Best Dark Nights Metal Statues

I just love these Dark Nights Metal Statues. Most of them are still in pre-order when writing this review. But the ones that are available look amazing! You should display them with a Batman Statue in the middle. It will look like they are ready to attack him.

These are the best Dark Nights Metal Statues

The Red Death Statue

The Red Death Statue

One of the best DC Collectibles Dark Nights Metal Statues is this Batman: The Red Death Statue with a design based on the Greg Capullo art. Djordje Djokovic sculpted the statue. It displays the fastest and deadliest man in the dark multiverse, The Red Death. The detailing brings out the evil speedster with bats created after the transfusion of the superheroes, Batman and the flash.

It’s an excellent addition for anyone who loves the Red Death Superhero. It is crafted from Polynesian with a superb detailing of the Cascade of the speed force and the summoned bats merged into one stature. As a top-quality unit, the statue stand 8.2 inches tall and limited to 5,000 individual pieces.




The Batman Who Laughs and Robin Minions Statue

The Batman Who Laughs and Robin Minions StatueThis DC Collectibles Dark Nights Metal statue is a high-quality The Batman Who Laughs Statue. It was designed by Greg Capullo and sculpted by Jason Frailey. The sculpture features Batman in his classy black attire laughing and surrounded by Robin Minions. He stands tall while imposing while three chained Robin Minions surround him.

His laughing face is here to haunt your nightmares. It’s a great piece that represents the comic in an iconic way possible while also bringing out the Grey’s Capullo design on the character out. The statue stands 8.135 inches tall, making it a great addition to your shelf.


The Devastator Statue

The Devastator StatueIf you do love the Batman The Devastator Comic, here is a DC Collectibles Dark Nights Metal you will adore. The Batman, the Devastator, is a piece of comic art designed by Greg Capullo and sculpted by the famous Jason Frailey. The statue is meticulously crafted from Polynesian and stands tall, approximately 9.1 inches.

It’s about Nightmarish Fusion of two superheroes big and robust enough to take down the man of steel. It captures the absolute essence of the devastated all-potent creatures formed when the unstoppable, powerful Doomsday fuses with the Batman unmatched brains. It also catches the cragged bone skin and red eyes of the unspeakable devil, a great addition to Batman, the Devastator enthusiast’s collections.

The Murder Machine Statue

The Murder Machine StatueThe Batman, the Murder Machine Statue from DC Collectibles Dark Nights Metal, is a piece of art designed by Greg Capullo and done by Paul Harding. What makes it an excellent article is the detailing it brings out about the fusion of the Cyborg’s technological power and the Batman’s tactical brilliance.

The character was born when the all-powerful AI program that was designed by Cyborg started to misinterpret its coding into the homicidal ends. The piece captures the mayhem and menace expected for the Murder Machine. It comes limited to 5,000 pieces and individually numbered. It’s a great addition to any lover of the Batman the Murder Machine and measures approximately 6.1 inches tall. Character.


The Dawn Breaker Statue

The Dawn Breaker StatueBatman The Dawn Breaker Statue, a DC Collectibles Dark Nights: Metal statue, comes crafted with delightfully creepy details from the comic, which makes it stand out on any shelf. It’s a design done by Greg Capullo and sculpted by Adrienne Smith.

The idea comes from the sinister fusion of the Batman and the Green Lantern of the Dark Multiverse. The statue is carefully made from Polyresin and stands 7.39 inches tall. It’s a must-have for you if you do love Batman or the Green Lantern. And you what, you better act fast! The statue comes in 5,000 copies only, and it’ll be made available during its start run.





The Merciless Statue

The Merciless StatueDark Nights Metal: Batman, The Merciless Statue from DC Collectibles, comes to a classy multicolour piece of art ideal for any shelf. It’s a statue of the bloodthirsty merciless, which is a nightmarish fusion of the Batman and the Ares. As a member of the dark nights, the being is a supremely powerful warmer. From the comic, he does take Batman’s best tactical skills and pair them with the Ares might.

And this 8.46 inches tall Polynesian statue brings out that picture with its Miniseries art menacingly detailed on it. Its clarity runs from the fabulous amplified Ares-Batman helmet, which corrupted the caped crusader to the shiny chains, which highlights the blazing amour. With that, the statue will command your whole room no matter where you place it.




The Drowned Statue

The Drowned StatueThe DC Collectibles brings you the Dark Nights Metal Batman art piece, the Drowned Statue. The art was designed by Greg Capullo and sculpted by Adrienne Smith. It brings out the character created after the nightmarish fusion of the gender-flipped Batman and the Aquaman- The drowned.

She Batman spices with her DNA with the Atlantean’s to become the Super-powered Dark knight. All this was to allow her to breathe and fight underwater in a quest to avenge Kyle. As a carefully detailed piece, it highlights her unique character design of the mashup. Bruce Wayne, the Batman, came from earth 11 and hid in the deep Atlanteans hatred for the role in the death of her dear Sylvester Kyle.