Lord Of The Rings Gifts

If you’re looking for Lord Of The Rings Gifts, you have come to the right place! As we’re huge fans of the saga, we scoured the web for the coolest Lord Of Rings things that you can buy.

You might not know this but The Lord Of The Rings saga was already written by J. R. R. Tolkien a while ago between 1937 and 1949 to be exact. Also, the publishing happened years later from 29 July 1954 to 20 October 1955. But still today, The Lord Of The Rings is still very popular as it has more than 150 million copies sold.

As the books were very popular, the movie business followed and in 2001 the first Lord Of The Rings movie was released. The director Peter Jackson shot the whole trilogy in his own country New Zealand and with an enormous budget of $281 million. But the success quickly followed and the box office gross was estimated at $2,917,506,956.

Thank you J. R. R. Tolkien for creating one of the best novels that the world has ever seen.

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Here are the Best Lord Of The Rings Gifts

Eye of Sauron Desk Lamp

This is a 21-inch tall replica of the fortress of Sauron, the Barad-Dur, complete with a cutting edge LED light technology. As a full desk lamp, it was sculpted by David Tremont, Weta Workshop’s senior model maker. It’s carved from hard polystone and coated with a protective polyurethane layer.

Lord of the Rings Coffee Table

This Lord of the Rings Coffee Table is hand engraved. It is completely made out of walnut so it is hard enough to host a party with Dwarfs.

Lord Of The Rings Dwarf Helmet

This Royal Dwarven Helmet is just stunning. It is not just a collectible, you can actually wear it. Only the bravest Dwarfs are worthy of this helmet forged for the heirs of Durin.

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor was rated Game Of The Year in 2014 by Gamespot. It was so popular they even developed a second game called Shadow Of War. Definitely, a must-play if you’re a gamer and Lord Of The Rings fan.

Lord of the Rings: The Card Game

This is probably the most popular Lord Of The Rings game out there. With this Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, you have to gather allies and acquire artifacts in order to win and defeat all foes.

Lord Of The Rings Arwen Evenstar

This necklace comes directly out of the Lord Of The Rings movie. It is a replica of the necklace that Arwen wore, the Evenstar.

Lord Of The Rings Doormat

This is a very funny Lord Of The Rings gift. It will keep your house clean and no more annoying balrogs trying to enter the house. “You Shall Not Pass!!!”

Lord of the Rings Glass

One of the famous quotes coming out Lord Of The Rings is “Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost”. This quote looks even better on this Lord of the Rings Glass.

Lord Of The Rings Tapestry

This tapestry is a great gift for Lord Of The Rings fans. You can use it to hang it on your wall or as a blanket. The size is 48 inches by 60 inches.

Lord Of The Rings Mug

Drink your beer in style with this Lord Of The Rings Mug that comes directly from The Prancing Pony. You can even get it engraved on the bottom of the mug.

Sting: Sword of Bilbo Baggins

Next to the ring, Sting, the sword of Bilbo is probably the most popular prop of The Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit. It is made of stainless steel and has an overall length of 22-1/4 inches.

Legolas Mirkwood Bow

This Legolas Mirkwood Bow from Lord Of The Rings is a piece of art. It is a functional bow so you can use it for target practice. It comes with a beautiful hand-painted finish.

The Lord of the Rings DVD Box: Special Collector’s Edition

You can’t yourself a Lord Of The Rings fan without having the DVD Box. This The Lord of the Rings DVD Box: Special Collector’s Edition comes with 12 DVD’s and is hard to find. It has all extended editions of the movies.

The Lord of the Rings Chess Set

It comes with 32 playing pieces which are exact miniature sculptures of the actual cast of the movie. The playing surface has the ancient map of Middle Earth. Another feature of this chess set is the actual pictures of the memorable scenes and characters on its base. It has a new cinema motion picture. The dimensions of the chess board are 15” by 15.” You have nothing to worry about buying the chess set because Warner Brothers authorized it.

Lord of The Rings: Fellowship Of The Ring Metal Bookend

Have the Fellowship Of The Ring embark on a journey to keep your books where they are. This actually looks amazing if you have the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit book sets. This is the perfect gift for the true Lord Of The Rings fan.

The Pipe of Bilbo Baggins

A very nice collectible for Lord Of The Rings fans is this pipe of Bilbo Baggins himself. The funny part is that it actually works, be keep in mind smoking is bad!

Lord Of The Rings Ring

By far the most popular Lord Of The Rings gift. This ring looks great and has a very low price. It is insanely popular as it already has more than 1.000 very good reviews on Amazon. So, you can’t go wrong here.

Tree of Gondor Bag

We just fell in love with the Tree of Gondor Bag from Lord Of The Rings. The amount of detail is so beautiful. Unlike anything, we have seen before. It is fully handmade and it has the nice extra that when the Tengwar script under the flap translates to, ‘Not all those whom wander are lost’.

Lord Of The Rings Books – First Editions

If you are looking for an unique Lord Of The Rings gift, these Lord Of The Rings First Editions Books are perfect for that. But don’t be surprised by the insane prices as these are extremely rare.

Hobbit Homes

Good news! You can now own your very own Hobbit House. It is made out of wood, cedar, pine, curved beams. You will the hobbit homes as a kit which you will have to build yourself but all the pieces are completely hand-made so the quality is absolutely exceptional.

Speak Friend and Enter Sign

If you want to keep people out of your room, this Speak Friend and Enter Sign is perfect for that. Because before people can enter they have to speak the password. What is the password? It is “Mellon”. Only the through Lord Of The Rings fan will get that.

Hobbit Bag

These Hobbit Door Bags are made of leather and completely hand-made. The design is based on the Round Door of Bag End. It is a one of a kind bag which nobody else will have. But bags are limited in stock so you will have to be quick.

Hobbit Feet Slippers

If you are a Lord Of The Rings fan and you always have cold feet, this is a match made in heaven. These Hobbit Feet Slippers will keep you warm through the whole winter. Nothing will make your wife more attractive than these pair of slippers. It comes as a “one size fits most adults” and they are incredibly soft!

Elven Leaf Brooch

This Lord of the Rings Elven Leaf Brooch is a very good solution if you’re looking for a cheap LOTR gift. It only costs between $4-$6 and it looks great in your collection or for costume parties.

Lego The Battle of Helm’s Deep

One of the most epic battles in movie history is The Battle of Helm’s Deep from Lord Of The Rings. You can completely reenact this fight with this Lego The Battle of Helm’s Deep. This lego pack also includes Aragorn, King Théoden, Gimli, Haldir, Berserker Uruk-hai, and three Uruk-hai warriors.

Lord Of The Rings Poster

This Lord Of The Rings Poster is an absolute bestseller. It sums up the 3 movies and looks absolutely stunning. The Poster size is 14×17.99inch or 35.6×45.7cm and it is printed on high-quality paper.

Lord of the Rings Keychain

This is a very nice and cheap present for Lord Of The Rings fans. It is officially authorized by Warner Brothers and it is made out of die-cast metal. Prices vary from $8-10.

Nazgul Costume

So you like to play the villain in the piece. That is fine and to be honest. We would to when you see this incredible Nazgul armour. It will scare everybody away from the tinniest hobbit to the greatest wizard. Middle-Earth be warned!