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September 13, 1985 was the day that the world fell in love with everybody’s favorite plumber: Super Mario! The world went absolutely nuts for our favorite hero from Nintendo.

34 years later, Mario and his friends are still incredibly popular. New games are being developed and released every year across Nintendo’s new consoles. Thank you Nintendo for all these fun years!

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The Finest Super Mario Merchandise & Gifts

Super Mario Fruit Snacks

Level up your breakfast with this Super Mario Fruit Snacks from Kellogg’s. Super Mario Assorted Fruit Flavored Snacks are sweet, tasty, and great for kids and adults. It is a limited edition so get yours while you still can.

Super Mario Bros 1-2 Puzzle

This is for the Super Mario Collectors, a 300-piece jigsaw puzzle. It has the great 1980’s look and even the box where it comes in, is something that you want to display.

Super Mario Fridge Magnets

Pimp your fridge with your favourite plumber of all time. Every day, the kids can create a new way for Mario to escape the hostile mushrooms so he can power up and save Princess Peach!

White Boo Mug

This vintage White Boo Mug with a Super Mario Bros print is something you might enjoy drinking coffee with. As a 20 Ounce molded coffee mug, it can serve you with the right amount of hot or cold beverage. It comes in a unique molded shape featuring ghostly Boo. That makes it an excellent collection for the Super Mario Brothers fan.

Super Mario Kart Mini RC Racer

Fun and more fun is what you get with the Super Mario Kart Mini RC Racer. It comes as an anti-gravity mini racer with a 2.4GHz processor. It also features up to 100-feet distance range. You can race in standard mode, or you can flip into the ant-gravity mode. The best part is, this racer can perform tricks and drifts at the press of a button.

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UNO Super Mario

As a classic-matching card game, the UNO Super Mario Card Game now features a Super Mario Bros theme. In this game, the players take turns as they match one of their cards with either the color or the number card shown on the desktop. You score points when becoming the first person to get rid of the cards in your hands.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Special Edition

This ultimate special edition of the Super Smash Bros Nintendo switch gives you the chance to enjoy the game uniquely. The Pro controller can easily take down your friends and in style. You can play it any way you want, be it locally, online, tablet mode, TV mode, handheld mode, or suing GameCube controllers.

Question Block Night Light

The Super Mario Brothers Question Block is a night light table lamp designed to give you illumination in a unique way. As a Paladone Nintendo official licensed merchandise, it does feature an iconic Super Mario Question block. It’s a distinctive gift for any video game fan. The light is rechargeable using a USB micro cable or batteries.

Super Mario World: The Greatest Bits

Super Mario Store presents you with the Super Mario Bowser Action Figure. It comes as an imported 100% Toy standing 4-inches tall. The action stands with the Mario bowser ready to run for his money. It has been created with topmost care and dedication to replicate the exact figure of Bowser.

Bowser Vs Mario Diorama

This 3-pack Nintendo Super Mario figure feature articulation figures with multiple articulation points. They are official figures designed to please both kids and collectors alike. Apart from being made from durable PVC, the models also feature great detailing. They are excellent gifts for anyone aged 3-years old and above.

Super Mario Sticky Note Art

8-Bit Art has something for you, Super Mario fan, the Sticky Note Art Kit. With an idea derived from Nintendo Mario Bros, the art kit is made from sticky paper notes. It gives you a way to build your masterpiece in an easy and fun way. It comes as a 3-pack gift set with three vastly different styles.

Super Mario Kart

Super Mario Kart is an exclusively designed piece with drive function digitally proportional. It does also boast anti-gravity mode and a 6-axle gyro system providing stability. There is also a protective cage for its rotors. On top of that, it does come with interruption-free 2.4GHz technology providing seven minutes of continuous airborne thrills. It is fun collected in a small, simple yet entertaining Super Mario Copter Car.

Super Mario Pixel Shirt

This Nintendo Men’s Pixel Cast T-Shirt is a unique, high-quality Pixel Shirt featuring various Super Mario Prints. It does also come with a crew neckline and Mario Bros graphic at the front. It’s made in the USA using durable 100% Cotton. The Shirt is machine washable and non-fading, making it a great shirt to have in your casual cosplay collection.

Super Mario Brothers Sneakers

These comfortable slip-on sneakers from Super Mario are something else. They feature a soft canvas upper that provides maximum comfort. The sole is made of rubber, making it durable and virtually unbreakable. Their printing and design offer kids something to wear and enjoy as they look at the classic Mario and Luigi.

Toad Mushroom Coffee Cup

The Power-Up Mushroom Molded Mug is something that a Super Mario fan would want to have in their collection or use when taking his favorite hot or cold beverage. It’s a ceramic mug featuring a red power-up Mushroom design from Super Mario. It’s an ideal gift for any Super Mario fan.

Super Mario LED Night Light

Illuminate your child’s bedroom or your man cave game room with the 3D LED Super Mario Night Light and enjoy its brightness. It has 7 changing colors. It has a remote control which allows you to open or close the night light, change the color. This LED lamp is a fantastically unmatched item that makes the perfect gift for any Super Mario fan.

Super Mario Maker 2

Super Mario Maker 2 comes as a Nintendo Maker game which launches exclusively on their Nintendo Switch system. With it, you can play nearly limitless side-scrolling Super Mario Course numbers anytime and anywhere. It’s a game that allows you to develop new skills as you enjoy playing your favorite character.

Magic 8 Ball

The Mattel Games Magic 8 Super Mario Ball is a unique kind of game where you ask a question, and the ball answers you. It contains answers to most of the pressing questions you might ask. Now with it fitted with Mario-themed solutions, the ball will offer you fortune-telling fun and intrigue for all.

Koopa Troopa Backpack

The MMC Super Mario Bros Koopa Troopa Backpack is a unique stuffed cosplay costume backpack that comes with a green turtle shell. It’s a perfect cosplay costume that matched excellently with other characters in the collection. As an official licensed Nintendo product, it’s a great cultural icon for the series.

Super Mario Chess Collector’s Edition

Now you have the chance to enjoy playing chess while you play with Super Mario’s favorite characters with this New Super Mario Chess Game. It comes as a collector’s edition board game designed to give you plenty of playful time. It includes figures, instruction, and game boards made from cardboard and plastic.

Toad Lamp

For the Super Mario fan, this decorative lamp from Paladone is a unique collectible that you can showcase your love for the game. It comes in a mushroom 3D night light design providing a decorative style. The fact that it’s functional makes it even more refreshing to have it installed in your kid’s bedroom.

Super Mario Piranha Plant

The World of Nintendo wants you and your kids to have the best moments with articulated figures. That’s why they have produced the Nintendo Super Mario Piranha Plant, which comes as a 4-inch articulated figure. It does also come with a secret power up accessory, which is a yellow coin. It’s an excellent collection for any Super Mario fan aged 3-years and above.

Super Mario Advent Calendar

This classic Nintendo Advent Calendar comes to give a better way to track your holiday. As a Super Mario Christmas Holiday Calendar, it features 17 Articulated Action Figures, 7 Accessories, and 24 Day Surprise Countdown fitted with Pop-Up Environment. It counts down the days until Christmas day and reveals a new figure or accessory every single day.

Nintendo Kids’ NMK3403 Multi-Color Watch

This analog watch is an inexpensive, but fun watch for kids. The watch comes in great shape and works well. All the sound effects on key and it comes with a fresh battery installed. It’s a great gift if you’re searching for something to give your Super Mario small fan.

Super Mario Encyclopedia

Super Mario Encyclopedia is an Official Guide to the First 30 Years. The Encyclopedia is available as a Hardcover published on October 23, 2018, by Nintendo. It is jam-packed with rich content for the seventeen Super Mario games. The hardcover tracks the Goomba evolution, witness the Yoshi introduction, and also relive your favorite game levels.

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K’NEX Mario Kart Building Set

The K’NEX Mario Kart Wii Mario and Donkey Kong Circuit Start Line is a unique collection that’s quite easy to construct. It comes with direct building instruction written in English. The photo and drawings used here offer an excellent guideline for what is expected. The set is a vast collection to improve kids’ development.

Hot Wheels Mario Kart Circuit

If you want your kids to have endless fun, then get them the Hot Wheels Mario Kart Circuit Track Set. It comes as a multicolor hot wheel track that will keep your kids revved up. It includes a Mario die-cast kart and a Yoshi die-cast kart. It does create hours of fun by recreating stunts and competitions.

Super Mario Socks with Cape

The Brothers Crew Socks from BIOWORLD are superior Super Mario socks that come with a cape. They are made with comfort in mind with high-quality materials, premium polyester (98%) and spandex (2%). They’re designed to fit shoe sizes from 7-13 and recommended for men of all ages. As an officially licensed Super Mario product, these socks are a perfect gift for the Super Mario Brothers Crew fan.

Super Mario Action Figure

The Nintendo Super Mario Action Figure is a highly collectible articulated and posable figure that stands 20-tall. It features seven points of articulation, allowing you to have different modes of posing it. Its vast size allows a perfect shelf or over-the-table display. It’s ideal for any Super Mario fan aged 3-years old and above.

Lego Super Mario Adventures

Are you a Mario fan or know someone that is? Do you like LEGO sets that are interesting and come with pieces that aren’t all that common? If you answered yes to either of those questions, the Super Mario Adventure LEGO set is right for you. With over 200 pieces, you’ll have a lot of fun building your own Mario levels for your figures that come with the set that include Mario and even Bowser Jr. It’s a lot of fun to build and play with this set so check it out if you’re into Mario or know someone that is!

Super Mario Dungeon Deluxe Play Set

The Super Mario Deluxe Play Set includes the 2.5-inch Fire Mario Figure and seven other interactive moving platforms, spinning fireballs, Thwomp, swing, door, and a hidden coin. The entire playset measures over twenty inches wide and will help you to recreate the gameplay using the figures. This classic game hero has a great appeal for fans of all ages. It has many movable parts and is very easy to assemble. But the pieces that connect the two floors come apart often. Many users have glued the pieces and made use of them. Make sure you buy this play set right now.

Super Mario Plush

A Super Mario plush like this one is high in quality and makes a great buy for anyone that is a fan of the video games. Super Mario is a character that tons of people love because he’s been in so many video games for so long. Chances are, if you know a gamer then they know of Mario and love games that he’s been in. This is a plush that can be used as a display piece for anyone interested in the Mario games. If you are a fan or know one, this is a great buy for gamers in general.

Tamashii Nations Super Mario

This Super Mario action figure is one of the most authentic you will find. It is incredibly detailed and it features a fire flower and flaming ball of fire that makes the figure look like it just popped out of a Nintendo Switch or other Nintendo game console. The set comes with different hands that can be used for added effect. The figure comes with a display stage making it easy to set up on a desk or anywhere you want to showcase it. It makes for an excellent addition and arguably a must-have for anyone who considers themselves a Mario fan.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

Are you a fan of Mario kart live? Now, you can now you can enjoy your favorite game by controlling the cart with the help of a Nintendo Switch system. This game allows you to create a course in your home where you can place gates and you then get to enjoy the game in augmented reality on screen. This cart is going to react when you hit items or you choose to drift around the course. There are many in game costumes, gates as well as environments for you to enjoy. What makes this game better is that you can also play it with your friends as up to 4 people can enjoy this game together.

Super Mario amiibo

The amiibo is a revolutionary new way to interact with your favorite Nintendo games. Customize your characters’ offensive and defensive capabilities, and train them to become the greatest champions.

Super Mario Bros Tin Sign

Let us bring back the joy of your childhood. This metal tin sign is made with a nostalgic Super Mario Bros theme. Show your love for this game by hanging this in your game room, bar, garage or even in your bedroom. This vintage looking sign makes for a great decoration and can be used to decorate your home or office. It is made from high-quality tin, which makes it durable and rust resistant. The awesome classic design will make it a great addition to any collection.

Super Mario Bead Bucket

This Super Mario 3 bulk Perler bead set includes a full-sized Perler pegboard and 11 fun Mario Perler bead designs! With 7 unique and bright colors to choose from, this set is great for kids of all ages. Spillover colors make it easy to mix and match with any Perler creation to create your very own Super Mario adventure!

Super Mario Brothers Plush Slippers

These soft and cozy house shoes are sure to bring a smile to any Nintendo fan’s face. Featuring classic graphics from the hit 1980s video games, these knit slippers feature Mario and Luigi, two must-have video game characters! They’re the perfect footwear choice to relax around the house with or to wear while playing some nostalgic video games.

Super Mario Monopoly

This is the Monopoly game like you’ve never seen before. It’s the classic board game, but with a Nintendo spin as it ditches the normal tokens for all-new Super Mario characters, each with their own special power. Buy property, trade for play money and battle your way to winning!

Super Mario Checkers & Tic-Tac-Toe Collector’s Game Set

This Super Mario Checkers & Tic-Tac-Toe Collector Set features the video game stars Mario and Luigi. The game set comes complete with a double sided game board for checkers and Tic-Tac-Toe playability. This classic game is packaged in a collectible tin featuring Super Mario Bros. Mario and Luigi characters on both sides to add an extra level of fun. The set includes 12 each of Mario and Luigi pieces as well as 2 each Mario and Luigi hats for “Kinging.”

Super Mario Odyssey Hat

Ever wonder what Mario’s head looks like on the inside? Wonder no more with this officially licensed hat. Made of 100% polyester featuring an official Cappy logo embroidered on the top and raised 3-D eyes for a fun, unique look. It’s also collapsible for easy storage when not in use.

Classic Super Mario Bros Nintendo Switch Bag

The Classic Super Mario Bros Nintendo Switch bag stores the complete Nintendo Switch system. Includes bonus Slim case to protect and carry the Console in handheld mode, adjustable padded shoulder strap and rubberized handle for added comfort, fended compartments plus zippered back pockets to keep all components secure, Officially Licensed by Nintendo for Nintendo Switch.

Warp Pipe Foam Can and Bottle Cooler

The Warp Pipe Foam Can and Bottle Cooler features premium green colored foam with a unique, interior design that is made to look like the classic green pipe that Mario jumps into to warp. Whether you are at work or taking an adventure on the highway, this can cooler will keep your beverage just as cold.

Super Mario Adventures

Super Mario Adventures brings together the talents of all-star game developers who helped create the bestselling Super Mario Bros. video game franchise, and storytellers who have written for fan-favorite comics such as Nintendo Power magazine and the classic Nintendo Adventure Books.

Super Mario Manga Mania

The world of Super Mario comes to life in this super manga collection. Manga devotees and Super Mario game fans alike will delight in the wacky adventures that pit everyone’s favorite characters against one another and shake things up.

Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario 3D World is the new platforming adventure in the Super Mario 3D series. With new power-ups, courses, and gameplay features to explore, every stage will have you running, jumping, dancing, and battling to earn all Green Stars. Take advantage of each character’s unique abilities.

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