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Scott Summers

Scott Summers, better known as Cyclops, is a Marvel Comics character and a leading member of the X-Men. The character was initially introduced in the comic book The X-Men by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

As a member of the “mutant” race of humans, Cyclops has extraordinary powers. Cyclops can only command the strong blasts of energy he releases from his eyes with the use of special eyeglasses that he must always wear.

The Summers Family


Christopher and Katherine Ann Summers

Biological parents

Scott Summers is the eldest son of Major Christopher Summers (AKA Corsair), a U.S. Air Force test pilot and his wife Katherine Ann.

After a family vacation, the Summers family were flying home in their father’s private jet when a Shi’ar scout ship unexpectedly appeared and made the plane crash. Using just the plane’s single parachute, Katherine threw Scott and Alex out of the hatch. This is the first time that Scott utilized his mutant optic blasts to decelerate their fall when the parachute caught on fire. 

While Katherine died quite quickly afterwards, Christopher Summers became Corsair leader of the space pirates Star Jammers.



Alex Summers

Alex, known as Havok, is Alex’s younger brother. He has the unique ability to collect and assimilate cosmic energy, then radiate it out in waves, converting it into plasma with a concentric circular pattern.

Alex didn’t get to know Scott till it was much later in life. After the death of Todd Blanding in a vehicle accident, Alex got adopted by Andrew and Joanna Blanding. Despite Alex’s best efforts, he was forced to assume the role of Todd’s substitute.



Gabriel Summers

Vulcan is able to psionically generate, command, and absorb enormous quantities of energy. Other than electromagnetic spectrum energies, Vulcan has shown power over unconventional forms of energy like Cyclops’ optic blasts and mystical energy.

Vulcan became part of the X-Men but didn’t reveal to Cyclops that they were brothers until he almost died on Krakoa.



Adam Neramani

Adam has the ability to send an electrifying charge through oxygenated blood, which causes the electrolytes found in blood to be ignited, causing an individual to boil from the inside out.

Adam was one of the offspring created from the Genes of Emperor D’ken and Katherine Summers. When they were born, they were part of Emperor Shi’ar’s plan to inject genetic diversity into the Shi’ar royal bloodline.

Love Interests

Jean Grey

Jean Grey


As a young girl, Jean Grey saw the murder of her closest friend, a painful experience that triggered her psychic and empathic powers.

She has always been Scott’s first love although she passed away before they got married. Luckily, she came back and they still got married in the end.

Madelyne prior

Madelyne Pryor

Madelyne has always had a strong resemblance to Jean Grey, who was assumed to have died. She was really a clone of Jean produced by Mister Sinister.

Scott was instantly drawn to Madelyne’s similarity to Jean when they first met, and the two married soon after.

emma frost

Emma Frost

She was born into a wealthy Boston business family and has a tremendous mutant telepathic ability. The Frost International fortune she built after separating from her family is now worth billions of dollars.

Emma had an off and on relationship with Cyclops throughout their whole comic history. There has always been some form of attraction between the two.




Nathan Summers

Cyclops and his first wife Madelyne Pryor had a son called Nathan.

When he was a baby, Nathan suffered a lethal techno-organic infection. He was transported to a possible future where he could well be cured and live out his days. As Cable, Nathan developed into an avenging hero in this alternative universe.

Rachel Summers

Marvel Girl

Rachel Summers

Scott Summers and Phoenix Jean Grey had a mutant daughter named Rachel Anne Summers on Earth-811.

Inheriting her mother’s immense psychic skills, Rachel can telepathically communicate with others and use her telekinesis to move objects. Comic book character Marvel Girl has created an electric blue Phoenix symbol trademark of power.

She is regarded as one of the Marvel Universe’s most strong psychics.

Other Important Characters

Mr. Sinister

An accident on the ground caused Scott to sustain a head injury that hampered his ability to regulate his optic blasts. Both boys were taken to the hospital and suffered from acute amnesia as a result of what had happened.

The youngsters attracted the curiosity of the scientist, who just so revealed to be Mr. Sinister. Because he saw Scott as the most talented of the Summers brothers, he had Alex adopted to keep them apart and make Scott more emotionally susceptible, which is exactly what happened.

Scott was taken in by the State Home for Foundlings, an institution in Omaha, Nebraska. Orphanage owner Mr. Milbury, disguised as Mr. Sinister, carried out a series of tests and experiments on Scott.

The Best Cyclops Comics

X-Men: Marvels Snapshot #1

In the latest instalment of the Marvels Snapshot tour, Marvel’s biggest heroes are seen through the perspective of the everyday person. This time, the “average guy” is Scott Summers, a kid who saw the birth of the Marvel Age from an orphanage in Nebraska and wondered what his part may be in it.

X-Men Origins: Cyclops

With iconic and previously unseen sequences, witness how the leader of the X-Men developed from his youth through his initiation into the X-Men.

X-Men: The Wedding of Cyclops & Phoenix

After years of dating, Scott Summers and Jean Grey have finally tied the knot. In addition to the romance, the X-Men and Avengers have to hold Magneto’s Acolytes at bay, the mutant-killing Legacy virus strikes near and dear to home, and Professor X chooses to rehab Sabretooth! As Jean and Scott finally tie the marriage, love triumphs over everything as they go on an unforgettable honeymoon to the distant future, in which they would raise Cyclops’ long-lost child and battle the villain Apocalypse.

Cyclops (2014)

Cyclops has just learned that his long-dead father is still alive and well, and that he is also an intergalactic pirate! It’s the first standalone adventure for one of the original time-travelling mutant youths to emerge from ALL-NEW X-MEN! While in orbit, Cyclops and his father hijack a Badoon spacecraft and go on an intergalactic road trip together to learn more about each other. Dixzit is the first destination on the tour, but the resort town has a sinister truth. As a result of an accident, Corsair and Cyclops finally get to have the father-son talk they’ve both longed to have.

Uncanny X-Men: Wolverine and Cyclops

This time, Wolverine and Cyclops will be the only ones who can save mutantkind. It is up to Scott Summers to reassemble the X-Men after the tragedies of “X-Men Disassembled”. Because of this, he isn’t the only X-Men who’s recently emerged. They’ve put together a new band of heroes and now they’re looking to establish a new course for the future. However, the Mutant Liberation Front has its own agenda for the X-Men to deal with! 

X-Men: Cyclops & Phoenix – Past & Future

Time travel with Scott Summers and Jean Grey in a pair of time-travelling tales! First, the newlyweds find themselves 2,000 years in the future on their honeymoon! Scott’s child Nathan must be raised under the presence of Apocalypse by Cyclops and Phoenix. This is the beginning of Nathan’s journey to become Cable!

Afterwards, Cyclops and Phoenix are sent back in time to witness the development of a new mutant danger in Victorian England! Discover how Nathaniel Essex’s fascination with creation and his meeting with Apocalypse convert him into…Mr. Sinister!!

Duel: Uncanny X-Men #201

If you have ever wondered who would win in a fight between Cyclops and Storm, you will get your answer in Duel: Uncanny X-Men #201. What’s at stake with this fight? The winner will be the new leader of the X-Men.

Elegy: X-Men #138

The X-Men laid Jean Grey to rest after the tragedies of the Dark Phoenix Saga. Cyclops departs the X-Men after mourning the woman he cherishes.

X-Men: Schism

The most anticipated X-Men event in a decade has arrived! When it comes to mutants, this is the most deadly period in history. While mutants are at an all-time low, the world still refuses to believe in them. Moreover, the anti-mutant sentiment has risen to record levels following a mutant-caused international event. Of course, just when the mutant species most need to unite, a rift forms, threatening to destroy the X-Men’s core. It is inevitable that the X-Men environment will be forever altered as the dust settles.

Avengers vs. X-Men

Superheroes from around the globe will face toe-to-toe in the greatest confrontation! When Cyclops’s X-Men and the Avengers try to halt the Phoenix Force, the X-Men have other plans. Capt. America sees the Phoenix as a doomsday menace. But I s this a ray of hope for Cyclops? Hope Summers, the Phoenix’s designated host, is caught in the crossfire between Marvel’s two most powerful leaders.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Saga

A story of success and tragedy on a grand scale! As soon as the Dark Phoenix is unleashed, worlds perish and universes implode. The X-Men, led by Charles Xavier, are a group committed to defending humanity from those who would use their powers against it. Jean Grey, one of their own, has been tainted to the point that she can no longer be trusted. It is up to the X-Men to decide: Is the survival of a whole world worth the life of a woman they love?

X-Men: Messiah Complex

When it seemed like mutants had no future, a glimmer of hope appeared. Sadly, the X-Men were not there to welcome it; instead, The Marauders and Purifiers have gotten there ahead of time. There is now a competition to acquire the very first new mutant since mutants were declared an extinct species.

X-Men: Proteus 

Once again, one of the X-Men’s closest friends is forced to confront her deepest secret as a newborn child of brutality changes the course of history! Even the strongest X-Men’s are shaken by the supernatural Proteus!

Dark Phoenix is prepared to make her debut as Marvel’s most powerful mutants confront one of the most dangerous wonders of the world.

X-Factor: Genesis & Apocalypse

In the wake of Jean Grey’s resurrection, X-Factor is formed with the support of Marvel’s Avengers and the Fantastic Four! It’s only when they meet their new foes that they understand they are members of an Alliance of Evil lead by…Apocalypse! X-Factor will face Iron Man and Spider-Man, as well as a host of other villains, but it’s clear who will take on the role of the arch-nemesis in this new series: En Sabah Nur!

Astonishing X-Men

In order to “amaze” the world, Cyclops and Emma Frost revive the X-Men. But what happens if abruptly headline news about the mutant gene reaches the radio, derailing their future initiatives before they even begin? The X-Men and Ord fight toe-to-toe in a battle over the “mutant cure,” with a surprise ally tilting the scales!


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