Deadpool vs Kingpin: Who Would Win In A Fight?

Deadpool and Kingpin are two very different characters from the Marvel Universe. In many ways, they couldn’t be more opposite in personality, abilities, and even body type. Even so, it’s fun to think about who would win between these two in a fight. Both have their own advantages, and the outcome may not be as clearcut as you’d imagine. Let’s analyze their strengths, weaknesses, powers, and abilities and see who would win in a Deadpool vs Kingpin fight.


We’re giving the win to Deadpool since this thought experiment is about who would win in a fight, not with prep time or in a naturally arising scenario. Throw Deadpool and Kingpin into a room and make them battle it out to the death, and Fisk is going to get recked every single time. Or maybe Kingpin will just get sick of Wade’s smartass attitude and kill himself so he won’t have to listen to the merc with a mouth’s blabbering anymore. That’s always an option.

What Would Marvel Decide?

Marvel’s Power Grid

The Power Grid is the system used by Marvel to formally quantify and score a character’s ability in six distinct areas of power. A rank of 1 is the lowest possible score and a rank of 7 is the maximum:

  • Intelligence
  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Durability
  • Energy Projection
  • Fighting Skills
(DC Comics doesn’t have a power grid.)

Power Grid Conclusion

If we would simply look at the numbers. The odds are in favor of Deadpool. He has a higher score. He is considered to be stronger, has more durability and better fighting skills than the Kingpin. But as we all know numbers aren’t everything, so we are going to put things in a little more perspective below. 

Deadpool (Wade Wilson) Biography


Deadpool was born Wade Wilson and has had serious psychological issues his entire life. He remembers several different versions of an abusive childhood, but in fact, his parents are still living together in Canada, and have even kept his room as he left it. When visiting his real childhood home, he didn’t remember it or his real parents. In his late teens, Wade would join the US Army Special Forces but would get kicked out for disobeying orders he thought were immoral. Following a failed suicide attempt, Wade would then join the CIA as a part of an assassination group because for some reason he thought that the CIA would be morally superior.

At some point, Wade defected from the CIA and travelled the globe as a mercenary for hire before ending up back in Canada. Having been diagnosed with terminal cancer, Wade joined Department K’s Weapon X program where he was giving Wolverine’s healing factor. This worked at first but soon became destabilized, giving Wade much more powerful regenerative abilities than Wolverine, but horribly disfiguring him in the process. This further eroded both his sanity and his sense of morality. Considering him a failed experiment, Departmen K sent Wade to the Hospice to be experimented on by the sadistic Dr. Killebrew. Here he would take the name “Deadpool” after the bets the inmates would place on who would die next.

After escaping the Hospice, Deadpool would return to his mercenary activities, this time wearing a costume to match his new persona and to hide his disfigured body. He would work for many criminal figures, including the Kingpin, and would battle many heroes such as Wolverine. During this time he would also kidnap an elderly British intelligence operative named Blind Al and lock her up in his basement. Even though Deadpool was very cruel to her, she would develop Stockholm Syndrome, and the two would become close.

As the years went on, Deadpool went from being a straight-up psychopathic villain to more of a psychopathic anti-hero joke character. He worked with various superhero teams such as the X-Men, Alpha Flight, and Heros for Hire who all instantly forgave him of his past crimes because that’s just how things work in comic books. He would also fall in love with Death, and develop a rivalry with Thanos who also desired her. In one of Deadpool’s more recent adventures, he teamed up with a monster hunter known as Elsa Bloodstone in Greenland to save a group of kids from monsters known as Bone Beasts.

Kingpin (Wilson Fisk) Biography

Wilson Fisk’s childhood is shrouded in mystery aside from a few known facts such as his father being a crackhead, and that he committed his first murder at the age of twelve. Determined to be successful in the criminal underworld from an early age, Fisk would engage in bodybuilding and reading many books to increase his intelligence. He would eventually develop an interest in Eastern cultures, and train heavily in the art of sumo wrestling, giving him his massive physique and physical strength. At the age of 15, Fisk would use his administrative skills and expert knowledge of political science to organize his first criminal gang. This gang would give him the nickname “The Kingpin of Crime.”

Moving forward Fisk would undermine his rival criminals by instigating drug wars between mafia groups and manipulating mayoral candidates to gain connections. He would also infiltrate the Rigoletto Crime Family as a bodyguard for their boss Don Rigoletto, though he would betray him and take over the organization. Gaining even more wealth as a result of his criminal activities, Fisk would invest his gains into legitimate businesses and become known to the public as a dealer in Easter spices. It was around this time that Fisk would meet an amnesiac girl named Vanessa who was a victim of human trafficking. Captivated by her grace and spirit, Fisk would rescue her and the two eventually fell in love, got married, and had a son named Richard Fisk.

Rising to power as the most dominant criminal force in the New York and Las Vegas areas, the Kingpin sought to unite the independent crime organizations and take down the Maggia, an organization that had controlled much of the organized crime in the West for hundreds of years. Teaming up with other high-profile criminal masterminds, the Kingpin became the head of an organization second only to the Maggia. Unfortunately, his newly formed organization would quickly fall apart when J. Jonah Jameson publically exposed Fisk as the Kingpin. Following this, Fisk would suffer a string of failures before finding his footing in the criminal underworld once again.

Over the years, Kingpin’s criminal empire would wax and wane in influence and power. At its height, it would be strong enough to rival the Maggia, though never quite strong enough to overthrow them. In other cases, Fisk would lose everything, and be forced to start over from scratch. Kingpin would come into conflict with many other prominent Marvel characters such as Daredevil, Spiderman, and even his own son who had become a criminal known as the Rose. He would even become mayor of New York City after fixing the vote, and go on a crusade against vigilantism. However, he eventually gave this up and focused on obtaining the tablets of Life and Time, and Death and Entropy, to revive his dead wife. Ultimately though, he would end up using the artifacts to revive his son instead.

Deadpool: Powers & Abilities

Deadpool, the merc with a mouth, is a highly trained mercenary/assassin and carries a wide variety of weapons and gear. On top of this, he has a few actual superpowers too. Here is a quick list:

  • High-speed regeneration
  • Poison and drug resistance
  • Disease immunity
  • Immortality
  • Telepathic immunity
  • Possession resistance
  • Superhuman strength
  • Peak human speed
  • Superhuman stamina
  • Superhuman agility/reflexes
  • Superhuman durability
  • Master martial artist
  • Master assassin
  • Multilingual
  • 4th wall awareness
  • Unpredictability
  • Various weapons and gear

Deadpool’s most famous ability is his high-speed regeneration. In addition to rapidly healing wounds, Deadpool can regrow or reattach lost limbs, and regenerate damaged organs. He has even been shown to be capable of regenerating his brain and heart, making him extremely hard to kill off for good. This ability also makes him ageless, immune to telepathy and protects him from poisons, drugs, diseases, and things of that nature.

In addition to this, Deadpool also has a few other powers that are often overlooked, such as his superhuman strength, agility, and stamina. These attributes, combined with his proficient martial arts and assassination skills, make him a very deadly combatant able to take down normal humans with ease even if they’re highly trained and fight him as a group. It should be noted though, that his superhuman physical attributes are very low level. He doesn’t come close to being as strong as the Thing, or as agile as Spider-Man.

Deadpool also uses a variety of weapons and gear, the most notable being his twin katanas, and his handgun. He also possesses a teleporter, though it tends to be unreliable, and an image inducer that creates a holographic image to hide his true appearance.

Though not a superpower exactly, Deadpool is fully aware that he’s a comic book character. Though this is mostly used for his 4th wall-breaking jokes, it does give him a unique perspective that may give him certain advantages in some situations.

Kingpin: Powers & Abilities

While Wilson Fisk doesn’t have any actual superpowers, the political, economic, and criminal power he wields more than makes up for it. Here is a quick list of his strengths and abilities:

  • Peak human strength
  • Master martial artist
  • Master strategist
  • Criminal genius
  • Indominable will
  • Multi lingual
  • Master of political sciences
  • Expert on economics
  • Master administrative skills
  • Vast legion of underlings
  • Vast economic and political power
  • Charisma
  • Leadership skills

While the Kingpin may look like a big ol’ fatty, he’s actually all muscle and an expert martial artist. This has allowed him to go toe-to-toe with heroes like Spider-Man and Captain America in the past. In one case he even defeated a group of eight of the best martial artists from around the world in just 17 seconds.

Kingpin’s main strength though is his criminal empire, and the influence that his wealth affords him. Using his political and economic power, he can defeat enemies without even having to come face to face with them. In addition to a virtual army of henchmen, the Kingpin can also hire superpowered mercenaries and villains to do his dirty work. He is even capable of manipulating heroes into fighting one another as well.

When it comes to crime, Kingpin is a master strategist and tactician. He’s also very charismatic, able to bring other villains and high-profile criminals under his influence very easily. Kingpin is very resilient as well and possesses amazing willpower. This has allowed him to rebuild his empire on several occasions after losing it all, and even grants him some resistance to telepathic attacks.

Deadpool: Weaknesses

While Deadpool’s regenerative powers are mostly a good thing, they do come with one major drawback: making him even more mentally unstable than he would normally be. This is because his brain cells are always in a state of dying and healing like the rest of his body, making Wade prone to a variety of unpredictable and violent behaviour. This may also be what’s responsible for making him unable to clearly remember his childhood.

Deadpool’s wisecracks and obnoxious personality can also make it hard for other characters to tolerate him, with many considering him to be extremely annoying. This can cause problems when Wade has to work with others, and can even provoke enemies into fighting more fiercely against him just to shut him up. In fact, it’s been said that Wade will fight an opponent until they “surrender or commit suicide.”

Another interesting weakness is that Deadpool possesses several severe and crippling phobias. The first is his intense fear of cows, which he considers to be very creepy. He’s also afraid of chickens and has an intense fear of being alone as well.

While Deadpool’s regeneration is extremely fast, it does have its biological limits. Anything that outright kills his cells, such as fire or acid, would be highly effective against him. Likewise, the more severe the wound he receives, the longer it takes to regenerate. This is why in many cases Deadpool would rather reattach a severed limb than regrow it. His regeneration is also likely limited by his total biomass.

Kingpin: Weaknesses

The main weakness of the Kingpin is that he’s just a normal human in a world of superpowered characters. However, this rarely comes into play thanks to his planning and strategizing. Even so, in a face-to-face fight, he’s at a massive disadvantage against many characters.

Kingpin also has another weakness, and that’s his dedication to his wife Vanessa. Taking his wife hostage or threatening her life can back the Kingpin into a corner, and greatly influence his actions. Vanessa herself also has great control over the Kingpin as well. In one instance she threatened to leave him if he didn’t give up his life of crime, and he actually did so. However, one of his underlings faked Vanessa’s death to get Fisk to return to his criminal ways even more angry and ruthless than ever.

Kingpin vs Deadpool: Who Would Win in a Fight?

In a true face-to-face fight with no shenanigans, prep time, or trickery, the Kingpin is going to be completely outclassed by Deadpool. With his guns and swords, Deadpool could take the Kingpin down in a matter of seconds. End of story. Even if you were to deprive Deadpool of his weapons, Wade still wins in hand-to-hand combat. Despite their similar skill levels, Deadpool has much more real-life combat experience since the Kingpin rarely fights his own battles. Again, this would lead to an easy win for Deadpool.

What about prep time? If we give both characters an equal amount of prep time for this battle, then the Kingpin suddenly has a massive advantage over Wade. Given the vast resources at his disposal, the Kingpin could bring whatever weapon, gadget, mystical artifact, or protective device he feels he would need to take down the merc with the mouth. Fisk may even find a way to give himself superpowers if he felt such drastic measures were necessary. No doubt about it, Kingpin wins this scenario hands down.

Okay then, what about if these two were to go against each other in a more organic scenario. In this case, the Kingpin once again has the advantage. With his powerful criminal empire, it is unlikely that Deadpool would even meet him face to face before getting killed off or incapacitated. The Kingpin could use his political influence to brand Wade Public Enemy #1 to get every hero in town after him or put a massive bounty on his head to get anti-heroes and villains to hunt him down him as well. Or, the Kingpin could just straight up hire superpowered mercenaries and villains to take Wade out. Fisk just has way too many resources at his disposal in this scenario for Deadpool to stand a chance. Sure, Wade is a master assassin, but that doesn’t mean much when his opponent has tons of mater assassins at his disposal, including the entirety of the infamous Assassins Guild which he owns.

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