Darkseid vs Thanos: Who is the greater villain?

There is always going to be comparisons made in the DC and Marvel fandoms. These two comic brands are the most popular, and they have a lot of characters with things in common. For example, Deadpool was created as a parody of Deathstroke. These are the kinds of comparisons you expect to see, and Darkseid vs Thanos is no different. These are two very strong and very intimidating villains in both universes, so what else do they have in common? What are their strengths and weaknesses? Who is better at the end of the day? Let’s talk about this in further detail.

Darkseid Biography


Darkseid is a villain that doesn’t really stick to a single universe within the multiverse in DC Comics. While he has his own planet to rule and take control of, that doesn’t seem to be enough for this evil villain. He wants to make sure that every other planet in the multiverse not only loses its free will but is completely destroyed and moulded to fit whatever idea he has in his head for this new land he now owns. He isn’t an easy villain to stop, but that won’t stop the heroes from all over the multiverse from trying.

Thanos Biography


Thanos, with similar ideas in mind, is also a multiverse villain. The only difference is Thanos isn’t looking to completely take over a planet, he is looking to balance the universe. There are too many heroes, too many people causing problems, and he is going to fix it. Depending on how you look at the situation, it can actually become very easy to see what Thanos is asking and you might find yourself agreeing with him. However, that also depends on the comic or movie you are watching him in, as his motives are seen differently in many pieces of media.

Darkseid : Powers & Abilities

As far as abilities go, Darkseid is feared because he possesses so many. Darkseid is a very overpowered villain, which is why it takes every superhero in the multiverse to take him down. A few of the powers that he possesses are:

  • Superhuman strength
  • Durability: Meaning no superhero can puncture his skin easily
  • Speed
  • Agility: He moves fast and smooth, he’s hard to touch

These are just a few of the superpowers that this villain has. But how does this compare to what Thanos has?

Thanos: Powers & Abilities

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Thanos is actually not that much different from Darkseid as both share a lot of the same powers and abilities. Although being already one of the strongest villains in the Marvel Universe, he still wants more powers. This is why he is very interested in getting his hands on the Infinity Gauntlet. This will give him all of the power that he wishes to possess, and needs to possess in order to get his mission finished.

Thanos can also sense shifts in the universe. This gives him a warning to things that are coming his way, so he can move before impact. This saves him from many situations.

Darkseid Weakness

With all of the abilities that Darkseid is possessing, what can you use to take down this indestructible villain? Well, the answer to that is simple: Radion.

Just like how Clark, or Superman, has his kryptonite, Darkseid, and other gods from his planet, have Radion. This is a magical, and mysterious, substance that causes them to become weaker. You can use this against them, making them weaker and slower, so you can attack with ease. This is how the DC heroes take out this master villain with little trouble. But if you don’t have Radion around, it would be a battle for Earth and the heroes will lose.

Thanos Weakness

Taking out all of the other villains or heroes that are seen as a weakness to Thanos, the biggest weakness that this villain has is himself. He stops himself and pushes himself to the limit. For a villain that wants to balance out the universe with equally good and bad, he has a very moral weakness. This only makes him a more relatable villain to those who choose to step inside of his shoes for a few minutes.

A few other weaknesses that Thanos has are:

  • His Ego: Thinking he is worth more, and capable of more, than he actually is.
  • His son: Just like the MCU brought out in the character, the comic version of Thanos is brought to his knees just as easily with his son.
  • His parents: Again, he is a very moral villain so he is expected to have very moral weaknesses. His parents are one of them.

You can use any of these things to get into Thanos’ mind and control him. This is what a lot of the Marvel heroes try to do whenever it is time for him to attack. They learn about the people he cares about the most, and they use this against him to get him to stop terrorizing the city and the planets in the multiverse.


If you want to find a villain that you can root for without feeling like a bad person, you should look at Thanos. He is a moral character, despite constantly trying to shrink the population of Earth and other planets. But he still has evil charm, and he puts up a fight against the Marvel heroes until they find out his weaknesses.

However, if you want to know who would win in a head to head battle between these two, there is no hesitation in my answer: Darkseid is not only stronger, but he has weaknesses that are less obvious. He could easily take out Thanos and the Marvel heroes without a second thought.


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