Can Batman beat Superman?

The rivalry between Batman and Superman goes way back to dc comics in the 1940s. It goes without saying that Superman will always be overshadowed by Batman’s popularity. But can Batman beat Superman? In terms of skills, ability and sheer power batman doesn’t stand a chance. But, Batman has something that Superman does not and can be his greatest weapon against the man of steel – technology.

Batman has had a host of gadgets and vehicles to aid him in his crime-fighting exploits. Superman is pretty much stuck with just his strength, and there are only so many situations you can use that for. Batman has an array of weapons to aid his crime-fighting. Batman most commonly uses a grappling hook, Batarang and even some martial arts moves. He also owns the Batmobile which is also equipped with missiles, machine guns and bombs!

Batman’s greatest asset is his intellect. He spends time planning out scenarios in the event that he should confront Superman so as to gauge which type of weapon would be most effective. Batman will have had an array of countermeasures ready for each and every scenario imaginable, and I’m pretty sure they all involve a lot of firepower!

Batman’s greatest weapons are not necessarily his bat gadgets, but the environment that he is in. For instance, if Batman is to confront Superman in an isolated area then Batman will have the upper hand as he can use gas and other aids to slow down Superman’s super reflexes.

Batman also has other allies and friends like Nightwing, Robin and Alfred Pennyworth who will come to his aid. Batman is not alone in his fight. In most dc comics comic book stories, Batman’s main weapon against Superman is Kryptonite.

This radioactive material is native to Superman’s home planet Krypton. Exposure to it will weaken and disable Superman. It would be hard for Batman to get his hands on some, but if he could capture any of this stuff then he’d have a chance.

In conclusion, I believe that Batman can beat Superman because of his vast amount of experience, superior planning and some pretty awesome gadgets. Batman also has extensive knowledge of the dc universe so should know how to combat Superman’s weaknesses.

Now a good DC Comics story with Batman fighting against Superman is “Batman vs. Superman: The Greatest Battles”. It collects Batman: The Dark Knight #4; Batman #612; Superman/Batman #32, #78; Justice League #2; Batman #35-36.

You can get this book on Amazon for about $10, perfect for dc comics fans and people who love the Batman vs Superman saga.

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