Darkwing Duck

  • Negaduck Q-Fig

    Negaduck Q-Fig

    In contrast to the selfless Darkwing, Negaduck despises all things nice and lovable and enjoys wreaking havoc everywhere he goes. Negaduck looks like the evil twin of Drake Mallard’s heroic Darkwing, right down to the matching yellow trench coat, black cloak, and bright red hat. From his elaborately crafted gargoyle-themed base to the tip of his wide-brimmed felt cap, the evil Negaduck Duck Q-Fig measures around 5 inches in height. There are only 2,000 of these Negaducks in existence, and they’re all numbered.

  • Darkwing Duck Q-Fig

    Darkwing Duck Q-Fig

    We definitely need a remake of Darkwing Duck. It first aired in 1991 and it only ran for 3 seasons. Unfortunately, I was too young to write a letter of complaint asking for more episodes. Luckily, there are still companies who remember their childhood heroes and make brilliant statues like this Darkwing Duck from Q-Fig.

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