Ninja Turtles Gifts

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or TMNT were one of my favourite shows growing up. You actually would be surprised how many people don’t know that the Ninja Turtles appeared first in comics and later on TV.

The first TMNT comic was published in May 1984 by Mirage Studios. But the animated series quickly followed in 1987, so only 3 years later.

Fun fact: Did you know that there is a Batman / Ninja Turtles crossover comic? Check the list below, we have added it as the perfect gifts for Ninja Turtle fans.

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Here are the Best Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Gifts

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Maker

The Nickelodeon NTPM-55, a Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle’s pizza maker, is an excellent pizza machine designed to help you win over the pizza-loving friends and family hearts. It has unique nonstick plates which are great for frozen pizza and pies cooked from scratch, giving them that crispy perfection.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Cookbook

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Cookbook contains sixty-five delicious pizza recipes inspired by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles heroes. The pizza recipes are from the old-school classic to the new-fangled feasts. The recipes in this book fit every occasion, from breakfast pizzas, party pizzas, mini-pizzas, and also dessert pizzas.

Revoltech Leonardo

Revoltech TMNT, a Leonardo Action Figure, is a piece that shows cases of his ambitious eager to fight. It’s made from a combination of high-quality materials; ABS and PVC. The model is made in such a way that it captures Leonardo Ninja turtle attire and posture, as seen in the TMNT movie, including his signature weapons. The painting is well done to bring out the detailing on the figure.

Raphael Sai

These Sai come as a set of two 15-inch long metallic sai, a weapon used by Ninja Turtle Raphael. The armaments are forged from high-quality and super sturdy solid steel with a mirror shine finish. The design, look, and the finish makes them ideal for TMNT cosplay collection. Another thing, the handle is leather-wrapped, providing extra texture.

Donatello (1990 Movie)

The NECA TMNT Figure comes as a (1990 Movie) action figure in a 1/4 Scale representation Donatello Ninja Turtle. The whole concept is based on the classic TMNT movie of 1990. The piece showcases Donatello standing about 16.5-inches tall with a 30-point articulation. It also features double knee joints, two interchangeable hands, and a BO staff accessory.

Tamashii TMNT Action Figure

The Tamashii TMNT Action Figure, a piece done by Bandai Tamashii Nations S.H Figuarts, is an action figure of Michelangelo from the TMNT Movie. It does also come with a replica of his signature Nunchaku Weapons. Additional parts are included, like the interchangeable hands, head, and trusty turtle grappling hook.

Raphael Disguise

The NECA TMNT Raphael Disguise figure is a sturdy 1/4 Scale Action Figure of Raphael, as seen in the TMNT 1990 Movie. It shows the disguise trench coat and sculpted hat Raphael uses to maneuver through the city unnoticed. The figure stands 16.5 inches tall and has a 30-point articulation. Its fully-articulated detailing makes it an ideal gift for your kids; above three years old.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Figure

The Bransales Figure 02, TMNT action figures feature design and art of the four Ninja Turtles; Michelangelo, Leonardo, Donatello, and Raphael. The illustrations also include the signatures weapons of the four characters, and the joints can be easily moved. One more thing, these figures are made from durable, high-quality PVC making them ideal gifts for kids over three years.


This set includes four favorite TMNT films in the widescreen version. Both TMNT II and TMNT III come in both full and widescreen versions. The actors are Josh Pais and Michelan Sisti, while Steve Barron and Michael Pressman are the directors. The DVD also includes theatrical trailer and subtitles in English and other languages.

Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vol. 1

The Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Volume 1 is a kindle and comiXology written by Tynion IV, James. The Cover art, Penciller, and inker were done by Williams II, Freddie E., while Jeremy Colwell was the colorist. It comes as a Director’s Cut (2016) Vol. 1 with the story that brought together, Batman: Dark knight and the Half-Shell Heroes.

Classic TMNT Collection Figure 4pc Set

The Classic TMNT collection comes as a set of four TMNT action figures based on original series from the late ’80s. The group is composed of individual character figures of Leo, Don, Raph, and Mike. All the four Ninja Turtles stand 6-inches tall, and each includes the signature weapon the use.

Sewer Cover Shield

The Sewer Cover Shield comes as a 12-inch plastic-made shield sculpted to look similar to a sewer cover. As an officially licensed comic piece, it’s a great addition to babies, children, and adults or even pet’s TMNT costume. TMNT is utilized with Nickelodeon and the Viacom International approval. It’s an excellent gift for any TMNT lover.

Good Smile Company TMNT Statue

The Good Smile TMNT figure is a high-quality TMNT Leonardo action statue. It’s made from high-quality PVC materials, which makes it durable and sturdy. As an officially licensed comic, it’s based on the acclaimed fine artist James Jean Turtles’ original Rendition. It’s an excellent gift for any kid about three years old.

TMNT: The Ultimate Visual History

This Ultimate Visual History Hardcover is a complete story of the TNMT turtles from their humble beginnings to their multimillion-dollar breakout success. Besides that, it features interviews with key figures in the Ninja Turtles evolution and the tales for those present. Andrew Farago wrote the hardcover and published on June 24, 2014.

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Four Pack

The Rise of the TMNT Set is a pack of four basic Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Rafael action figures. All four original illustrations are packed in different clear boxes but comes together. The four Ninja Turtles featured here all stand tall in their fighting-ready posture with their signature weapons.

Mutants in Manhattan

Want to enjoy some game from TMNT, the Mutants in Manhattan will give you the opportunity. It comes as an Xbox One game by Nickelodeon. With it, you get to experience a new way to assemble a team in 4-player online co-op mode. In this game, the fans fight favorite enemies like the Rocksteady and Bebop.

Vitadan TMNT 4 PCS Set

The Vitadan TMNT Set is a 4-piece collection of exquisitely-made TMNT Action Figure. The figures in this set are made from high-quality PVC and packed in OPP bags. They do feature a great detailing from the Ninja Turtles four characters and their unique signature weapons included. The pieces are ideal Minifigure gifts for kids above three years.

Lego Turtle Lair Invasion

LEGO Ninja Turtles Set is a Turtle Lair Invasion Building Set, which includes six Minifigures. The collection features Donatello, Leonardo, Splinter, Shredder, two-foot soldiers and weapons like silver sword, machine guns, a golden sword, and a Bo staff. It also features the construction pieces, which can create lots of fun while trying to put them together.

TMNT Adventures – Change is Constant

The TMNT Adventures is an IDW game titled Change is Constant. The game design is by Kevin Wilson, Pete Walsh, and Daniel Lansdown. The artwork, the other hand, was done by Robert Atkins, Ozzy Fernandez, Tony Vargas, Chris Johnson, and Sajad Shah. It features a single-player vs. many and the full co-op game modes, and it’s compatible with the adventure universal game system.

Monopoly: TMNT Collector’s Edition Game

The USAOPOLY Monopoly is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Collector’s Edition Game featuring colorful vinyl tokens, which are ideal for the TMNT collectors. It also comes with a game board featuring villains from the original TMNT TV series. Besides that, the fun pizza slices and boxes replace the TMNT traditional houses and hotels. It’s a perfect game for all ages.

Funko Foot Soldier

If you need a fantastic TMNT gift for your kid, the Funko POP Television Foot Soldier is an ideal choice. It’s a durable vinyl made TMNT figure done by Nickelodeon. Additionally, it recreates one of the solders Shredder employed in the TMNT movie. The coloring and size create a great piece for kids to play with.

Raphael Sai Statue

Factory Entertainment presents you with an Exclusive TMNT Monochrome Raphael Sai statue done by Kevin Eastman. As a signature edition, it features Raphael’s hands holding the Sai weapons pointing straight up. The hands seem to have passed through a sewer cover. The statue is a museum quality realization of the Raphael Signature weapon.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classic Retro Logo Shirt

TMNT Classic Retro Logo T-Shirt is a unique design shirt made from high-quality materials. The solid-color t-shirts are made from 100% cotton, the Heather grey from 90% cotton and 10 % polyester while all the other heathers for half cotton and half polyester. It’s lightweight with a classic fit. On top of that, it does feature double-needle sleeve and durable bottom hem.

Ooze Canister

The NECA is an Ooze Canister is a TMNT Prop Replica canister that is based on the 1990 TMNT movie. It comes in as a full-size mutagen canister measuring about 13-inches long. It uses three AAA batteries that are included in the package. The glowing green light lights up with a simple press of a button.

4 Pair Ninja Turtle Socks

The Film & TV Men’s 4 Pair SockShop are colorful TMNT character cotton socks made from 81% Cotton, 17% Polyamide and 2% Elastane. The materials make the sock elastic yet long-lasting. They are available in a 4-pack and come in two sizes. They also feature standard toe seams and the standard cuffs for durability and comfortable wear.

Shredder Statue

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder PVC Figure is a unique piece made by Good Smile. It’s made from durable PVC material, making it sturdy and hard to break. The statue continuous the TMNT statue series, and it’s based on the work of a renowned artist, James Jean. With this statue, a new set of the Ninja Turtles Villains starts.

Bransales TMNT Action Figures

The Bransales Figure 02, TMNT action figures feature design and art of the four Ninja Turtles; Michelangelo, Leonardo, Donatello, and Raphael. The illustrations also include the signatures weapons of the four characters, and the joints can be easily moved. One more thing, these figures are made from durable, high-quality PVC making them ideal gifts for kids over three years.

Funko 8-Bit Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Funko Pop Neon 8 Bit TMNT set is a collection of the four ninja turtles in TMNT, Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Donatello. It comes packed in a clear package with the pieces viewable from outside the box. The four ninja turtle are colored differently and designed with the favorite signature weapons used by the real ninja turtles in the TMNT movie. It’s a great gift package for kids above 2-years of age.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 90’s Movie Raphael

The NECA Reel Toys 2019 Figure is a 6.5-inch tall action figure of Rafael from the TMNT 90s movie. The piece comes as a high-quality, sturdy PVC figure making it strong and durable. The detailing featured on this action figure brings out the image of Rafael capturing his action face and readiness to act.

TMNT Shell Backpack

The Bioworld TMNT Shell Backpack is an imported standard 13-cm tall and 46-cm full Turtle shell backpack. As an officially licensed piece, it’s uniquely designed to showcase the love for the TMNT movies. It’s made from a combination of high-quality materials, 80% polyester, and 20% PU making it environmentally friendly. The backpack also features a zipper closure and multiple inside pockets.

Baby Turtles Set

The NECA Baby Turtles Set comes as a collection of the four baby turtles in the 1990 TMNT Movie. Each highly articulated Ninja Turtle figure included measures around 4-inches tall, and the necessary accessories are also included. The excellent detailing and design employed here bring out the quality of these figures.

TMNT: Shadows of The Past Board Game

The IDW Games presents you with the TMNT: Shadows of The Past Board Game, which is a scenario-driven campaign game. It features a story content derived from the IDW TMNT comic. Inside the game, you can decide to pick the role of your favorite turtle or the ultimate villain. With this role, you get to battle your way through the 60-90 minute mission series. It’s an exciting 2-5-player game ideal for age 24 and above.