Black Order (Marvel)

The Black Order also known as The Children of Thanos are a group of villains with superpowers that serve their master Thanos. They made their first appearance in The New Avengers comic books from Marvel in 2013. They were created by the trio Jonathan Hickman, Jerome Opeña and Jim Cheung.

The Members of the Black Order

Corvus Glaive

As a result of his fighting and tactical prowess, Corvus Glaive was selected to serve as the leader of the Black Order. He is also married to Proxima Midnight, another member of the Order.

With superhuman abilities such as tremendous strength, speed and endurance, Corvus is almost unstoppable. Corvus’s invincibility is tied to his glaive, which, while intact, enables him to withstand being destroyed. A single slash from the glaive may sever everything and everyone in the known cosmos in one go. When he tosses his weapon, Corvus may summon it back to his hand.

Ebony Maw

There’s no denying that Ebony Maw’s mind is nothing short of brilliant. Most of the time, he shows his shrewdness via his mastery of deception. Ebony Maw’s ability to manipulate others comes from his supernatural seductive voice, which gives him influence over even the most powerful minds, like Doctor Strange’s. Telekinesis is also one of Maw’s many talents.

Proxima Midnight

It’s no secret that Corvus Glaive’s wife, Proxima, belongs to the Order as well. Thanos favoured her due to her extensive fighting training and experience but it is her spear that makes her lethal. Her spear can take down any opponent no matter which size he or she is. It has a tremendous force that can kill any being in seconds.


Mentally disturbed, the monster called Supergiant goes in search of people with high intelligence to consume them. Mind-control and intelligence-feeding are two of Supergiant’s many powers. While her name implies she can grow, this is not the case.

Black Dwarf 

Although Thanos expected Black Dwarf to be the muscle of his operation, Black Dwarf didn’t have much success in his fights. He lost in Wakanda and therefore he was banished from the Black Order. Later on, Thanos gave him another opportunity to rejoin the Order but a violent knock to the skull by Ronan the Accuser killed Black Dwarf.

The first members above are considered the original Black Order. But later on, another character was added to Thanos’ death squad:

Black Swan (Yabbat Ummon Turru)

At one point, Earth-1365 had just one survivor: Princess Yabbat Ummon Tarru. Her planet was engaged in an incursion event, in which two parallel worlds collided with one other at the point where their respective planets’ centres of gravity were intersected. The parallel Earth was invaded by the Black Priests, who were determined to destroy her world in order to preserve their own and murder everyone who stood in their path. She entered the Library of Worlds and hid there.

While travelling between alternative Earths, Black Swan gained a great deal of information regarding incursions and the universe. She also possesses the capacity to communicate in a variety of languages which she acquired while learning about the incursions and the multiverse. Many other abilities have been shown, including the capacity to create holographic images with her hands and the ability to fire energy blasts from her eyes. She has also demonstrated telepathy and the ability to fly.


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  • Image credit: Marvel
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