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Looking for Superman Gifts? Clark Kent aka Superman is considered the strongest and fastest superhero of the whole comic universe. He was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. He made his debut in April 1938 in Action Comics #1. His original birth name was actually Kal-El given by his parents on the planet Krypton. But before the planet was destroyed his parents send him to Earth. Now let us also settle this once and for all. Who’s the fastest Superman or The Flash? Well, it is Superman!

If you like these Superman gifts, be sure to also check out these other cool geek gifts.

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The Best Superman Gifts & Merchandise

Superman HyperSuit Socks

Bestseller No. 1
DC Comics Super Premium HyperSuit Socks (Youth, Superman)
  • CRYSTAL Clear Graphics
  • MAXIMUM comfort and soft fabric
  • SUPERIOR Mid-calf height with special material...

These are not just Superman socks, these are Superman HyperSuit Socks! Be that secret Superhero that nobody knows about in the office. Because it’s freezing cold in there and these socks give you superpowers over your feet, so you don’t have to be cold anymore. This is an opportunity to be as warm as Superman without all of the unwanted attention that usually comes along with being a flying alien among mere humans. And all without having to wear his underwear on the outside of your pants.

Superman Shower Curtain

Bestseller No. 1
American Flag Shower Curtain,Superman Logo Custom Made Waterproof Polyester Fabric Shower Curtain...
  • ★Size - 71WX71H inches (180*180cm) with...
  • ★Material - 100% polyester, NO PEVA, It's...
  • ★NO FADING - No color fading due to the...

Superman, the Man of Steel has always been associated with his alter ego, the squeaky clean Clark Kent – and his habit of changing into his immediately recognizable superhero outfit in phone booths. Now you can become his alter ego with this DC licensed nylon shower curtain which shows the Man of Steel mid-change into his well-known outfit. The image has that iconic public phone booth with a transparent space at head height where the famous DC hero’s face should be – and looking out you can live your dream as one of the most famous superheroes of all time. This is the perfect bathroom accessory or gift for the comic book fan.

Lego Superman Vs Power Armor Lex Luthor

This Lego set allows you to build the battle between Superman and Lex Luthor. The set includes three minifigures, one with his classic red cape and blue tights, Lex Luthor in power armor + Wonder Woman. This LEGO set comes with 207 pieces and is perfect to re-enact the ultimate battle between Superman and Lux Luthor.

Superman Baby Costume

Your tot will be rocking the boys in blue this Halloween with our Superman baby costume. This costume set includes a sleeveless bodysuit featuring the Man of Steel’s signature red, yellow and blue colors. No one is better than your little superhero, so give him the best outfit to go on his trick or treating adventures.

Retro Style Superman

To be honest, I would just buy this one for the 80 retro style cardboard box. The cardboard artwork on that is amazing. The action figure couldn’t be more ugly. Just look at his face. It looks like Superman younger and dumber brother…Just keep it in the box alright. You have been warned.

Superman Tin Sign

I absolutely adore these tin signs. They just look amazing anywhere you put them. It measures 12.5 inches width and 16 inches in height. You have several designs of which you can choose from. The quality is amazing and the prices are often below $10. So super budget-friendly for your wallet.

Superman Infected Action Figure

If you want to expand your Superman action figure collection or just looking for a unique Superman collectible. You should definitely go for this Superman Infected 7 inch Action Figure.It has more than 20 moving parts so it can take any stand that you want which gives you a lot of options.

Funko Superman Statue

Funko statues are incredible popular these days. They are small, soft & cute and we all know that’s a recipe for success. If you are looking for a low-budget Superman gift, this one is perfect for you. This Superman Funko statue is around 3 3/4″ high and comes in a super cool box. It is a great collectible for any Superman fan.

The Death of Superman

The Death of Superman is one of the bestselling graphic novels of all time and you quickly notice that by the amount of 5 star reviews it has got. The question in this chapter of Superman is, will he be able to defeat Doomsday. You actually have the choice here between the comic and the movie. This is a brand new edition that is great addition to any Superman library.

Superman Cape Socks

These Superman socks are a great and hilarious gift. The Superman Cape Socks are Superman DC Comics Cape Crew Socks. The socks are made from high-quality materials, 68% Acrylic, 30% Poly, and 2% Spandex. The crafting employed here is high quality, with all the elements well fabricated for long term durability. The socks are officially licensed DC comics attire with a pronouncing superman logo.

Batman vs. Superman: The Greatest Battles

Probably one of the most epic battles in comic history is between Batman and Superman. This comic book collection contains 6 epic battles between Batman and Superman.

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Superman 5 Film Collection (DVD)

You can’t call yourself Superman fan without owning this Superman 5 Film Collection. This collection holds the 4 Superman movies with Christopher Reeve and Superman Returns starring Brandon Routh. All these movies belong in movie history and the box also looks great from a packaging point of view. So sit back and relax with 10 hours and 36 minutes of Superman goodness.

Superman: Dawnbreaker

The Superman: Dawnbreaker is a DC Icons Series Hardcover written by the New York Times bestselling author and Newbery award-winner, De La Peña, Matt. It was published on March 5, 2019. On this hardcover, DC Icons Continues the story of coming-of-age of the first Superhero, the Superman. It’s a perfect gift for the book lover who’s a superman fan.

Superman Logo Keyring

The DC Superman Logo Pewter Keyring is a simple but elegant-looking piece attached to a key ring. It comes as an intricately detailed key holder made from pewter. The piece is also featuring DC’s Man of Steel, Superman logo. As an officially licensed DC product is it’s a great gift for the Superman lovers and fans.

Action Comics: 80 Years of Superman Deluxe Edition

This Action Comics: 80 Years of Superman Deluxe Edition is 384 pages of Superman goodness that summerizes 80 years of our favorite son of Krypton.

Injustice 2 Videogame

Injustice 2 is a Legendary Edition PlayStation 4 game by WB Games. It’s built by the critically acclaimed and the bestselling Mortal Kombat franchise developers, The NETHERREALM. The PlayStation allows downloadable content characters, which include ten extra characters and five premiere skins. It’s a great collection to gift a game lover and a Superman fan.

Superman Compression Shirt

This Superman Compression Shirt is an upgrade raglan long-sleeve superman men compression T-shirt. It’s made from 88% Polyester + 12% Spandex and has a double ring closure. It features a 3D printing of the Superman ‘S’ logo and also some abs. Its unique design allows it to offer ideal compression for an enhanced motion.

Superman Through the Years Coffee Mug

This Superman Through the Years Coffee Mug is an absolute bestseller and a great quality gift that every Superman fan would love to get.

Vintage Superman Shirt

Vintage Superman Shirt from BIOWORLD is a quality T-shirt featuring DC Comic Book Cover Artwork done in Red Graphic Print. It does come in a classic comic style, which makes it a perfect gift for the classic comic superman fans, the old-school, and new-school. It’s a vibrant design, and the Superman print ensures your alliance with Superman is on display wherever you go.

Superman Soft Blanket

This Superman blanket is so soft that you will fall a sleep as soon as it touches your body. It is ultra soft and 100% polar fleece.

Superman robe with cape

This Superman Robe is a high-quality robe that comes with a belt. As an officially licensed Superman Comic, this robe does feature the Superman Logo in front and Superman color prints. It’s made from quality polyester and wool to ensure it stays lightweight and keeps you warm. It is available in adult and kid size.

Superman Coffee Maker with Mug

The DC Superman 1-Cup Coffee Maker is a unique gift item that comes with a Superman Mug. It’s uniquely designed to offer you the best way to prepare your coffee and make yourself feel like Superman. It’s quite easy to use and features a flip-top lid, and an illuminated on/off switch.

Superman Ring

The DC Comics Superman Ring is a men’s stainless steel featuring justice league superhero Logo. It came as an officially licensed DC comic’s jewelry and delivered inside an authentic gift box. Its stainless steel crafting and the gold strong-looking emblem makes it outstand when you wear it on your finger. It’s an ideal gift for Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Father’s day and other holidays.

Superman: The Man of Steel Vol. 1

An absolute must-have for any Superman is this The Man of Steel Vol. 1. If you have more budget to spend, you might want to buy the whole collection.

Superman Puzzle Box

If you are looking for a truly unique Superman Gift, you should definitely take a look at this Superman Puzzle Box. It is handmade and absolutely unique.

Kotobukiya Superman New 52 Statue

This Kotobukiya Superman New 52 Statue is an absolute bestseller with more than 200 5-star review. It is a one of a kind Superman gift.

Action Comic #1 Superman Statue

This is the perfect gift for the die-hard Superman fan. This is statue represents the cover of the Action Comic #1 which showed Superman for the first time.

Superman HyperSuit Socks

Have a super day with these awesome Superman Hypersuit socks. Be that secret superhero in the office without anybody knowing that it is you!

DC Collectibles Batman vs. Superman Statue

You should only buy this DC Collectibles Batman vs. Superman Statue if you are going to add the matching Batman statue, one can’t go without the other.

Kotobukiya Superman for Tomorrow Statue

Kotobukiya always guarantees quality. To be honest, this Superman for Tomorrow Statue is my absolute favorite in this list, you can practically feel the muscle on this statue.

Justice League Trinity Statue

Justice League Trinity Statue is a Trinity Resin Statue done by Jason Fabok. As a licensed DC Collectibles Designer Series statue, the art shows the three members of the Justice League.

Kotobukiya Superman Rebirth Statue

This is a DC Comics Superman ArtFX+ Statue that brings the Superman Rebirth to your home. It’s a Kotobukiya Japanese import which continues the hit ArtFX+ statues lineup based on DC Comics characters. On this ArtFX+ Statue, the Superman looks great in his new red-blue costume and matching boots. It also brings out his traditional cape and the S-shaped shield.

Superman Watch

The Invicta Superman Watch is an imported Invicta automatic watch designed for any Superman fan. It features a unique design with a blue dial, a stainless steel band, and a screw-down crown. It does also features a stainless steel case featuring a flame fusion crystal. The detailing employed here allows this watch to capture and portray the Superman identity.

Batman v Superman Action Figure

The Batman v Superman Action Figure is a Dawn of Justice: Superman MAF EX Action Figure featuring an accurate screen suite. As a Medicom import, it is generously articulated and features interchangeable heads and hands for flexible positioning. The figure stand is also included for better placement. Gift your buddy with this action figure, and he will forever remember you.

Superman Bottle

Do you know a Superman fan who is also a blended beverage lover, and you’re wondering of what gift to give him/her? If yes, the BlenderBottle Superman Bottle is an excellent gift. As an officially-licensed DC comic, it features the Superman ‘S’ logo on its side. As a 28oz classic mixing cup, the bottle is ideal for carrying your favorite blend while on the go.

Superman Statue

DIAMOND SELECT TOYS presents you with the DC Gallery Comic Statue that recreates the iconic DC comic hero, the Superman. It features great detailed sculpting and painting done by Joe Menna. The statue brings out the image of ready-to-fight Clark Kent in his Super-Fast suite. It stands approximately 10-inches tall and comes in a full-color window box. Read our list of the best Superman statues.

Superman: Earth One

This Kindle & ComiXology was written by J. Michael Straczynski, who’s the creator of Babylon, and Shane Davis, a rising star join forces as the illustrator. It talks about the life of Clark Kent, his transformation into superman as well as his first year as the Superhero: Man of Steel. It’s a good kindle if you want to know how or what transpired the Clark Kent to be Superman.

The Death and Return of Superman Omnibus

If you’re searching for an ideal gift for a superman fan and a book reader, here is a perfect choice for you.

Superman Statue

The Kotobukiya Superman ArtFX+ Statue is a DC Comics Superman Rebirth Statue. It’s a Japanese Kotobukiya import which continues to hit lineup of ArtFX+ statues that are based on Superman character appearing in DC Comics. In this statue, Superman looks great in the new costume featuring a unified blue outfit with matching boots.

Superman Sticky Notes Booklet

This DC Comics Sticky Notes Booklet is a way to keep the Superman presence everywhere, on the fridge, at the desk or even holding a place in your latest page in a comic book. The booklet features the Man of Steel flying at his super-speed while demonstrating his Superman strength. By gifting a Superman fan with this booklet, you will be making their lives’ little reminders super.

Superman Encyclopedia

The Essential Superman Encyclopedia is a Superman Hardcover written by Robert Greenberger. The hardcover acts as an ultimate guide to Man of Steel. It reveals all about Superman, the World’s greatest superhero, and his incredible powers, which are legendary. It also clearly displays his famous and unmistakable Blue-and-Red costume and the iconic S-shield emblazoned across his chest.

Superman T-Shirt

The Popfunk Superman T-Shirt featuring a Superman Logo S Shield painted with American Flag Paint. It’s made from high-quality 100% cotton, a material that guarantees long-lasting durability. As a unisex adult T-shirt, it’s available in a variety of sizes from small to 5XL. Its fashionable comic style makes it an ideal gift for any superman lover.

Kryptonite Crystal Necklace

Soul Shards has a great Luminous Kryptonite Crystal Necklace for you. It comes as a luminous glow-in-the-dark Superhero Jewelry, a perfect gift for any fan of the Superman. It features a Kryptonite piece in a crystalline form, which is turned into a necklace. With this in your neck, you get to show the immense power Superman possesses.

Superman 3D Puzzle

The Superman 3D Puzzle comes as a puzzle jigsaw game consisting of 64 pieces. The game allows the user to assemble the 3D puzzle. It’s made from high-quality plastic materials and its dishwasher proof. The set comes with playable pieces [playable when assembled] and step by step instructions on how to play.

Tamashii Nations Superman Action Figure

The Tamashii Nations Superman Action Figure is a high-quality Bandai S.H. Figuarts Justice League Action Figure of the Superman. It’s sculpted in meticulous detail, which features a range of unparalleled movements and articulated cape. It captures Superman’s design is as he appears in Justice League, the latest movie, and an additional angered interchangeable face part.

Superman Plush

Whether you’re flying high above Metropolis or hanging out in your Fortress of Solitude, your new Superman Plush is ready for action. This detailed plush toy wears a self-designed replica of his classic costume, with red cape and a stylized “S” on his chest. He measures about 21″ tall (which makes him extra easy to kiss goodbye), and will be a faithful sidekick on all of your interstellar adventures.

Superman Throw Blanket

Take all of the warmth of a big, bulky blanket with you wherever you go with this Superman wearable blanket. The perfect gift for the true Superman fan in your life. This officially licensed Superman Throw Blanket is 100% polyester and machine washable. This blanket has an over-sized loose fitting sleeve for added warmth and comfort.

Superman 5 Pieces Wall Art

This amazing wall art is a must have for any superman fan! This 5 piece set comes in a variety of different sizes and styles. You will love the look of your home with this unique art work proudly displayed on your walls. A great gift idea for comic book fans, gifts for teens, gifts for birthdays, or just a treat for yourself!

Superman Action Comics #1000 Action Figure

The Man of Steel gets set for battle in this figure from the DC Rebirth collection! Crafted from PVC plastic, this Superman figure wears a signature red-and-blue costume, and is ready to take down any threat with his fierce fighting skills. The figure features authentic details, as well as up to 22 points of articulation for posing in action-packed scenes straight out of the comic.

I’m Superman Shirt

Be that cool guy at your next party wearing the officially licensed Superman costume shirt! Wearing this shirt, it is easy to change from Clark Kent to Superman in seconds! The t-shirt features an awesome design of Superman. In addition you’ll receive two exclusive die-cut stickers!

Action Comics #1 Replica

A replica edition of the comic that started it all, Action Comics #1 re-captures the magic of the original from 1938. The Man of Steel comes alive in this thrilling tale featuring four colored pages and classified advertisements from the era. In a world shattered by the Great Depression, and mired in even greater conflict, will Superman be able to find truth and justice amongst the chaos? Or will he become yet another victim of greed and destruction?

Action Comics #1000: The Deluxe Edition

Celebrate Superman’s enduring legacy with Action Comics #1000: The Deluxe Edition, collecting the historic 1000th issue of the series that launched the superhero genre into the stratosphere. From his origins to his current status as one of pop culture’s most recognized figures, Action Comics #1000 is a celebration of Superman and his enduring legacy.

Monopoly Superman Returns

What better way to enjoy a good game of Monopoly than with Superman himself? This customized game board features movie photography from Warner Bros. Pictures’ blockbuster SUPERMAN Returns and carries a Superman theme that carries throughout the entire game. It even comes with 60-minute speed play option.

Superman Kids Smartwatch

This Superman Kids smartwatch is the ultimate gift idea for any super hero fan. It comes with many features such as video and camera selfies, music, learning, interactive games, touch screen and more. The smartwatch has a touch screen which makes it so easy to navigate and for the children to quickly understand how it works.

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