Bruce Lee

  • Tao of Jeet Kune Do

    Tao of Jeet Kune Do

    “Tao of Jeet Kune Do” from Bruce Lee is a universally praised tome that compiles various writings authored by the world famous martial arts superstar. It serves as a guide for navigating both the physical and philosophical aspects of the Jeet Kune Do fighting system. Originally released posthumously in 1975, this is a newer edition with several revisions overseen by Lee Enterprises and Lee’s daughter Shannon. Whether you are merely a fan or genuinely interested in learning more about Jeet Kune Do’s inner workings, this is an engrossing book that you’ll be sure to return to time and time again.

  • Bruce Lee Bobblehead

    Bruce Lee Bobblehead

    Royal Bobbles’ Bruce Lee Bobblehead features a fun caricature of the iconic martial artist and film star. Decked out in classic attire evoking movies such as Enter The Dragon, Fist of Fury, and The Way of the Dragon, it’s hard not to see this and immediately think back to the incredible everlasting impact that Lee had upon the world. The flying kick pose used here is also a ubiquitous piece of imagery all its own. Despite the well sculpted likeness and high grade build quality, this is a very affordable collectible, making it the perfect item to treat yourself or a loved one with.

  • Bruce Lee Institute Shirt

    Bruce Lee Institute Shirt

    This Bruce Lee Institute Shirt is a wonderful gift for all those who love Bruce Lee and his movies. The vintage style t-shirt is preshrunk and made from 100% high-quality cotton. The off-white color complements the graphic print design in a nice manner, and it gives the shirt a special look and feel. The front side of the t-shirt boasts the image of the young Bruce Lee and logo of the Jun Fan Gung Fu institute written in a bold and rather massive typeface. The pale red background is carefully chosen to match the vintage style of this clothing item.

  • Bruce Lee Plush

    Bruce Lee Plush

    The most notable feature of this Bruce Lee plush toy is its impressively accurate recreation of the iconic yellow and black Game of Death tracksuit. Everything from the stripes to the piping has been effectively translated, and even the shoes look the part! The decidedly more stylized likeness of the face may not be quite as accurate, but it still reads as Bruce Lee without any possible confusion. Coming in at 10 inches tall and with a low price tag of only 20 dollars, this is a piece that’s well worth adding to the collection of any loyal Bruce Lee fan.

  • Funko Bruce Lee Enter the Dragon

    Funko Bruce Lee Enter the Dragon

    This exclusive Bruce Lee Funko Pop vinyl figure pays tribute to the finale of Enter the Dragon, a martial arts film that has gone on to inspire countless pieces of media in its wake. Everything from subsequent kung fu and action films to video games have borrowed from the movie’s many memorable set pieces, plot points, fights, costumes, and props. With just one look at this figure’s claw mark battle damage, the final fight scene of the film should immediately spring to mind. Released as a Bait exclusive, this is not an easy figure to come across for its original price. Be sure to grab one now before it continues skyrocketing in value!

  • Enter The Dragon Metal Movie Poster

    Enter The Dragon Metal Movie Poster

    An Enter The Dragon Metal Movie Poster is the perfect way to express your enthusiasm for this cult Japanese anime classic. If you have an affinity for films from Japan or just want to buy a beautiful piece of art that you can hang on your walls, the movie poster is an excellent choice for you. As you may have guessed by now, this is a film that has an immense following and one that is not only very enjoyable but also very interesting. This Enter The Dragon Metal Movie Poster, is going to allow you to relive your favorite scenes over and over. It is the perfect addition to your movie room or Japanese movie memorabilia collection!

  • Bruce Lee Boxing Shorts

    Bruce Lee Boxing Shorts

    Do you already want to scare your opponent even before you have thrown your first punch? Well, you should take a look at these Bruce Lee Boxing Shorts. It is made out of premium satin which makes it super soft. It is available in 6 sizes and it is an ultra light weight. It is perfect for training and matches. The reason for that, is that it is tear-resistant and no toxic materials were used. It looks super cool thanks to the blood scratches and the cool colors black and yellow.

  • Bruce Lee Nunchucks

    Bruce Lee Nunchucks

    Whether you’re a budding martial artist or just a fan of Bruce Lee, these nunchucks are the perfect collectible or beginner weapon. They are lightweight foam, weighing only 90 grams to help you learn the basic self-defense moves. Each pair of nunchucks is a bright solid yellow with a brown stylized graphic of Bruce Lee himself! The 12 inch chain is ideal for training, plus, the solid yet lightweight construction of these nunchucks is perfect for adults and kids alike learning Taekwondo or any other martial arts form. Affordable and durable, these nunchucks are sure to please even the pickiest athletes!

  • Bruce Lee Shoes

    Bruce Lee Shoes

    If you look at these shoes, they might ring a bell twice actually. Their full name is Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 Shoes. These shoes became iconic by Bruce Lee but that wasn’t the only time they were featured on the big screen. Can you already guess in which other movie they made a small appearance? No? Well, it is actually Kill Bill, worn by Uma Thurman. The shoes are made of 100% leather and have a synthetic sole. They can be worn on almost any occassion and they will last a long time if you take care of them.

  • Be Water, My Friend: The Teachings of Bruce Lee

    Be Water, My Friend: The Teachings of Bruce Lee

    Be Water, My Friend: The Teachings of Bruce Lee is a must-have book for all martial arts fans, but also for those who seek to pursue personal development and mindfulness best practices. These spiritual teachings have applications that stretch way beyond the martial arts area of life. The author of the book, Shannon Lee, reveals the life philosophies of her father in a poetic and captivating manner. These teachings will guide you along becoming a better version of yourself. The book is available in hardcover, as well as in Kindle and audiobook formats. It can make the perfect gift to any true Bruce Lee fan and follower.

  • Bruce Lee: Movie Collection

    Bruce Lee: Movie Collection

    The Bruce Lee Movie Criterion Collection is a must-have for anyone who loves martial arts, the unique life philosophy of this kung-fu champion and the greatest fighters of all times. This collection includes the five most popular movies of Bruce Lee, movies that have charmed millions of people worldwide for such a long time. In addition, the collection features Game of Death 2, listed as an extra feature rather than a stand-alone film. The seven blu-ray discs come in a beautiful box featuring famous scenes from these movies. All movies come with English subtitles, alternate audio soundtracks in Mandarin and English, and audio commentaries.

  • Bruce Lee Action Figure

    Bruce Lee Action Figure

    If you’re in the market for Bruce Lee collectibles, the Bandai SH Figuarts Bruce Lee action figure is one of the finest releases of the last decade. As with any toy released in that particular line, this is premium in every regard. There are multiple different facial expressions and hands to swap around, accessories, stellar sculpt work with an amazing likeness, and beautifully integrated articulation. This is a figure that you’ll definitely want to open up and fiddle around with. Thanks to all of these features, there are endless different display options and poses you can recreate from Bruce’s legendary films. If you missed this toy the first time around, now’s the time to jump on board.

  • Bruce Lee Statue

    Bruce Lee Statue

    This Diamond Select Bruce Lee Statue is a stylized PVC collectible with wide reaching appeal. It will be a perfect purchase for anyone that’s a martial arts practitioner, kung fu and action movie fan, figure collector, or pop culture memorabilia hobbyist. The dynamic sculpt showcases the masterful Lee in a heightened sense of reality where he has literally manifested water from his fists. This of course is a tribute to the famous “be water, my friend” quote highlighting one of Lee’s most profound philosophies. Coming in at 9 inches with a great likeness and a stunningly detailed base, this will make for a striking display piece.

  • Unmatched: Bruce Lee

    Unmatched: Bruce Lee

    Two or four players may play this asymmetrical small-scale fighting game. Unmatched: Bruce Lee is a game unlike any other that purely relies on your expertise and tactical movement. Each character has their own deck and when you think you’ve mastered all the heroes, new ones always arrive! This is the first officially licensed hero pack available and each set contains 1 health dial, 1 miniature figurine and 31 cards. Get your game on and challenge everyone you know with this Bruce Lee game using your own special attacks and moves! This is one game that never gets old and makes a perfect gift for martial arts fans of all ages.

  • Bruce Lee Costume

    Bruce Lee Costume

    This Bruce Lee costume is a jumpsuit made from polyester and it can be the perfect Halloween or Cosplay outfit for a martial arts lover. Available in only one color combination, yellow with black accents, this costume fits slender frame guys. For hiding some prominent parts of your body, you may want to wear some fitted boxers underneath. If you order a larger size, you can even wear the jumpsuit over your jeans and a shirt, and get rid of it by the end of the party. The costume is made from a nice fabric and it provides a very good value for money.

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