Civil War II (Marvel)

After Civil War I which was published in 2006, we got the prequel Civil War II in 2016 which was published from June to December 2016 and consists of 9 issues. This time, the Marvel heroes are led by Iron Man on one side and Captain Marvel on the other.

Civil War II

When Ohio State University student Ulysses Cain comes into contact with the Terrigen Mist, he becomes an Inhuman who can see the future. The Inhumans reappear weeks later to aid the Avengers in their fight against a Celestial Destroyer. Ulysses explains to the Avengers that he predicted the attack and a discussion is started about the rationale of preventing crimes before they happen. 

The Inhumans assist The Avengers to destroy a Celestial Destructor couple of weeks later. Iron Man departs frustrated when Ulysses tells the Avengers he anticipated the invasion. A fight with Thanos weeks later kills War Machine and She-Hulk. Iron Man pledges to stop anybody from using Ulysses’ precognitive abilities ever again.

Ulysses is kidnapped by Iron Man. The Inhumans launch an assault on Stark Tower in retaliation, but the Avengers manage to hold them off. They agree to face Iron Man jointly at the secret facility where they encounter Tony running tests on Ulysses. Ulysses gets a vision of the Hulk slaughtering the Avengers.

Later, Captain Marvel approaches Bruce Banner at his laboratory.  Banner reluctantly obliges when Captain Marvel tells him to step outside.  Hawkeye kills Banner during the heated discussion when he sees the other Avengers outside and is promptly taken into custody.

Hawkeye testifies during his trial that months prior, Banner had reached out to him and requested that he assassinate him if he ever lost control of his mind and body. Hawkeye is cleared of all charges. Iron Man tells the other superheroes about the findings of Ulysses’ tests, which reveal that his power is based on probability calculations rather than hard facts. Captain Marvel leaves for S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters Triskelion, since she was not convinced. 

At S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters Iron Man side decides to pick a fight with Captain Marvel side. Ulysses gets a vision of Miles Morales murdering Steve Rogers as the conflict intensifies. Captain Marvel retaliates by putting Morales in jail. While Iron Man and Captain Marvel debate whether or not Morales should be arrested, Cap offers Morales the option to make his own decision and Morales wishes to be taken home. Iron Man and his crew are put in custody after Morales departs, but Doctor Strange save them by teleporting them out.

After Morales has been taken home by Thor, he is later on sighted in front of the Capitol in Washington, D.C. The moment Captain Marvel is about to arrest Morales, Iron Man is there to stop her. As Captain Marvel strikes Iron Man with a potentially deadly blow, Ulysses is seeing several outcomes.

The story takes a turn when the cosmic being Eternity steps in and offers Ulysses a place by his side. With Ulysses gone, the quarrel between all heroes stops but leaving many casualties behind.


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