Butterfly Gifts

Looking for the best Butterfly Gifts? I made a great list. My favorites are My favorites are the Butterfly Growing Kit and the Steel Butterfly Pendant.

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The Finest Butterfly Merchandise & Gifts

Butterfly One Day at A Time Keychain

If you are looking for a colorful gift for a special someone, the Butterfly One Day At A Time Keychain is a wonderful choice. This keychain is crafted with timeless bronze and features the well-known line “One Day At A Time” from the serenity prayer embossed on the front just below a stunning multi-color butterfly. On the back, you have the entire serenity prayer etched into the bronze for a daily reminder of strength and perseverance. This keychain serves as a wonderful gift to yourself or anyone who is going through a recovery or sobriety program such as AA or NA. This keychain measures 1 5/16-inches in diameter. Find It Here

Stainless Steel Butterfly Pendant

This eye-catching butterfly pendant necklace is crafted out of durable stainless steel that has been ion-plated with rose gold. With an 18-inch chain, it is the perfect length to wear with a variety of different necklines, making it a versatile addition to any jewelry wardrobe. Despite its delicate appearance, it is extremely durable and won’t rust or corrode. Unlike other types of jewelry, it requires very little maintenance, which means that you can enjoy its beauty without having to spend a lot of time cleaning or caring for it. Butterflies are not only beautiful to look at but they also symbolize change and new beginnings. That makes this necklace a perfect gift for birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, or countless other events. Find It Here

Butterfly Engraved Stemless Wine Glasses

Exquisite for both red and white wine, these wine glasses are an exemplary gift for a bridal shower, engagement, wedding, and many other occasions shared by lovebirds. Each of the glasses has a 16.75-ounce capacity, and a unique stemless round shape made from crystal lead-free glass. The butterfly engravement customizes the glass in a pleasant fashion by adding some art to the plain glass. Looking for a practical romantic gift? Buy a basket, add some chocolates, some wine and finally, add these glasses as the cherry on top. Wine lovers could also buy this unique set to add to a collection of multiple design and wine glass types. Find It Here

Butterfly Wind Chime

Give your patio or garden personality with the Blessedland butterfly wind chime! Constructed of high quality aluminum tubes and decorated with bronzed butterflies, it evokes the sound of nature in any setting. Each time the wind blows, you can hear a different melody played by the cleverly positioned metal tubes. The butterfly wind chime makes an exquisite gift for friends and family alike with its handmade look but durable construction. This wind chime is lightweight but made to last, giving you years of pleasure in the great outdoors! With an antiqued finish it appeals to everyone as it captures an old world design with modern elements. Find It Here

Butterfly Swarovski Bracelet

If you have someone special in your life that loves butterflies, then the Butterfly Swarovski Bracelet is a lovely choice for a gift for just about any occasion. This is a bangle bracelet for women or girls that features a stunning butterfly-shaped Swarovski crystal in your choice of blue, purple or pink. Due to the design, this bracelet is comfortable enough for daily wear and made from Rhodium-plated metal that is nickel and lead-free, making it hypoallergenic so that you never have to worry about irritation on sensitive skin. Each bracelet comes with a beautiful gift box making it ready to give for a birthday or any special occasion. Find It Here

Butterfly Fairy Lights Craft Kit

To lure out the creative side of your kids, crafting is an ideal selection. This butterfly fairy lights craft kit will do just that and add a little bit of magic to it. Super easy and cute to assemble, it is suitable for curious youngsters. It comprises of cute butterflies, gemstones, clay, tiny flowers, glitters, stickers that glow in the dark, a globe and fairy multi-colored string lights, everything you need to make a fun-filled enchanted night with your child. The kit is also a cool DIY room décor for your kids’ bedroom or for party decoration. Remember to also buy 3 AAA batteries since they are not included in the packaging. Find It Here

National Geographic Readers: Caterpillar to Butterfly

A heavenly sight to see, butterflies are stunning creatures, used as phone wallpapers, room backgrounds and even in children’s coloring pads. This beauty springs from their multi-colored flattering wings, which is about as much as any kid knows despite their sustained need to run after them and color them. This amazing title from National Geographic, Caterpillar to Butterfly, however, offers kids more insight into the lives of these irresistible creatures. The read explains the life cycle, life span, different kinds and so much more about butterflies. It contains learning activities, new vocabulary, games and so on, all for your child to brainstorm. Highly educational, this is a book to buy your child to widen their scientific knowledge. Find It Here

Ten Magic Butterflies

The book “Ten Magic Butterflies” was the combined work of author Danica McKellar and illustrator Jennifer Brickling. It is a hardcover book that features full color pictures. The book is a math focused story that will delight and possibly enchant children. The writing is perfect as Danica McKellar is a New York Times bestselling author who is known for their book “Goodnight, Numbers”. They were the star of the television show “The Wonder Years”. The book is about ten flower friends who mix magic and fun that turns into a night of excitement. It also features a cute caterpillar with dreams of his own! It will help any child be even smarter with a new love of numbers. Find It Here


Elefun is a fun game that kids will really enjoy. Elefun the elephant blows butterflies from his trunk and kids will race to catch the butterflies using their nets. Whoever has the most butterflies wins. Each game starts with a trumpet call that Elefun makes, and then music plays as the butterflies fly into the air from Elefun’s 3 foot long trunk. In addition to Elefun itself, the game comes with three nets in different colors to distinguish them, and 20 multicolored butterflies. Setup is as simple as loading a C battery into Elefun, inserting the butterflies into Elefun, and then attaching its trunk. Find It Here

Butterfly Scarf

Lightweight and comfortable are everything when it comes to choosing the right scarf. This butterfly scarf offers durability and soft comfort with quality woven fabric made from a blend of natural bamboo and viscose fibers. Wholly breathable, the construction allows for optimal wear even during summertime! Measuring 6 ft by 3 ft, these luxurious scarves are long enough to twist and wrap just the way you like. In fact, it can be styled as a headwrap, sarong or a wrap skirt- the options are truly endless! Realistic printed butterflies and bold color help make it a statement piece while accenting virtually anything in your wardrobe. Find It Here

Butterfly Growing Kit

This butterfly growing kit will let your kids witness butterfly metamorphosis at home or in the classroom. It’s an ideal gift for schooling children. Even adults will enjoy this hands-on educational activity. Whether your kid is in the classroom or at home, the butterfly growing kit will help him or her to have a glimpse into the fascinating world of insects. This kit will ignite a love of exploration and discovery in children. It is perfect for getting your child away from his or her mobile phone and laptop. Make sure you buy this butterfly growing kit for your child. Find It Here

Butterfly Spinning Candle Holder

The Butterfly Spinning Candle Holder by Banberry Designs features beautiful frosted glass that lights up with the addition of a smokeless tea light candle. Once the tea light candle is lit, the heat that comes from the candle then creates a reaction and the silver-plated metal butterflies with laser-cut detailing start to slowly revolve. This candle holder is an excellent feature to have in the home to peak interest, creating a mesmerizing motion. The illumination of the candle also casts dancing shadows along the walls and the ceiling. Great to give as a gift, this unique candle holder with spinning butterflies measures 6.25″ high by 3″ wide. Find It Here

Butterfly Stepping Stone

If you want a butterfly stepping stone with a nice saying on it about those we have lost in life, this is the perfect buy. Featuring butterflies and a heartfelt saying, you’re sure to enjoy seeing this stepping stone outside of your door or wherever you decide to display it. This can also make a great gift, especially for those that have lost someone in life that they held near and dear to their hearts. It is made of stone cast concrete to give it a realistic stone look and you can combine it with other stones to make a creative pathway to a garden or anywhere around your property. Find It Here

Hand-painted Wine Glass

Do you want a new wine glass that looks nice and holds 15oz of your favorite wine? This artisan wine glass is hand painted and is sure to bring a smile to the face of anyone that likes creative wine glasses. When you buy this wine glass, there is a unique cocktail recipe under the base for you to check out and to share with others if you wish. The glass is made by a glass blower so you know it’s high in quality. This is the glass to get if you like the look of butterflies and enjoy high quality wine glasses. Find It Here

Butterfly Suncatcher

If you are looking for a stunning gift for any occasion or a nice way to adorn your own windows at home, the Butterfly Suncatcher by Banberry Designs is an excellent choice. Great for gifting to a special someone for a birthday, Mother’s Day, Easter, or any occasion, this suncatcher is crafted with real dried flowers that are pressed between glass. Simply use the included suction cup to hang in place using any window. Each butterfly suncatcher comes with a dangling charm that says mom along with beautiful hanging jeweled detailing on either side. This suncatcher measures about 4.25″ x 4.5″ and is around 8″ in length when hanging. Find It Here

Butterfly Plaque

This premium-quality plaque is made from a combination of MDF and paper. It features a beautiful butterfly cutout packaged inside of a printed box. Inside the butterfly, you’ll find the inspiring words “Friends become our chosen family.” This is a wonderful gift for the friends that you value the most. Find It Here

My, Oh My–A Butterfly!

“My, Oh My A Butterfly, All About Butterflies” will teach readers about butterflies, but in a fun and interesting way. You will learn all about butterflies, including how they are able to see thousands of images at the same time and how they are able to extract nectar from various types of flowers. Kids will also love this book because they’ll learn how butterflies stay clear of predators. Find It Here

Butterflies Thermal Travel Cup

This is a double wall insulated tumbler which features a lid. It is a thermal cup intended for hot and cold drinks. With a wrap around design featuring monarch butterflies and purple flowers it is safe for microwave and dishwasher use. This stylish travel cup will fit into standard size cup holders and it can hold 16 ounces of liquid. The lid is boldly colored purple which matches the flower stylings around the monarch butterflies. It will definitely reduce condensation due to the design of the double wall insulation. This cup was manufactured in the USA and measures in height 6.5 inches and in diameter 3.38 inches. Find It Here

Butterfly Tealight

This is a beautiful flameless battery operated butterfly candle. The design includes a purple butterfly with leaves and a yellow flower. Includes a remote that has 18 keys to control the lights up to 16.4 feet (5 meters) away. There are 12 colors to choose from as well as a multi-color option. It also has a timer that can set the lights to automatically shut off between 4 and 8 hours and turn on after 20 to 16 hours. In addition, it can be set to cycle every day. Every color can be set to flicker or solid as you want. It is handmade real wax and powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included). Find It Here

Angel Figurine Holding Butterflies

This lovely decorative statue would look great on the shelves on any home. The 8-inch figurine is inscribed with a meaningful message is something that sure to touch people’s hearts. Butterflies rest upon each of the angel’s hands Find It Here

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