Chow Chow Gifts

The history of the Chow Chow is actually super interesting. Rumors say that Chow Chows originated in China 2,000 years ago. But my favorite legend is that in history there were reports of large war dogs who resembled black-tongued lions. Can you imagine that? That had to be super cool! Apparently, there was also an emperor who owned 5,000 Chow Chows. As I love this black-tongued beasts, I decided to create this list of Chow Chow gifts that every Chow owner would love to have.

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The Finest Chow Chow Merchandise & Gifts

All You Need is Love and a Chow Chow Wooden Sign

If you love Chow Chow, you can express your love more tangibly thanks to this wooden stand-up box sign. The wood material used is sturdy and of high quality for a longer-lasting lifespan. Also, it is stable enough to sit freely on any shelf or table. In case you need to hang it, it comes fitted with the necessary hardware. This beautiful word art can be used as wall decor and displayed wherever you wish for a great aesthetic look. This box sign also makes the ideal prop whenever you need to take a photo with your beloved Chow Chow. It makes an excellent gift choice for any Chow Chow mommy. Find It Here

Chow Chow Socks

Show off the love you have of your Chow Chow with these adorable novelty socks. They come as two pairs of unisex-sized socks, each with its color variations. These socks are made of a blend of nylon, spandex, and polyester for a comfortable feel all day long. This fabric is also soft, stretchy, and lightweight, giving a sense of snug. These make a great addition to any socks collection. The dog breed theme prints and colors are vividly giving them a great look. These socks are heavy-duty and of excellent quality. They will not easily rip and are not flimsy. These socks make a unique gift for dog enthusiasts. Find It Here

Chow Chow Plush

The Chow Chow plush is nothing short of cute. This plush helps give a special meaning for your love of animals. It is stuffed with a cloth for a soft and fluffy dog in a realistic appearance. Also, the materials used are of high quality to ensure extended durability. This stuffed dog is meticulously and seamlessly stitched for a longer life span. It is ideally sized for display and complements any décor. This Chow Chow interactive plush is cuddly and makes good napping or playtime companion for your kids. It is a cute gift idea on any gifting occasion. Find It Here

Chow Chow Succulent Pots

Chow Chow’s succulent pot is a unique and creative design. It is handmade and professionally crafted with fine details. This plant pot is made of premium quality ceramic that is well selected for its breathability quality. Your plants will surely thrive. Furthermore, this multifunctional pot can be used as a holder for your coins, brushes, or pencils. The container is designed with convenient drainage holes, blank plant tags, hole plugs, and hole mesh plugs. You can use these in your kitchen, office, desk, or garden décor. These high quality and products come packaged in a gift-ready box; you can gift yourself or friends and family. Find It Here

Chow Chow Mug

Style up your morning routine with this beautiful mug. It is inspired by the Chow Chow and is designed with a gag quote on it. This funny mug is made of supreme quality ceramic for a longer-lasting lifespan. Additionally, it has a premium hard coat that serves to provide a crisp and vibrant color. It is built to last and ideal for hot and cold beverages alike. The print is meticulously done and accompanied with high gloss finish giving it a great look. This mug is dishwasher and microwave safe. It makes a thoughtful gift idea on any gifting occasion, be it Mother’s Day, birthday, Father’s day, Christmas, among others. Find It Here

Chow Chow Picture Frame

What better way to express your enthusiasm to the lovable Chow Chow than owning one of these picture frames? This frame has a unique style featuring a realistic-looking Chow hugging the outside with the hind legs acting as a table topper to keep it stable. It comes enhanced by the easel back stand for reinforced security. This frame is hand-painted with love and beautifully crafted, giving it a great look. It makes a perfect wall décor in any room you wish to place it. This unique frame is designed to complement any décor. You can now place your favorite photo on this beautiful frame. Find It Here

Chow Chow Dog Statue

The Chow Chow dog statue is ideally designed for any Chow Chow lover. This dog statue is beautifully and meticulously crafted to create a replica of the aloof dog. Keen attention was paid to detail, and color choice is perfect for display. The material used is quality polyresin for extended longevity. This dog is well suited for both indoor and outdoor use, complementing any décor. It looks cute as novelties in living rooms, family rooms, and so on. Looking for the perfect gift for that pet lover you had in mind? Look no further as this dog statue from Hi-Line Gift Ltd makes the perfect gift idea. Find It Here

Don’t Judge My Chow Chow

The Don’t Judge My Chow is the ideal tote bag for your next shopping spree. The wording is hand-printed, and the artwork is an original Pet Studio Art design. This bag has a neutral color and is perfect for carrying treats, pet snacks, and even your grocery trips. The materials used are heavy-duty and of high quality to ensure durability and make it functional and sturdy enough for your shopping. It is ideally sized with convenient carry handles for easy use. As far as cleaning it is concerned, you only need to hand wash it. It’s a durably-made funny tote bag that makes a thoughtful gift, the ideal choice for putting a smile on the recipient’s face. Find It Here

Chow Chow Christmas Ornament

Chow Chow Christmas ornament is the ideal addition to your Christmas tree. The personality of each Chow is truly captured in the unique design. This ornament is handcrafted with love in age-old tradition giving it a classic touch. It is sure to wow anyone who sees it. It is made with molten glass, which is mouth-blown and molded with the finest of details to achieve a beautiful carved Chow. This beautiful creation is also hand-painted, complete with glittering for the perfect Christmas feel. The ornament is a simple yet affectionate gift to brighten any room and bring the Christmas spirit. Find It Here

Caution Chow Chow Sign

Show off your puppy love and your favorite furry friend, Chow, with the Caution Chow Chow sign. This dog sign is the ideal yard sign to notify everyone that you have a Chow Chow in patrol. It is professionally screen printed with high quality ink for extended use. The printing is done on UV protected styrene. Moreover, these materials are weather-resistant. This novelty sign is, therefore, well suited for outdoors and can withstand adverse weather conditions. It is built to last, with rounded edges that serve to enhance safety. As a top-quality sign, it makes an ideal and thoughtful gift for dog lovers. Find It Here

Chow Chows Wall Calendar

The Chow Chow calendar combines functionality and beauty for the best of both worlds. And if you love Chow Chow, then this is the ideal calendar to decorate your home with. It features good looking pictures of all your favorite dog breeds for every month. This calendar is uniquely designed to add a custom look in your living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, your office, classroom, or desk. It assures high quality with well-selected dog photos from professional photographers. This calendar is ideally sized to suit its decorative purpose. It makes a great gift idea for any gifting occasion. Find It Here

Chow Mom Car Sticker

Show off the love you have for the adorable Chow Chows with this car sticker. It is made from premium quality vinyl. This material is carefully selected to make it well suited for use on your car, motorcycle, laptop, truck, and vans. This sticker is easy to apply, thanks to the instructions included. Also, it is made of UV resistant and weatherproof ink for longer-lasting use. This ink does not fade even after exposure to direct sunlight. You are required to apply it on a clean and dry surface for the best results. This Chow mum sticker makes a thoughtful gift to any mom, particularly Chow lovers. Find It Here

Chow Chow Towel

Luxury is not complete without this beautiful Chow hand towel. It features the beautiful embroidery of your favorite furry friend in a multicolor design. This gives it a great look on any rack. Also, it is made of premium quality cotton material for long-lasting use and comfortable use. It is soft to the touch and extra absorbent for better utility. This towel is plush and has a natural color; it is sure to be admired by all. Pamper yourself with this luxurious towel. You can also choose to gift it to any of your dear friends and family on any gifting occasion. Find It Here

Chow Chow Face Shirt

The Chow Chow face shirt is a perfect addition to your kid’s wardrobe. It is made purely of cotton material for a soft touch and supreme comfort. This material is also well known to increase longevity. It features a high-density graphic and detailed design of the Chow’s face. It has a multicolor design to make you look good any time you wear it. This T-shirt is short-sleeved with a crew neck design and a pull on closure. It is easy to clean as the fabric is machine washable. As animal-inspired apparel, it makes sense if you gift for anyone during a gifting occasion. Find It Here

Chow Chows – The Owner’s Guide

The Owner’s Guide is a comprehensive book that takes you through every detail you may need to know about your dog. From a puppy to its old age, it will help you in every step of the way. If you are a first-timer, you get advice and secret tips from experts and the best dog breeders in the world. Some of the topics discussed include caring for, health, grooming, and training of your Chow Chow. This book takes the hassle out of frequent visits to the vet as you can effectively tend to your Chow at home. As an informative book, it makes an ideal and thoughtful gift to any Chow Chow owner. Find It Here

Dog Brush

The self-cleaning slicker brush by Hertzko is the ultimate grooming brush for your pets. It is made with supreme quality and massages your pet while cleaning it. It removes any loose hair and eliminates knots, tangles, dander, and trapped dirt as well. This brush is easy to use, given its hands-free operation. This self-cleaning brush comes in handy to effectively increase your pet’s blood circulation for a healthier, softer, and shinier coat. It was also designed with the user in mind with the anti-slip and comfortable handle to prevent wrist strain. It makes an ideal gift idea for any pet owner. Find It Here

Chow Chow Pendant Necklace

The Chow Chow pendant necklace is nothing short of beautiful. This piece of jewelry is made of tarnish-resistant sterling silver. It, therefore, maintains a great look for a long time. This necklace features a 3D Chow dog for a unique look. Keen attention is paid to the dog’s detail for a more realistic replica of the actual Chow. Also, this necklace comes in a beautiful gift box for an ideal presentation. This pendant necklace is idealized, compliments any outfit, and is a great addition to your jewelry collection. Be it an anniversary, Valentine, or any other special occasion; the necklace is a perfect gift idea. Find It Here

Chow Chow Earrings

Chow Chow drop earrings are one of a kind. These are made of super cute brushed silvertone to achieve a beautiful look. Also, they feature sweet puppies that are designed with the finest of details. You can count on this material not to tarnish even after long use. They are conveniently lightweight and ideally sized. They complement any outfit. These earrings make a great addition to any jewelry collection. The package comes in a beautiful box and a protective sleeve; they will surely get you noticed. They are a perfect gift idea to any dear one in your life, particularly pet lovers. Find It Here

Chow Chow Dog Complete Owners Manual

The Chow Chow owner’s manual is an informative and comprehensive guide on all matters regarding the dog. This book will take you through the care, costs, grooming, feeding, health, and training of your dog. If you are a first-timer, it makes things easy for you. You do not have to wrack your brain with endless questions. Learn all the aspects of your favorite dog and take care of it effectively. The composing touch is perfectly done. The author is very experienced and will equip you with all the skills you require to be the ultimate happy dog owner; the manual makes an ideal gift idea to any pet owner. Find It Here

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