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Tony Stark aka Iron Man is also one of the “older” superheroes from Marvel. Iron Man made his first appearance in 1963 (March) in Tales of Suspense #39. But Tony still had to wait till 1968 to get his own title in Iron Man #1.

Although Iron Man wasn’t as popular like Spider-Man in the comics. Tony got insanely popular after the first Iron movie in 2008 starring Robert Downey Jr. who was actually born for this role.

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We are crazy Iron Man fans and these are our favourite Iron Man Gifts so you know what to buy for birthdays or during the holidays!

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The Finest Iron Man Gifts & Merchandise

Iron Man Endgame Power Gauntlet

The Iron Man Power Gauntlet is an articulated electronic fist inspired by Avengers Marvel Legends Series, The Endgame Movie. As a premium roleplay item, it features an intricately detailed design. It also feature pulsating infinity stones with glow and sound effects and also appears to hold tremendous power.

Marvel Avengers: Endgame Iron Man Mk50 Robot

Have your own Iron Man Robot at your disposal to talk on the villains that dare to enter your house. Beside being a robot, you can also play Augmented Reality games with it. You can do all of that by using your own mobile device.

Iron Man Mark IV with Suit-up Gantry

The Iron Man Mark 2 Mark IV Diecast Figure is a simple yet well-designed figure set that comes with a suit-up gantry. It’s the new sixth scale Mark IV collectible set that feature sideshow and hot toys elated to add the armor to the MMS diecast series.

Iron Man Coffee Maker

This is no ordinary coffee maker, this is the Iron Man Coffee Maker! It can brew coffee capsules and ground coffee. Next to that, you choose between 3 once volumes (6, 8 or 10) and it has a 40 ounce removable water tank. It comes without Jarvis though…

Iron Man Cardboard

We all want to have a life-size Iron Man suit in our house but unfortunately we don’t all have the same budget like Tony Stark. But we have a found a very low-budget solution for that. This life-size cardboard with the Nano Technology Iron Man Suit from The Avengers Infinity War movie!

Light Up Infinity Stones

These Infinity Stones are the real deal. Finally, you can feel the power in your fingertips. All these Infinity Stones are handmade and come with built-in lights. They are a huge success at the moment so there’s a waiting period due to high demand!

Classic Iron Man Coffee Mug

This Classic Iron Man coffee mug is great for everybody who loves Marvel. The mug is very durable so it won’t break when you bump into something. It is around 4.5″ tall and can hold 18 oz.

Iron Man Wall Clock

This wall clock is perfect addition to the room of any Iron Man fan. It’s made from eco-friendly material and an unique gift idea for any age.

Marvel Avengers 2 Iron Man Light Up Bust

If you are limited in space but insist on having an Iron Man bust. This one is perfect then as it fits in the palm of your hand!

Iron Man The Punisher Electronic Helmet

The Iron Man Punisher Electronic Helmet is a replica of the Marvel Legends Gamerverse Helmet used in Punisher War Machine movie. It comes as a full-size electronic helmet featuring red light-up eyes and a fantastic paint coat. It comes in one-size-fits-most.

Hulk Buster Funko Pop

Want to make sure that people stay away from your desk? This Iron Man Hulk Buster from Funko is the right machine for the job. It can even take on the Hulk so nobody will dare to touch your desk! Funko is especially successful with the younger audience. Kids between 5 and 10 years old love to get this as a surprise.

Iron Man Helmet Replica

This full-size Iron Man Helmet Replica is stunning, it’s made of full aerospace aluminum and weighs around 6 pounds. It’s a must for every serious collector but it doesn’t come cheap!

Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet

Not looking for a collector’s item but for a helmet for your motorcycle? Well, this Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet is perfect for that. The quality is excellent so it will keep you safe for sure.

Iron Man Bust

If you’re looking for a very good looking Iron Man Collectible, how about an Iron Man Bust? They come in all different sizes and shapes.

Iron Man Limited Edition (Royal Selangor)

Only 3,000 are available worldwide of this Iron Man. Every statue is hand-finished and is incredibly detailed. It has must-have for every Iron Man fan.

Iron Man: I’m The Invincible Dad Shirt

This shirt is a perfect gift for every dad who thinks he is a superhero. Give him this shirt and he will feel like a true superhero!

Hulkbuster Kotobukiya

This Hulkbuster is a must-have for every Iron Man action figure collector. The design is based on the Avengers Age of Ultron Hulkbuster and comes in a 1:10 scale. This Hulkbuster is actually only 1 piece of a 2 piece set. You can add a Hulk to make it look like they are fighting!

Iron Man Mini Fridge

Why go for an ordinary fridge while you could have this Iron Man officially licensed Marvel collectible mini fridge to keep your food and drinks cold. It has a capacity to hold 6 cans and the eyes light up at the front as a nice extra. Unfortunately, it comes without Jarvis.

Iron Man: 3 Movie Collection

You can’t call yourself an Iron Man without having the Iron Man movie box. It includes all 3 movies. A great Iron Man gift.

Marvel Avengers Hero Inventor Kit

Since I saw the movie Iron Man, I wanted to build my own Iron Man suit. The problem is that I have no clue where to start. Tony told me to start slow and he gave me this box. Typical Tony!

Dual Laser IRON MAN Glove

It doesn’t get any closer than this. This Iron Man Dual Laser Glove has an actual laser that can cut through stuff!

Iron Man Electronic Helmet

There are numerous Iron Man Helmets out there but the Marvel Legends Iron Man Helmet from Hasbro is the best price/quality one on the market.

Iron Man Movie Poster

This Iron Man Movie Poster consists of three movie poster prints from the Iron Man trilogy featuring Tony Stark. This will look great in any room.

War Machine 1/4 Bust

If you’re looking for a bigger bust and you’re a War Machine fan. You should not look any further than this one.

Iron Man Deluxe Mini-Bust

Another good looking Iron Man Bust but a very small one. But comes with great detail.

Iron Man Mark XLII 1/4 Bust

If you’re looking for an Iron Man bust that just lies in the middle of sizes and prices, then you should definitely look at this one. The quality is amazing and the details are stunning.

Iron Patriot 1/4 Scale Bust

This Iron Patriot is amazing! It comes in a 1/4 scale so it will need some place in your room.

Iron Man Blue Steel Bust

Not a fan of the regular red and yellow Iron Man. No problem, you can always go for this Iron Man Blue Steel Bust. Looks magnificent right?

Marvel Iron Man Backpack

If Iron Man would ever wear a backpack, this would be the one. This backpack looks good on women and men and it has that very nice vintage look. The storage space in this one is absolutely amazing. So you will be able to take it everywhere and for every occassion.

Kotobukiya Black & Gold Iron Man Statue

Are you a big Marvel fan or know someone who is? The Kotobukiya black and gold Iron Man statue is an item that any Marvel Comics and movies will love. It is about eight inches tall, which makes it a great piece for decorating a desk. The statue is made of PVC, but the bottom of Iron Man’s feet have magnets. The pose is also one that makes the statue interesting. It is a good addition to have if you have a collection of The Avengers but also stands tall on its own. The piece goes for about $53 on Amazon without shipping fees.

Hulkbuster Mk2 Deluxe Figure

The Hulkbuster Mk2 Deluxe Figure is a masterpiece offering a beautiful sculpture demonstrating the nuances of Avengers at its peak. With the glowing armor and the finer details, this is a charming addition to any collection and offers a beautiful peek into the beautiful Marvel universe through its most unique sculpture. It is made out of high-grade plastic offering the detailed finish a person requires when it comes to delivering a captivating design. Designed by Joe Allard, this is a one-of-a-kind sculpture that is perfectly sized and offers the comprehensive charm necessary to enjoy the fun-filled nature of the Avengers.

Iron Man Helmet Bluetooth Speaker

Who doesn’t need a Bluetooth speaker? With this Captain America: Civil War inspired Iron Man helmet, you will be able to play the classic theme song all day long. This speaker provides much more than stylish aesthetics. It features the ability to stream a sufficient distance providing 30 feet of connection strength. The speaker is relatively lightweight but features a solid build quality. When on, the speaker lights up from the eyes making it a stunning speaker in both the light and dark. This speaker will not disappoint in terms of performance as it offers great sound performance and it can be used to answer phone calls directly from it.

Lego Iron Man Helmet

If you are a fan of the fun and beauty of a well-finished LEGO project, this Iron Man Helmet Set will look absolutely stunning on your LEGO display or diorama — it even comes with its own sturdy base and an attractive name plate. This 480-pz EGO set features a classic Iron Man Helmet depicted with all the specially curved details and colors portrayed in carefully selected pieces and stickers. You can expect an exciting though not especially challenging build and a final result with an authenticity and clever style that is sure to capture the eye and imagination. It looks great alongside other Marvel Comic Icons from the LEGO Line.

Iron Man Glow-in-The-Dark Funko

Are you an Avengers Endgame fan? Then the ‘ I Am Iron Man Glow-in-The-Dark Deluxe Vinyl Figure’ is for you. It may just be the missing piece in your Marvel collection. The great qualities about it are that it has the Infinity Stones and Glow-in-the-dark Arc reactor. Also, Tony Stark kneels on a terrain base, and it is about 4” tall. Funko has manufactured it to be the perfect display figure for you. It comes in a window box that is collector-friendly, hence fantastic for display. This is the perfect purchase for you to capture the amazing moment from Avengers Endgame with the new year.

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