The Best Black Panther Cosplay That You Can Buy In 2019

Since the movie came out Black Panther Cosplay is booming. Everybody is looking for the best Black Panther suit with the most advanced features.

But where should you start? First of all, you should take a look at your budget. How much do you want to spend? You can already have a Black Panther costume for only $35. But this does not include a helmet. If you’re a real Black Panther fan, we really suggest spending a little more money on the helmet. As you can have really cool helmets for a fair price but which you can still use afterward to display in your room as they are absolutely stunning.

If you have some extra cash laying around. You can also add some really cool claw gloves or even some Killmonger Weapons. But this all comes down on how much you want to spend.

We have made a list with our most favorite Black Panther Cosplay.

Black Panther Electronic Helmet

This is by far our favorite helmet. It is the official helmet from Marvel. So the quality is excellent. This Black Panther Helmet comes with Vibranium light effects and can actually be worn. After you have worn it, you can easily put out on display as it looks absolutely stunning!

Marvel Legends Series Black Panther Electronic Helmet

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  • Inspired by the Black Panther movie
  • Movie-inspired Vibranium light effects
  • Flip-up/Flip-down lenses
  • Premium roleplay electronic helmet; collector-inspired attention to detail
  • Includes: helmet and instructions. X3 1.5V AA alkaline batteries required. Not included

Black Panther Jumpsuit

This Black Panther Jumpsuit is the perfect solution if you are low on budget. It only costs $35 and you still have good quality. Keep in mind that it is a jumpsuit so some bodyparts might get squeezed a little bit…

Black Panther Latex Mask

As you have the suit, you will also need the mask. If you don’t have the budget for the electronic helmet. You can always go for this Black Panther Latex Mask. The quality is ok, the only thing that you have to keep in mind is that it is hot as a sauna in this mask. Also, you will always have that latex smell.

Black Panther Costume For Kids

If you’re looking for a Black Panther costume for kids, you should look no further. This one is the best value for money. It includes a mask, jumpsuit and even boots. You will get all of that for only $30.

Killmonger Suit

More a fan of Killmonger then Black Panther? We can’t blame you. The suit just looks incredibly cool and the price already starts at $34 for the standard suit. This includes the jumpsuit, a mask + shoe covers.

LED Light Up Black Panther Mask

If you’re looking for that little bit of extra without spending too much, you should have a look at this LED Light Up Black Panther Mask. It has blue LED lights across the mask which looks very good and it only costs $33.

Killmonger Latex Mask

Choosing between Black Panther or Killmonger can be quite the pickle. Especially if you look at this Killmonger Latex Mask. It just looks stunning and you will only have to spend $10 on it. That is a steal.

Black Panther Gloves

Black Panther took us by surprise as one of the biggest Marvel blockbusters. If you’re looking for that little extra in your costume, these gloves are it. They are designed so that the claws will actually retract and protrude when you open and close your hands!

Marvel Black Panther Gloves 3D Printed

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Killmonger Weapons

If you don’t know Kilmonger. He is the nemisis of Black Panther. These weapons are state-of-the-art if you’re looking for a great Kilmonger costume with weapons!

Killmonger Weapons |Black Panther

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