Gifts For A Police Officer

What are the Best Gifts For A Police Officer? I have made a list. My favorites are the Car Seat Organizer For Cops and the Personalized Police Officer Docking Station.

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Car Seat Organizer For Cops

The Clothink Car Seat Organizer Storage is a unique car seat organizer ideal for Laptop, iPad, Office Supplies and More. Its design allows it to fit any car or truck. It also features long-term stability and also boasts a plastic back support, long adjustable webbed straps and strong buckles. Find It Here

Personalized Police Officer Docking Station

The Personalized Thin Blue Line Wood Docking Station is a wooden handmade docking station that is compatible with almost all cell phones with any cord. With it being made from high-quality plywood, it’s a piece that will last for years. All the charging station are also special oil-treated for added durability. Find It Here

St. Michael Patron Saint of Law Coin

The Hero’s Valor St. Michael Patron Saint of Law Coin is a unique coin that comes with Hero’s valor. It’s ideal for any law enforcement offers. It features a thin blue line meant to mean order and chaos, life and death. It’s also a memorizer for the fallen comrades. Find It Here

Ridiculously Real Stories from Real Cops

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up: Ridiculously Real Stories from Real Cops is a police paperback written by Mike the Cop and published on December 5, 2018. It’s a collection of real stories of the funniest things police offer face in their line of duty. Find It Here

Police Badge Custom Whiskey Set

The Police Badge Custom Whiskey Set comes as a custom whiskey gift box. It comes with whiskey stones which pair perfectly rocks glass for chilled spirits. There is also a flask where one can take away their liquor. There is also a custom engraving perfect for any police officer. Find It Here

Crime Scene Sandwich Bags

The Accoutrements Crime Scene Sandwich Bags comes as a pack of 20 clear locking plastic bags with ten of them being of different designs. They are ideal for packing lunch that a lunchroom thief would think twice before picking. They are also suitable for the wisenheimers packing up any leftovers. Find It Here

Tactical Pen

The AZYC Tactical Pen is a special and unique ballpoint pen with a comfortable rounded tip and comes with four ink refill. On the other side of the pen is a lightweight and emergency glass break that is made from aircraft aluminum for an added strength. Find It Here

Body Armor Cooling Vest

The Body Armor Cooling Vest from Pacific Blue Lines is a uniquely designed tactical ballistic airflow ventilation draft vest. It’s designed to keep cops more relaxed, help in drying sweat, and also fight odor under the body armor. It also comes with adjustable Velcro sides for an easy on and off. Find It Here

Tactical Beer Cooler

The Tactical Beer Cooler is a well-designed Premium Military Molle Miniature Vest Beverage cooler designed to fit a 12oz or 16oz Beverages Bottle and can. It’s equipped with adjustable Shoulder Straps for easy on and off. Additionally, its tactical design is made to make the can/bottle look great. Find It Here

Fuzzy Handcuffs

The MDESQ shirt S-Tshirt Sexrvy Fuzzy Handcuffs are a stylish adult-night party game metal soft furry handcuffs with comfortable touching. They an ideal gift for a police couple, husband, wife, or even girlfriend. They are fitted with a soft material designed to go delicate of the hands. Find It Here

Funny Cop Mug

The Rogue River Coffee Mug from Rogue River Tactical is a funny cop mug with a print “I Like Big Busts, I Cannot Lie and a big cop car. It’s also a novelty cup, which makes it a great gift idea for any police officer or even law enforcement PD. Find It Here

Policeman Bobble Head Award

The DINN BROS., INC. Policeman Bobble Head Award is a unique Bobble-Head with a place for custom laser-engraved and policed plate. It’s also an excellent ‘Thank you’ presentation gift. It can also be customized with any message that suits Law Enforcement. Find It Here

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