Best Loki Comics To Read About The Lord Of Mischief

Loki is probably the most complex of all the villains in the Marvel Universe. He’s been tricking Thor and the Avengers alike since Marvel Comics started publishing Thor back in 1962.

He is one of the more prominent villains in modern times too. This article will be simply discussing some of the more interesting Loki appearances, and why they are so great. I am not dissing on the classic comics. The old days do indeed have their awesomeness. But some of these newer comics have a charm of their own that is well worth pointing out as well.

He is one of Marvel’s most powerful villains because he often uses misdirection to his advantage. His powers are never clearly defined, but he is a master of illusion and enchantment. He also possess superhuman strength and agility.

While Loki is often seen as a villain, he’s not always the bad guy. He’s actually quite mischievous and can be a hero. And while he can be the good guy, he’s usually the one causing all the problems for his brother Thor. If you love Loki and this comic book character as much as everyone else, then here are some of the best comics about him that you need to read right away!

Avengers #1 (1963)

The first time I read Marvel Comics, it was in deep thought about how such a character could possibly exist. How could a God like this exist? The more I read, the more impressed I became with how consistently and intricately they mixed mythological creatures, political speeches, and social commentary with incredibly complex storylines involving superhumans. I quickly fell in love with comics as a young adult and began collecting them late into my teens.

You can’t say Loki without saying The Avengers and one of the most epic stories where Loki made his appearance is Avengers #1 from 1963 where he frames The Hulk for a crime he didn’t commit. Luckily The Avengers: Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, Ant-Man, the Wasp, and the Mighty Thor come to the rescue.

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Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers

If you thought the story of Thor and Loki was fascinating, but read it twice because it took so long to get to the good parts…well, read this comic book series instead! The Blood Brothers are two of the most popular characters in mythological history. In this epic tale, created by comic book legend Rob Rodi and illustrated by Esad Ribic, we’re plunged into the epic conflict between the Gods as they vie for control of the universe!

All stories have two sides and this is not different when it comes to Thor And Loki. We have all heard the story told by Thor but have you ever taken the time to listen to Loki. Well, in Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers, you will get the opportunity to hear him out and decide on which side you are on.

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Journey Into Mystery

The most famous mythological being known to man is the tale of Loki, the trickster god. Known primarily for his manipulation of good and evil in men’ hearts, Journey Into Mystery presents readers with a tale filled with intrigue, sarcasm, and a whole lot of laughs. In Loki’s defense, he does tend to get a little carried away at times. But even among the mischievous gods, his prowess as a strategist is unmatched.

In Journey Into Mystery from Kieron Gillen, we get to know a young Loki as the God of Mischief has been reborn. As Thor is doing everything in his power to save Earth, he won’t be able to do it without his brother. But what side will Loki choose? Will he stand by his brother Thor and choose for redemption or will it be eternal damnation? Find out in this 752 pages omnibus.

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Loki: Agent of Asgard

Loki is the god of secrets, lies, and treachery, so it should come as no surprise that he’s got his hands into a fair bit of shady business. The truth is out there, and it’s packed with intrigue that will bring you to your knees in adoration. Join us as we journey into the world of Loki and the Agents of Asgard as they tackle everything from political intrigue to heart-stopping heists. It’s filled with gold and treachery on a level that will leave you speechless and pantsless! Get ready for some extreme, comic book goodness that’ll rock your world!

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Loki: Where Mischief Lies

Loki and his adventures are told through comic books created by various artists. These classic stories are sometimes adapted into feature films, which makes these classic comic books an indispensable resource for anyone interested in seeing what fictional superheroes do in real life. But there are so many comic books out there that it can be hard to know where to start.

Loki: Where Mischief Lies is a New York Times bestseller and a Teachers’ Pick on Amazon. IT IS REALLY THAT GOOD! We get to know a new Loki here. One that is desperate to prove himself to his family but is completely misunderstood. As the whole universe looks at him as a villain, this pushes him further down than he already was. This is a great tale and sends a great message to people that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover or a person by his looks.

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Vote Loki

So you’ve finally decided on a comic book series to follow. The character of Loki has fascinated readers since the first appearance of him in the pages of The Avengers. Now that you’re committed to reading a couple of issues, then you should Vote Loki a try. You won’t be disappointed.

If you are looking for an unique angle in comic book land, you should definitely check out Vote Loki. Loki has set his mind in becoming the President of the United State. This is a comic that is full of political intrigue and humor which makes it an incredible read even if politics is not your thing.

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