By the Order of: Best Peaky Blinders Gifts

In its five-season run, Peaky Blinders is regarded as one of the best series on television. The show follows the Shelby Family, an Irish criminal organization in Birmingham, England.

If you have ever caught the incredible opening credits of an episode, you can see why this show has a cool factor.

As this is the case, you probably know some fans of the series. Check out this list of the best Peaky Blinders gifts for the Irish gangster in your life.

So, by the order of the Peaky Blinders, read on.

Shelby Flat Cap

The Irish flat cap is the iconic headwear of the Peaky Blinders. In gangland Birmingham, everyone steers clear of the Shelby family topped with their fearsome caps.

Give a fan of the series an authentic Peaky Blinders hat so he or she can represent the crime family. This is one of the top gift ideas for fans of the show

Otherwise known as a newsboy hat, these wool knitted caps are more than a costuming device. These quality hats are a unique style that keeps the wearer warm as winter nears.

Portray your allegiance to the club by donning a flat cap. Though, maybe don’t stitch a razor blade into the brim as the Shelbys do.

Whiskey Subscription Box

“Whisky’s good proofing water. It tells who’s real and who isn’t.” This is the sage wisdom from the figurehead of the Peaky Blinders. If anyone ever knew their whiskey, it’s the crew in Birmingham.

Therefore, your Blinders fan may enjoy a subscription of proofing water. A whiskey subscription box is a gift that keeps giving. World of Whiskey Club sources the best liquors from all over the globe.

Each shipment will include two bottles of expertly curated whiskeys. These selections will range from Irish, Scotch, and Japanese whiskies. Accompanying, the bottles are digital tasting notes and exclusive access to rare inventory.

In no time, you’ll be tipping a glass alongside the Shelby family.

Original Soundtrack Vinyl

Vinyl has made a resurgence as a collector’s item. There’s no better way to gift the essence of the gangster series than the original Peaky Blinders soundtrack.

Stuffed with easter eggs, this new 3 LP pressing is nothing short of art. Remember that awesome opening title sequence? Well, this soundtrack kicks off with Nick Cave’s credit track “Red Right Hand.” Other tracks from Johnny Cash and the White Stripes fill out the amazing soundtrack.

Peaky Blinders Coffee Mug

What would be cooler than beginning each morning with coffee in a Peaky Blinders mug? The mug is printed with a powerful, albeit too explicit quote to type in this article.

Let’s just say this quote gives you the energy to get out and blackmail, racketeer, hustle, and other chores of a gangster.

Also, no one ever said you couldn’t pair this with the whiskey club to make a true Irish coffee in this mug.

Find Your Perfect Peaky Blinders Gifts

Keep this list in mind when shopping.  You are sure to dazzle your Tommy Shelby fan with one of these Peaky Blinders Gifts.

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