learn and play at the same time. You can play it from 2 to 8 players. So it is also a fun party game.

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  • Signed Titanic Photo by the Last Survivor

    Signed Titanic Photo by the Last Survivor

    In 2009, the last survivor of the Titanic died so this Signed Titanic Photo by the Last Survivor has become incredibly unique. This is a great for history lovers but even more for Titanic fanatics who just can’t get enough. People won’t believe that you have this.

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  • Vintage Candy Assortment from 1969

    Vintage Candy Assortment from 1969

    If you were born in 1969 or not, this Vintage Candy Assortment from 1969 is just a great gift to get as everybody likes sweets. In the box, there are 30 different types of candy. You will find Pop Rocks, Razzles, Fun Dip and many many more.

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  • Handcrafted Viking Compass Pendant

    Handcrafted Viking Compass Pendant

    This Viking Compass Pendant is handcrafted and carries the Vegvisir symbol. This symbol is old and sacred to the Vikings as they believed that it showed them the way back home safe and protect them from storms. But it also known as spiritual compass that will guide you to make the right decisions.

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  • The United States Constitution: Leather Bound

    The United States Constitution: Leather Bound

    This Leather Bound Constitution of The United States of America is 192 pages long and has acid-free paper with silver edges. Here you can find the United States Constitution, The Declaration of Independence, The Bill of Rights and all other amendments.

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  • Chrononauts


    The Chrononauts game is one of the best gifts for a history buff who also are a little bit of a geek. In this 1 to 6 player game, you become a Time Traveler who needs to get back to his own reality by changing history. But watch out, if you create to many time paradoxes, you will destroy the universe!

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  • Encyclopedia Mythologica: Gods and Heroes Pop-Up

    Encyclopedia Mythologica: Gods and Heroes Pop-Up

    These Gods and Heroes Pop-Up book from the creators of the New York Times best-selling Encyclopedia Prehistorica series have released another jewel. In this pop-up book you will learn everything about the Ancient Egypt, Greek and Norse Gods. But this is not all, you will also travel far East where Jade Emperor sits in the heavens.

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  • Boston Tea Party Tea Sampler

    Boston Tea Party Tea Sampler

    These teas are part of history as they were thrown over during the Boston Tea Party. This tea pack contains 6 teas: Bohea China Black Tea, Oolong Loose tea, Congou Black Tea, Souchong Black Tea, Singlo Green Tea, and Hyson Green tea. You also get a nice crate where the teas are stored in.

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  • John Adams (HBO serie)

    John Adams (HBO serie)

    The HBO miniseries John Adams is based on David McCullough’s bestselling biography. It tells the story of one of America’s founding fathers. The role of John Adams is played by a great Paul Giamatti and the reviews are great. So if you are a history lover and are looking for something to watch. This is for you.

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  • National Geographic Visual History of the World

    National Geographic Visual History of the World

    National Geographic is well-known for their great articles but also for their amazing photography. A lot of world famous photos come the National Geographic photographers. In this encyclopedia, you take a visual trip through history. The book contains 656 so it will keep you busy for some time.

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  • All New York Times Front Pages (1851-2009)

    All New York Times Front Pages (1851-2009)

    The All New York Times Front Pages book is a must-have for any history buff to put in their library. Relive the days of the past by reading the old front pages from 1851 to 2009 and be surprised what you didn’t know happened and what made the front cover! It has around 476 pages.

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  • Aviator Hat with Goggles

    Aviator Hat with Goggles

    This Aviator Hat with Goggles is made out of fake leather and fur so no animals were harmed in making these. It comes in 15 different colours which vary from white to camo. The goggles are included which make it a fun thing to have and you can also take the goggles off if you want to.

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  • Buffalo Nickel Cufflinks

    Buffalo Nickel Cufflinks

    The Buffalo Nickel is part of history as it was an iconic coin which was struck between 1913 and 1938. These Buffalo Nickel Cufflinks are great conversation starters at a party where you can state your love for history. These cufflinks are made in the USA and comes with Manufacturers warranty if the quality is not to your liking.

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  • National Geographic Magazine Subscription

    National Geographic Magazine Subscription

    The National Geographic Magazine has already been around since 1888 but it still incredibly popular. There are still 6 million subscribers to this magazine which is specialised in science, geography, history, and world culture. It might seem like an obvious gift but it still brings joy.

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  • 1000 Events That Shaped the World

    1000 Events That Shaped the World

    Which moments in history actually made a difference and have shaped the world to what is it today? If you are thinking about these kind of questions, this book “The 1000 Events That Shaped the World” will give you the answers on that. It will tell you all that in 416 pages.

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  • Front Page Puzzle

    Front Page Puzzle

    Since 1851, the New York times is bringing you the latest news. You can now order the front page of a specific date and turn it into a puzzle. The puzzle comes in 3 sizes: 300, 500 & 1000. This is the perfect birthday gift for history lovers.

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  • History Magazine

    History Magazine

    There aren’t many magazines that solely focus on history but the History Magazine is the exception. If you are a history lover, this is a must-have as you will learn about things you have never heard of. A 1 year subscription costs around $30 a year.

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