Superman Watch

If you are a comic fan but also have a sense for fashion, You should consider an Invicta Superman Watch. These watches are the best crossover between the comic universe and style. It is a great Superman gift to give. More of a Batman fan? Make sure to check out our favorite Invicta Batman Watch.

These are the Best Invicta Superman Watches

Invicta Automatic Superman Watch

Invicta Automatic Superman WatchThe Invicta Automatic Superman Watch comes as a uniquely designed piece with high-quality construction. For many who love the Superman DC comic, this watch can bring back a lot of memories. As an iconic costume, it has a red and yellow emblem that features a bold ‘S’ print at the centre. With the look of the eyes, it might seem like a regular watch, but with a closer look, this is a piece of Superman costume/icon.

The best part about this watch is, it does come with a creative design that allows it to be worn on different occasions. Its exterior design will enable it to be worn as a casual accessory, and its interior brings out the costume part. With this watch, you’ll be able to demonstrate your love for the thrilling Man of Still and also be able to keep time.

With it featuring a shiny, elegant-looking stainless steel case, the watch is heavy-duty and also durable. It also features a uni-direction rotating bezel, a flame fusion crystal and a blue dial. And you know what, it also has a stainless steel band fitted with a fold-over clasp for easy on and off. In general, this beautiful wristwatch, which is powered by Japan Automatic movement, can be your daily timekeeper and a reminder of the DC Comic universe in 1938.

Invicta Steel Strap Superman Watch

Invicta Steel Strap Superman WatchThe Invicta Men’s DC Superman Comics watch is a Quartz Stainless-Steel Strap Casual Watch with an elegant design. The watch features red and gold dial which brings out a classy look on it. The ‘S’ emblem crafted in this watch also set out its iconic meaning while also maintaining the elegance of the clock. Everything on this piece of art gives something that you will love.

With this watch using the quartz movement, it means it’s quite easy to use, maintain, and also gives an accurate reading. The best part is, there is the leading watch, and then there three mini watched each representing the seconds, minutes, and hours. The mineral crystal used here sets out clarity to the observer and makes it ideal for any casual fashion lover. As a Superman fan, the watch will by far portray your fan side as well as the fashion side.

Construction of this watch, on the other hand, gives it the much-needed durability for such a piece of art. It’s made from different metallic materials that are super strong and rust-resistant. Furthermore, the watch itself is water-resistant to 100m, which makes it suitable for swimming and snorkelling. However, it is not ideal for diving.

Invicta Black Superman Watch

The Invicta DC Comics Automatic Black Dial Men’s Watch is a casual fashion watch with a unique DC comic design. The clock is something you will love if you’re a fan of the Man of Steel and you would like to portray your love for him. The watch features bring out elegance while also keeping it simple. It’s enormous; black construction sets out the high-class structure which is loved by many casual fashion lovers.

It comes with a round black analogue dial that is made from scratch-resistant mineral. The material allows it not to lose colour even after years of setting and resetting. The hands are made of shiny luminous gold-tone, which allows easy visibility even when you’re in a low-light area. The markers are also luminescent for the same purpose. At the end of the second’s hand, there is the Superman’ S’ sign which also has a gold S.

Another noticeable and lovable feature is the black stainless steel bracelet band which comes with a fold-over clasp. The armband gives the watch an elegant black look while the fold-over pin allows comfortable wearing. The watch uses the automatic movement, which will enable it to keep your time in check and not rely on batteries. In addition to that, it has a 41-hours power reserve, which is quite impressive. As a stylish timepiece, it’s for sure a piece of art ideal for completing a man’s collection.