Captain Marvel vs Hulk: Who Would Win?

Captain Marvel and Hulk are two of the MCU’s biggest names, having appeared in countless comic books and been around for decades. Their comic book origins and stylings have inspired countless adaptations into TV, movies, cartoons and many other forms of entertainment media. Despite both having vast libraries, their stories are so iconic that they defined generations of fandom. This inevitably brings them into conflict with one another as we’re asked to choose a side in the classic debate of like vs dislike.

Captain Marvel Biography

Captain Marvel

In the family of Joe Danvers, Sr. and Mari-Ell, an extraterrestrial Kree spies who had severed relations with her people, was Carol Danvers. His aggressive alcoholism and extreme misogyny made Carol’s connection with her father tough. As soon as she became 18, Carol enrolled in the United States Air Force in order to qualify for a military scholarship since her father believed that women aren’t required to attend university. Her military career would take her all the way to full Colonel, but when she left the service, she worked as a security officer for NASA and penned articles for the Daily Bugel-owned magazine “Women.”

The Psyche-Magnitron is a Kree gadget that Carol came into touch with at NASA during a meeting with Mar-Vell, the first Captain Marvel. As a result of this gadget, she would be given superhuman strength, durability, and the ability to fly. It was at first thought that Ms. Marvel’s superhero identity was a distinct personality, but it would eventually meld into one. Carol would later become a member of the Avengers and then the X-Men. Unfortunately, Rogue, an X-Men foe at the time, would steal her talents. Even when her abilities had faded, her awakened Kree DNA still gave her an advantage over other humans in terms of physical strength.

After being experimented on by the extraterrestrial race known as the Brood, Carol regained her superpowers and massive energy manipulation skills. Her new name was Binary, and she spent most of her time in space, sometimes returning to Earth to assist her comrades. When Mar-Vell died of cancer, she changed her superhero identity to Warbird for a while, but finally settled on Captain Marvel to honor her friend’s memory.

Hulk Biography


Dr. Brian Banner and Rebecca Banner have a son, Bruce. The angry and irrational Brian would beat Bruce on a regular basis. It wouldn’t be long until the maniac murdered his wife in front of poor Bruce. Despite the fact that Brian would wind up in a mental hospital and later be murdered by Bruce by accident, the wounds he left on Bruce’s psyche would haunt him for the rest of his life. Hulk’s numerous identities are a result of the psychological traumas he sustained as a child.

Dr. Bruce Banner was a nuclear physics prodigy who excelled in the study of gamma radiation. Bruce was subjected to gamma rays while rescue a lost adolescent named Rick Jones who had stumbled into the testing site. His Savage Hulk character was born at this point. In order to avoid becoming the Savage Hulk, Bruce Banner would try to avoid fighting with the US military and other superheroes, but the Savage Hulk would continue to participate in combat on a regular basis.

Aside from the Gray Hulk, alias Joe Fixit, and the Professor Hulk persona, Bruce would go on to establish numerous other Hulk identities over the years, including the most psychologically stable and intellectual of the Hulk personas, which was ironically the Gray Hulk. His wife Betty Ross, friend Rick Jones, therapist Doc Sampson, son Skaar, and cousin Jennifer Walters (better known as the She-Hulk) were among Bruce’s numerous allies. In addition to the Avengers and the Pantheon, the Hulk would form his own heroic group.

Captain Marvel Powers & Abilities

Powerful physical attributes aren’t Captain Marvel’s only distinguishing feature. Her ability to manipulate energy is the actual star of the show.

To put it another way, Captain Marvel is a breathing energy source. Aside from the fact that she is totally self-sustaining, she is also immortal. She can shoot strong photonic blasts due to her extensive energy manipulation powers, making her a lethal menace at a distance. She is also a formidable combatant because of her superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, and precognition.

Captain Marvel’s energy manipulation abilities also allow her to withstand a great deal of punishment. She can not only resurrect after surviving a nuclear bomb, but she can also dissociate her spirit from her body and use it to move through other materials. The fact that Captain Marvel is capable of constructing energy-based constructions is also noteworthy. These structures might be shields and barriers for defence, or razor blades for attack.

As if that weren’t enough, Captain Marvel is also capable of manipulating matter at the atomic level. These powers enable her to transform energy and matter into any form she desires. Even while she often utilizes this to morph into her superhero costume, it has a variety of potential uses in warfare.

Hulk Powers & Abilities

There is more to the Hulk than simply his enormous superhuman power.

The Hulk’s primary power is his incredible strength. In Marvel Comics, he is one of the most physically powerful individuals, even compared to cosmic phenomena. Strength actually grows with wrath in his Savage Hulk avatar, making him even more strong. The Hulk’s physical strength has allowed him to develop a variety of unusual moves, such as smashing his fists on the ground to produce an earthquake and knocking his opponents off their feet by clapping his hands together.

The Hulk is not only very powerful, but he is also incredibly resilient. Also on par with Dead Pool’s regenerative powers, his skin is impenetrable to most physical and energy-based assaults. If an opponent succeeds to wound the Hulk, he will nearly always recover within a few minutes. Cutting him apart doesn’t work either since the Hulk can reassemble his body from the bits he’s taken apart.

The Hulk’s lesser-known abilities include underwater breathing, superhuman speed, psychic resistance, and the capacity to perceive ghosts and spiritual creatures. Due to his body acting as a self-charging radiation battery, the Hulk is also able to control gamma radiation to some extent.


Captain Marvel is simply more powerful than the Hulk, and it’s not really even close. She can move at hyperspeed, fire energy beams from her hands, absorb laser blasts and reflect them back full-force. As fans of the series know, she’s also able to fly without being connected to any sort of propulsion device, manipulate matter on a molecular level, and easily survive in space. On top of all that, her abilities are highly varied—no two fights with the Hulk will ever be quite the same. In short, Captain Marvel is a powerhouse waiting to be unleashed by Carol Danvers or whichever superheroine happens to hold her mantle next.

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