Best Wolverine Action Figures

If you are looking for the best Wolverine action figures, you have come the right place. I have listed my favorites and divided them in 2 categories: for kids and for adults. But don’t get me wrong, the “for kids” action figures are still great collectibles to have.

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Best Wolverine Action Figures For Kids

Marvel Legends Series Wolverine Action Figure

This black and grey Wolverine action figure is part of the Marvel Legend series / Uncanny X-Force. It stands 6 inches tall and comes with an extra Wendigo Part. You can obtain all Wendigo parts by collecting additional action figures in this Marvel Legend series. If you need more info on that, you can find that on the back of the package.

What I really like:

  • The claws are very strong and great quality so they don’t fall off easily
  • Very good price as it is below $20. Don’t buy if it is higher than $20, you can then probably find it cheaper somewhere else
  • Excellent paint job

To keep in mind:

  • Not a fan of those extra Wendigo parts, don’t have the intention to buy the rest just to complete the Wendigo figure

Wolverine 12 Inch Action Figure

If you are a fan like me of the classic Wolverine suit, you should then buy this 12 inch Wolverine action figure. It comes with 30-plus points of articulation and if you are tired of how it looks. You can keep changing it thanks to the 8 extra accessories

What I really like:

  • I love that it is 12 inches. In my collection, it looks like he’s looking out over the smaller ones.
  • The articulation is just fantastic as you have 30 points like for example the toes
  • My absolute favorite accessories are the scratched shoulders and mask, looks like he just came out of a battle

To keep in mind:

  • The paint job overall is good but on the rib could have been better

Retro Wolverine Action Figure

If you have the possibility to keep this one in the package, do it. The package is a tribute to the 90’s X-Men and I’m not sure if it will ever be back. I know, it is hard not to unpack but try if you can. You will thank me later.

What I really like:

  • Crazy about the super cool retro packing (I’m keeping it in the package)
  • Price is around $10 from time to time, keep an eye out on that

To keep in mind:

  • Honestly, I couldn’t find any.

Old Man Logan Action Figure

I own several Wolverine action figures and I needed this old man Logan figure to just top it all off. It just looks amazing in my collection as a whole.

What I really like:

  • The jacket is made from some kind of very soft material which feels amazing and even more real
  • Super quality claws, one of the best I have seen
  • The paint job is also absolutely excellent

To keep in mind:

  • I wished it had more accessories, but you can’t have everything right?


Best Wolverine Action Figures For Adults

Tamashii Nations Wolverine Action Figure

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. I went berserk when I found this Tamashii Nations Wolverine Action Figure. It is so super cool to have.

What I really like:

  • Where do I begin?! The design is just amazing! Couldn’t be any cooler!
  • It is hard to unpack as the packing is also super cool.
  • The armor really seems to shine so excellent paint job
  • You might have read it, to conclude: COOL!

To keep in mind:

  • Be super careful with it, it is absolutely not for playing

Square Enix Wolverine Action Figure

I’m a super fan of Square Enix, all the action figures look amazing. Unfortunately, the price is always high but you get amazing quality in return. It is a one of a kind.

What I really like:

  • 10 inches tall so bigger than your average action figure
  • Comes with a very nice display stand (as this is not for playing, treat like a statue!)
  • My favorite Wolverine action figure of all time

To keep in mind:

  • Please watch out for knock-offs, this action figure is getting quite rare.

Square Enix X-23 Action Figure

I know it is not Wolverine but I want to bring this X-23 Action Figure on your radar as it is an excellent collector’s item for any X-Men / Wolverine fan. If you tell, you don’t think this is cool, I just don’t believe you.

What I really like:

  • It is from Square Enix so do I need to say more?
  • A lot of nice extra accessories: two head sculpts and three pairs of hands
  • Also she comes with a display stand so you can put her where you want

To keep in mind:

  • Same here, be on the look out for knock-offs.


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