Gifts For A Pilot

Looking for the Best Gifts For A Pilot?

I have made a great list. My favorites are the Professional Pilot Kneeboard and the Pilot Aviation Headset.

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Fighter Pilot: The Memoirs of Legendary Ace Robin Olds Paperback

To many people in his age, Robin Olds was many things. And now with this books, the Fighter Pilot, you get a touch of the memoirs of the legendary Ace Robin Olds, a story in his words. The whole thing is gleaned from the friends and family of his time. It recaps the talent and learning, love and disappointments, passion and leadership of his life. The book is more than educative; it’s an inspiration and also a force of encouragement. All the human virtual he expressed pushed him a step further, and that is a lesson today’s generation need for a push in life. Readers of the book also praised the hilarious character of Robin Olds. Find It Here

Flight Simulator Games

Why not have fun while exploring the world of aviation with Flight Simulator Games all from the comfort of your own home? These games come in a variety of scenarios to give you flight simulator action and incredible graphics. Whether you are using a PS4, Nintendo Switch, Mac, or PC, you will see that the right flight simulator game can make you feel as though you are really sitting inside the cockpit. If flying a helicopter or plane is something you have always dreamed about but you have yet to try it yourself, picking one of these amazingly designed flight simulator games is a great place to start. Find It Here

Aviator Metal Frame Sunglasses

These Aviator Metal Frame Sunglasses by WearMe Pro are just right to add to any ensemble to ensure you have the protection that you need from the rays of the sun. These stylish sunglasses feature metal frames along with full silver mirror detailing for a unique, yet distinguished look. The lenses are crafted from durable polycarbonate with HD innovation to give you 100% UV 400 protection for the eyes. This is the ultimate way to filter out all of the glare of the sun while having comfortable frames that are never too heavy on the face. The design includes solid metal hinges and detailing made to last for a long time. Find It Here

Pilot Aviation Headset

Nothing is as upsetting as uncomfortable or unreliable headsets to pilots, especially during long flights. First the noise from the blades, engine and air is all over your ears, second radio calls are unclear and this could potentially lead to mistakes and third, plain discomfort from an instrument you simply cannot escape. This is why the KORE aviation KA-1 was made, particularly to meet the needs of pilots. It has a premium noise reduction rating, dual volume control and finally has ear seals made of gel that make it super comfortable to the ears. It also has a stereo support with an inbuilt switch. As if that’s not enough, these headsets are cool and trendy! Find It Here

Garmin D2 Pilot Watch

Searching for the perfect timepiece? The Garmin D2 Pilot Watch is just right as a gift or as a way to treat yourself to a beautifully styled watch with countless features. You will find that it has an altimeter that comes with a compass and adjustable baro setting, as well as displays of multiple timezones and reference to Zulu/UTC. For the pilot or aviation enthusiast, you can also receive a flight plan wirelessly from Garmin Pilot. This is a watch that is crafted with innovation functionality and sophisticated detailing, complete with a brilliant orange backlight that makes it just right for enjoying nighttime flights. Find It Here

Aviator Bomber Jacket

Whether you are looking to find a stylish and comfortable jacket for yourself as a gift, the Aviator Bomber Jacket by Levi’s is a great option. This is a sherpa-lined, vintage faux deer leather aviator bomber style jacket for men with incredible detailing and a classic cut. The faux leather material is made from polyurethane and it comes with a zipper closure up the front. Two chest pockets with snap closures are available for added convenience and you have the ability to fold the collar or stand it up. The faux deer leather adds a water-resistant touch while the sherpa lining adds a level of warmth. Find It Here

Pilot’s Tool Kit

What is more convenient than having a Pilot’s Tool Kit handy and ready to go when you need it? This pilot’s tool kit by CruzTools is just right for the pilot in you or to give as a gift for someone that you know who flies. It is important to know that there are times when a mechanical issue will arise, but you have the right tools on hand to help with a quick fix. Included in this tool kit, you will find diagonal cutters, hex wrenches, locking pliers, a tire pressure gauge, an adjustable wrench, combination wrenches, and more. Everything comes neatly organized inside of a durable roll-up pouch. Find It Here

The Pilot’s Pen

Functional and well-crafted, the Pilot’s Pen by Britta Products is just right for the pilot in your life, or as a gift for yourself. This is an LED-powered ink pen and light combination that features night vision lenses. Make your life easier when you need to see while writing at night, which is helpful whether you are a pilot, part of a flight crew, in the military, the medical field, and more. This pen features a four-way top switch to extend the ink, retract the ink, extend with LED lighting, and then to retract and turn off the LED lighting. Comes gift boxed along with 3 black ink refills and extra batteries. Find It Here

Bad Elf GPS

When looking for GPS receiver, especially for professional purposes, two things are key, accuracy and reliability. This Bad elf 2200 GPS pro receives real-time GPS data and can be linked to 5 devices simultaneously. It has an extra-long battery life so stores power for long and can be used at night, thanks to the large LCD screen with a backlight. It makes this small easy-to-carry device superior to most, and an ultimate choice for sailors, pilots, boaters and even simple explorers. It is easy to use and can be used to share one’s location by sharing the GPS position with the devices it was connected to. True to its name, this one is a pro! Find It Here

Professional Pilot Kneeboard

Anyone who has been in a cockpit knows that space is limited. When it comes to making sure that you have the gear that you need, something that always comes in handy is a kneeboard sized just right for cramped spaces. The Professional Pilot Kneeboard by Design 4 Pilots is perfect for aviators, whether you get it for yourself or a gift for the aviation enthusiast in your life. This kneeboard is crafted with eco-friendly leather along with detailing like a large elastic thigh-strap as well as double anti-slip pads and velcro on the back. There is ample room to insert your checklist as well as a pen in the pen holder. Find It Here

Airplane Flying Handbook

Many successful pilots can attest to needing a quick guide to remind them of the simple procedures and rules that are prone to be forgotten once in a while. This Airplane Flying handbook serves as a manual for day to day operations for pilots whether they are looking for flight standards, procedures for takeoffs, ground operations or simple tasks like cockpit management. The book has a wide array of updated information presented in a simplified easy-to-read way, making it a go-to in emergency situations. Whether you’re an aspiring pilot or already in practice, this book is sure to improve your skills in any sector in aviation. Find It Here

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