Cool Alarm Clocks That Will Wake You Up For Sure!

Getting up has never been so easy than with these alarm clocks.

#1 Color Digital Alarm Clock

If you’re looking for a clock that looks like the dashboard in the DeLorean from Back To The Future, well this is it! Color digital alarm packs a lot of detail into a convenient clock, perfect for your bedside table. Many features, such as: dual alarms, indoor temperature & humidity, moon phase, and full calendar and can even power up your smartphone when plugged into Outlet.

#2 Gameboy Alarm Clock

Everybody who had a Gameboy will fall in love with this Gameboy Alarm Clock.
The brilliance about this alarm clock is that you have to set it with the functional Gameboy buttons like it is shown in the video.
The alarm has the official Super Mario Land as a great bonus!

#4 Alarm Clock Mat

Snooze with your feet on this Alarm Clock Mat. You need to stand at least 3 seconds on the mat but you can even set it to 30 seconds. To make it a little more comfortable instead of using the standard noise, you can also upload your own MP3 songs.

#5 Sunrise Simulating Alarm Clock

Waking up has never been easier than with the Sunrise Simulating Alarm Clock. It simulates the sun in the morning so the light slightly increases in brightness. No more loud alarms, start your day without any stress.

#6 Dumbbell Alarm Clock

The only way to make this Dumbbell Clock stop is to do 30 reps. So no snooze, it will only stop making that super annoying noise by working out. Do you have what it takes?

#7 Target Practice Alarm Clock

Nothing more fun than starting your day shooting at your alarm clock. Train your sharpshootings skill with this Target Practice Alarm Clock every day. You can even train any time you want as it comes with 2 Bonus Games (Reaction tester & Accuracy tester).

#8 Rotating Eyes Desktop Alarm Clock

If the exact time is not of the essence to you, then you will love the Rotating Eyes Desktop Alarm Clock. It won’t tell you the exact time but the eyes will rotate towards the hours and minutes to give you an indication of what time it is.

#9 Flying Alarm Clock

The flying alarm clock is perfect for people who can’t stand getting up in the morning. As soon as the alarm goes off, the clock will start flying around and makes the most annoying noise. So it will leave you with only option and this to get out of bed and start the day.

#10 Clocky: The Alarm Clock On Wheels

Get ready to jump out of bed every morning. Not because you want to but you have to as Clocky will jump from your nightstand and run around the room in different directions every day. It will bump into things, change direction and make noises. So it will wake you up for sure.

#11 Rocket Launcher Alarm Clock

Experience a rocket launch every morning with this Rocket Launcher Alarm Clock. It will count down to lift off every morning. To stop the alarm, you have to catch the rocket and put it back in its place.

#13 Fire Bell Alarm Clock

Instead of having an alarm clock in every bedroom, why not just one alarm clock in the middle of the house. This Fire Bell Alarm Clock will wake up everybody for sure!

#14 Wifi Donation Alarm Clock

You snooze you lose. Quite literally actually with this cool alarm clock. You connect it to your wifi and online bank account. Now every time you snooze, money will go to charity.

#17 Smell Based Alarm Clock

Wake up every morning to a new smell. Place the scent cartridges in this cool alarm clock and enjoy the scents of fig, hot croissant, peach and many many more.

#18 Glowing Memo Alarm Clock

Put a smile on your loved one's face every morning by writing a cute memo on this Glowing Memo Alarm Clock. It comes with 4 2.0 USB Ports which is a nice extra.

#19 Tetris Alarm Clock

Looking for a great gift for a die-hard Tetris fan? How about this Tetris Alarm Clock? It displays a Tetris animation of falling blocks.

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