Best Superman Statues

What are the best Superman Statues? There are a lot of Superman statues for sale. You have got big ones, small ones, expensive ones, cheap ones. It all depends on which kind of collector you are. Therefore we decided to make this list with our favourite Superman statues so you know what to buy next for your collection or as a gift for a friend.

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Kotobukiya Superman for Tomorrow

What we really like:

  • The amount of detail is exceptional, you can literally see and feel every muscle on his body
  • Really love the pose
  • Kotobukiya has done it again. The quality and the paint job are just outstanding
  • This statue is very tall as it is 1/6 scale (30cm / 12 inches)
  • 75 5-star reviews which is quite exceptional for a statue


  • None that we could find
  • We have got complaints about a damaged box due to shipment but you always have that risk

DC Collectibles Superman

What we really like:

  • With its 14 inches, you will need some room in your collection to put this amazing piece
  • The resemblance with Henry Cavill is just spot on, can’t get any closer than that
  • Very nice base which is the Batman vs Superman logo


  • The paint job can really vary per statue. Sometimes it is excellent, other times it is awful. Need more quality control from DC Collectibles


What we really like:

  • If you are a fan of the Justice League, this is for you. It resembles perfectly the Trinity #1 cover which is stunning
  • Only 5000 were made so you know, you have added  a unique piece to your collection


  • Quite expensive. Around $300 but you get 3 statues in one. So there’s a trade-off.

Superman Action Comic #1 Statue

What we really like:

  • The reason we love this one is that it is based on the cover of the very first Superman Comic from 1938
  • Still available for only $50
  • It is a limited edition and the perfect gift for adult collectors.


  • You have to assemble it yourself, some people love it but also some people hate it

Kotobukiya Superman Statues

If you’re looking from some really great Superman gifts. You should for sure, check out these Kotobukiya Superman Statues. Kotobukiya stands for great quality and an impeccable amount of detail on the statues themselves. Be sure to also check out the Kotobukiya Batman statues, as they are brilliant as well.

Kotobukiya Superman for Tomorrow

The Kotobukiya DC Comics Superman for Tomorrow ArtFX Statue comes as a unique piece Superman for Tomorrow himself. It brings out a unique presentation that portrays an iconic appearance of Superman for tomorrow. The inspiration for this new ArtFx statue is brought to life by the famous and incredible artwork of Jim Lee, DC Comic Superstar. The statue displays Superman standing tall in one of his iconic heroic poses with legs apart while the hands balled into fists. The poses show a vigilant man ready to deal with threats and his angled head leaning to the side while bringing out his powerful physique. Apart from being iconic, this statue is built to stay firm and retain its form for years to come.

Kotobukiya Superman Man of Steel

The Kotobukiya Superman Man of Steel ArtFX Statue comes as a highly detailed sculpt which portrays the design and look of Superman’s outfit. It captures the power and energy of the movie hero in an incredible presentation. On this statue, the Superman poses straight out as seen in the movie trailer while also half crouching with the arms curled and his fist clenched. As a 1/6 Scale Statue, the Man of Steel himself stands approximately 10.5 inches tall. The best part about this statue is, it comes with a posable cape in which you can shape or mould into nearly any position. On top of that, Superman’s suit on this expertly recreated statue is intricately sculpted so that it captures all the subtle textures. It’s quite impressive.

Kotobukiya Batman vs. Superman: Superman

The Kotobukiya Batman vs. Superman: Superman is a sculpture crafted based on DC Comic’s character based on Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. As an ArtFX+ Statue, the crafting used here is well displayed so that Superman can look like he has stepped off the screen. Its georama base and the dynamic Superman pose create an illusion that the hero is captured mid-flight. The arm is raised to show a devastating blow. Every detail on this statue portrays something the character shows in the movie. With the icon having a 1/10 scale, it’s able to set out all the features of the man of steel. It’s a great addition to any counter, tabletop, or shelf.

Kotobukiya Superman Rebirth

The Kotobukiya DC Comics Superman Rebirth ArtFX+ Statue comes as an ARTFX+ sculpture that’s based on characters in DC Comic Rebirth Re-launch. Superman here looks fantastic in the new costume. The costume features a fused blue outfit and fabulous looking matching boots. He is also having his customary cape and the S-shaped shield. As a highly detailed sculpt, this statue brings out Superman’s rippling physique to life. All that and much more are held by the 1/10 Scale Display alone. As a top-quality statue, this sculpt is a great gift to the Superman Rebirth Movies and also a decoration piece. As an imported Japanese art, it does feature top-quality construction that offers it the best durability.

Kotobukiya Superman New 52

The Kotobukiya Superman New 52 “DC Comics” ArtFX + Statue is a high sculpture displaying the muscular body physique and power of Superman. The statue shows Superman standing in a classic and heroic pose with his feet spread apart and the fists held in a tense manner. The intense face look captures the exact Kryptonian focus and drive. It also displays his intricately sculpted muscles which show he has the power to back it up. Every detailed portrayed here brings out the character and the fashion of the Superman, saviour of the earth. The costume sculpted here also shows the iconic signs like the S-emblem, his textured indestructible suit, the technological belt and lastly the matching boots.


As a collector, you can’t go wrong with the Kotobukiya Superman or the DC Collectibles Superman. But our favourite piece remains the last one which is the Superman Action Comic #1 Statue. This is a collectible that is still available for a very fair price and would be the perfect gift for any Superman fan.

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