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Looking for the Best Gifts For A Reader?

I have made a great list. My favorites are the 100 Books Bucket List Poster and the funny Antique Books Candle.

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Siddhartha: A Novel Mass Market Paperback

Reviewers call it a classic novel of a quest for knowledge delighting, inspiring, and influencing generations of writers, readers, and the thinkers. The Siddhartha, a Novel Mass Market books by Hermann Hesse –author, Hilda Rosner –translator is a perfect perennial graduation gift. It was nominated among America’s best-loved novels by PBS’s. The inspiration story is derived from Siddhartha’s journey to seek spiritual fulfillment and wisdom as he encounters Buddhist monks, wandering ascetics, and successful merchants. The best thing about this Siddhartha book is, it will help you understand some relevant things about your journey of life with relation to the decisions Siddhartha took seeking wisdom and knowledge. Find It Here

100 Books Bucket List Poster

100 Books Bucket List Poster is a nicely designed poster that complies 100 good novels written and hidden with an easy-to-scratch silver covering. It’s meant for you to scratch and reveals them as you read each before showing the next. Each poster has a different list. It’s a perfect poster for any book worm. Below each panel hides a fantastic image that is related to the tale. It’s a pretty good product featuring a very cool concept. The best part is, it has a good selection of classics, modern novels for you to read. It can be an excellent gift for any book reader. Find It Here

The Book Lover’s Cookbook

This is not your ordinary cookbook, the Book Lover’s Cookbook brings you a collection of recipes inspired by celebrated works of literature. The methods are categorized into passages that feature them. The paperback is here to transform your cooking to a whole new level as well as keeping your reading enthusiasm up high. Every recipe in this book has a part or passage from great literature that their inspiration is drawn from to give you the perfect breakfast, dinner, or even a simple date night. Now, with this book, your cooking is simplified as well as your kitchen made fun. than that, you get to be inspired to read more. Find It Here

Folding Book Lamp

Stylish, modern design that is mixed with a traditional look is what you get from this folding book lamp. It comes as a novelty LED paper lantern that has a USB rechargeable designed to give an exceptional lighting stand. The book lamp looks like a book but opened the pages lights up the world. It has a magnetic cover design that uses a custom industrial-grade N52 magnets inside it. The lamp magnets allow it to open 0 degrees to 360 degrees and what it creates a functional art décor for the office, home, or even a restaurant. Inside the pages are high-quality LED beads designed to stay free of glare and flickering, strobes, and radiation. It’s perfect for gift decoration for any room and office, especially for a book reader. Find It Here

Antique Books Candle

This is not your ordinary candle; it’s an antique book candle. What does that mean? The candle is made with the ideal combination of oils to produce an interpretation of the old book smell with oiled parchment paper and aged leather. It’s a handcrafted, made-to-order candle that uses natural soy wax, a lead-free cotton wick, and premium-grade scents. As you know, the antiques bookshops’ shelves are full of books with leather bindings. Right? Well, this candle tries to imitate smell by producing a scent that captures the aroma. The books are considered to be rare, and their fragrance loved for the touchy fragrance with reading motivation. The glass jar is reusable and comes with a protective lid. Find It Here

Personal Library Kit

The Knock Knock Library Kit, Personal Orn with an Unknown Binding, is a well-designed personal reading kit includes that come with a date stamp, an ink pad, as well as library cards. It has self-adhesive pockets where you get to keep the checkout cards. It’s a perfect item for those people who take care of books. As you well know, there’s a great pleasure when you share beloved books, but there is equal or crueler pain if you ever lost the books for good. The kits are here to prevent that and well organization of these precious books. It gives you a way to revive the traditional library circulation techniques, which is fun for better book retention. It’s a perfect gift for a generous reader. Find It Here

Book Nerd Hoodie

Do you love being a book reader? Would you want to tell the world that you’re a great book reader? Well, rocking on this cool-looking Comical Shirt Ladies Hoodie can do the magic. It comes as a funny geek gift tee shirt with a classic modern design. It’s made from high-quality material that consists of 50% polyester, 25% cotton, and 25% rayon. As a ladies long-sleeve hooded tri-blend tee shirt with a lightweight design, it can be an ideal attire to wear all-day-long. The split V-neck style with a raw edge brings out a classic and elegant attractive design. It’s a perfect gift for any book nerd, book lover, or an appreciation gift for a special lady. Find It Here

Thumb Bookmark

The TILISMA Book Page Holder offers a convenient way to hold the current pages wide open for better, comfortable reading. It’s a handmade Walnut Thumb Bookmark allowing you to read with one hand only. That will enable you to have your other free hand for cooking, traveling, or drinking coffee. The simple-looking accessory has a new and improved design that gives it a lightweight, compact, and portable build. It does fit well on both thin and thick books that have glue binding. The premium construction employed here gives it the most beautiful handcraft artistry making it an ideal novel reading accessories gift for the librarians, teachers, bibliophiles, bookworms, and those that love to read books. Find It Here

Rosemary Book Stand

Everyone wants to have the best time reading their books, be it a motivational book or a cookbook, or even reading some music. Right? Well, Wiztem Rosemary Book Stand is here to make it happen for you. It comes as a multi-bookstand or holder ideal for holding ordinary books, cookbooks, or music devices like your tablet. With the eye-level reading setup, this book stand will give you maximum comfort and promotes better posture for better spinal health. Another thing, it has a large size ideal for better hold and stability. That’s not all; it comes with a heavy-duty design allowing it to withstand even the bulkiest books. It’s a perfect gift for any book reader or lover. Find It Here

Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

Create a Spa feel at your home where you can read or use your portable devices right from your bathtub with this Home and Spa Bamboo Bathtub Caddy from ModernTropic. It features a beautiful natural bamboo wood that is sturdy, eco-friendly, and non-toxic. It has an adjustable tray that allows it to fit over most tubs. With a built-in cup and wine glass, drink, a candle holder, removable tray, and a chrome book support, it’ll for sure bring a spa right to your home. Apart from being sturdy and stable, this bathtub caddy also has anti-sleep rubber grips designed to prevent it from slipping or sliding. It has more and more qualities that make it superbly unique, excellent, and ideal for a home spa reading setup; it’s a real gift. Find It Here

Reading Pillow

Reading from the bed can be quite tiring, especially if you do not have the right support. But that’s a thing of the past with this Husband Reading Pillow. It’s a big backrest reading bed pillow that comes with plush memory foam and arms. It’s better and also more significant than the rest. It’s loved for being sturdy and fully formed to support your entire upper body. It brings comfort with its excellent support design with the use of the shredded memory foam and the smooth Microplush removable cover. The inner shell comes with a zipper designed to allow removal or addition of more foam for personalized comfort. It can also be used to shift the foam around to achieve better support where needed. The best part is, it’s more than a reading pillow; you can use it as a sleeping, lounging, bed rest, or simply resting. Find It Here

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