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Looking for Flash Gifts? The first Flash comic was released in January in 1940 by what is now known as DC Comics. It was created by Gardner Fox and Harry Lampert.

Almost every living soul on the planet knows The Flash but what a lot of people don’t know is that the Flash is not one person, unlike many other superheroes. Most people know the Flash as Barry Allen (forensic scientist). But you also have Jay Garrick (college athlete), Wally West (Barry Allen’s nephew) and Bart Allen (Barry Allen’s son). They’re actually even more Flash characters but Wikipedia has much better info on that.

The Flash is also part of the Justice League. If you are also looking for the best Batman merchandise or other superhero gifts, be sure to check out our page.

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The Finest The Flash Gifts & Merchandise

The Flash Tin Sign

The Flash Tin Sign is a perfect gift for any fan of The Flash. It is something that everybody wants as it looks good anywhere that you put it. Also, it is the perfect gift when you are on a budget as it only costs around $10. The sign is 16 inch width and 12,5 inch in height.

The Flash Jay Garrick Silver Kettle Helmet

This Jay Garrick Silver Kettle Helmet is completely made of metal and is an exactly replica from The Flash TV Show. If you want to expand your The Flash collection, this is a good and budget-friendly solution.

The Flash Latex Mask

The Rubie’s Costume Co. Flash Latex Mask is a Justice League Flash Overhead Latex Men’s Mask made from quality fibers. As an imported and hand washed mask, it’s designed for use by teens and adults. It’s also an officially licensed DC Comic Justice League costume.

The Flash Wing Socks

The DC Comics Flash Wing Socks are caped socks that feature a 3D helmet effect designed to turn the legs into the superhero legs. As high-quality lenient knee-high socks, they are also licensed DC comics costume ideal for any fan of The Flash Series.

Star Labs Hoodie

The New York Fashion Police Star Labs Hoodie is a high-quality Star Laboratories hooded sweatshirt made from cotton and poly blend. It also features a double-line hood and a gigantic front pocket and a dyed-to-match drawcord. Its engineering ensures comfort, less shrinkage, and stretches resistance. The colors do not fade or peel.

The Flash TV Series Logo Shirt

The PopFunk Flash TV Series Logo Shirt is a quality cotton unisex T-shirt printed with a The Flash TV series logo. It’s preshrunk and features a double-needle collar, hem, and sleeve. The shirt also comes with exclusive custom, authentic and collectible die-cut stickers. It’s ideal for both men and women.

The Flash Necklace

The RINHOO Flash Necklace is a stainless steel Superhero Flash Lightning Necklace ideal for use as a Men, boy and girls Gift. Its Superman pendant appearance is a powerful symbol that looks fabulous. As stainless steel jewelry, it keeps its color and seems to shine through time.

Kotobukiya The Flash Statue

Kotobukiya, The Flash Statue, is a New 52 “DC Comics” ArtFX + Statue imported from Japan. It stands approximately 7.5 inches tall. It is also a 1/10 scale figure which captures the new costume and looks in the justice league. It also includes technological details like reinforced boots.

The Flash: A Celebration of 75 years

The Flash: A Celebration of 75 years Hardcover is a pure Flash hardcover published on April 7, 2015, by two authors, Gardner Fox and Geoff Johns, and Carmine Infantino as an Illustrator. It collects a broad range of stories that feature Scarlet Speedster while acting as a mainstay in the DC Comics Universe.

The Flash Classic T-Shirt

The DC Comics Flash T-Shirt is The Flash Logo Men’s Classic T-Shirt designed to fit most men. It’s also high-quality cotton made t-shirt which is also an officially licensed merchandise. It’s an ideal gift for any The Flash Series lover.

The Flash Vintage T-Shirt

The Popfunk, The Flash Vintage T-Shirt, is a high-quality, elegant but straightforward t-shirt with a print of the fastest man alive t-shirt and exclusive stickers. It is made from cotton for extreme durability. It’s is an officially licensed unisex adult T-shirt with unique, authentic and collectible die-cut stickers.

The Flash 2 Pair Socks

Surprise your loved one with these super cool The Flash socks. An excellent gift when you are on a tight budget and you even get 2 pairs.

The Flash Ring

This Flash ring will look good on anyone, men or woman. It is made out of environmentally friendly zinc alloy unfortunately it will not make you as fast as the Flash himself.

The Flash Running Vintage Shirt

This is one of my favorite The Flash shirts that you can buy right now, especially when you are a fan of the comic artwork. The printing is exceptional.

The Flash Lounge Pants

Nothing better than to chill in your very own The Flash lounge pants. It is so super comfortable that you probably want to wear it all the time.

Funko Pop The Flash

You just got to love this Funko The Flash Pop. It is super cute and super affordable. Every fan would love to have this on his desk.

Funko Pop Reverse Flash

This Reverse Flash Funko is an absolute winner as a The Flash gift. It looks so super cool anywhere you put it and you will love the low price as well.

The Flash, Vol. 1: Move Forward (The New 52)

If you are a fan of the Flash, you must read this The Flash The New 52. It is an absolute bestseller with a awesome story line.

The Flash: 80 Years of the Fastest Man Alive

This is an absolute must-have for any The Flash fan. Enjoy 400 pages of the Flash goodness. Learn everything that you need to know about the fastest man alive.

The Flash PVC Figure

If you want to start a The Flash statue collection, you probably want to start with this one from Diamond Select. The quality is excellent and it is very affordable just to start you off.

The Flash Variant Resin Statue

Looking for a The Flash statue to expand your collection? This The Flash Variant Resin Statue from DC Collectibles is a beauty but a little bit pricy though.

The Flash Splatter Paint Logo Mug

This The Flash Splatter Paint Logo Mug is an excellent low-budget gift for The Flash fans. It has a capacity of 14 ounces and just looks stunning.

Star Labs Mug

Only DC Comics fans will recognize this Star Labs mug. People will probaby ask if you got that on your last job, just smile and say yes because you were the fastest worker there.

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