Deadpool vs Wolverine: Who Is Stronger?

Nobody knows who would win in a fight between the Merc with a Mouth and The X-Man with adamantium claws. Deadpool and Wolverine are two of Marvel’s most popular characters. Who’s the better fighter? Who would win in a battle between Deadpool and Wolverine? Let’s take a look at some reasons as to why these two would make for one epic fight, and then we could do a quick breakdown at the end!

Deadpool: Biography


In December 1990, the world got to know Deadpool aka Wade Wilson for the first time in the comic New Mutants #98. He was created by Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld. He is the perfect definition of an anti-hero. Wade hides behind smart ass comments and always does whatever he wants. But in the end, he does what is right. Well, most of the time…

You can recognize Deadpool by his red and black costume. But when he is not wearing his hero outfit, Wade is covered in scars because of his cancer. Other than that, he is 188 cm or 6’22” tall and weighs 210 lbs / 95 kg.

Wolverine: Biography


One of the most popular X-Men characters ever created, Wolverine was born with claws made from bone and metal that he can extend and retract from his hands. He’s a fierce fighter with the ability to heal wounds at an accelerated rate, so even if you’re able to hurt him, it won’t slow Wolverine down for long!

Wolverine has superhuman regeneration abilities, animal senses, enhanced physical capabilities thanks to his adamantium skeleton claws as well as his heightened senses. He is also an expert martial artist, and while he doesn’t have the brute strength that The Hulk has (he’s a little more agile), Wolverine can still take on anyone in combat with these abilities!

James Howlett which is Wolverine’s real name made his debut actually in an Incredible Hulk comic. It was in October 1974 in issue #180. He can also be referred to as Logan and he is only 5ft 3 and weighs 195 lbs.

The numbers below come from so we did not make these up. We have added the sources at the bottom of the page.

Power Grids Compared

Durability: Deadpool 4 vs Wolverine 4

Deadpool only earned a 4 out of 7 for Durability, which we found to be really surprising. The character is genuinely immortal, thus this is a pretty low score for someone who has that ability. Deadpool’s most important ability is his healing factor. As a result, Deadpool is very hard to kill since Thanos cursed him with immortality as well (to keep him away from Death). Another interesting fact to know about Deadpool is that he is immune to psychic assaults.

As we were quite surprised with the score of Deadpool, we were as surprised with the score of Wolverine. Just like Deadpool, Wolverine’s number 1 power is his healing factor which makes him quite a tough opponent to kill. Thanks to Wolverine’s instant regeneration, he also ages a lot slower than the average human being. Add to that his adamantium skeleton and you have created the perfect weapon.

Energy: Deadpool 1 vs Wolverine 1

When it comes to energy, Deadpool receives the lowest rating, which is very understandable. He does not possess any abilities that are connected to energy.

Wolverine has no powers or abilities to blast energy towards his foes or use it as a line of defence. He is therefore always forced to engage in close combat which makes him an exceptional fighter. On the other hand, this makes him also quite vulnerable to attacks from afar.

Fighting Skills: Deadpool 6 vs Wolverine 7

If we were Marvel, Deadpool would have received a perfect score of 7, but he only received a 6 instead. From what we’ve seen and read, he’s one of the most skilled hand-to-hand combatants in the Marvel universe. If you’re looking for someone who can wield a sword or gun like a pro, look no further than the Merc with a Mouth.

Logan is considered to be the perfect weapon as he is almost impossible to kill and trained for decades to become a master assassin. Marvel gave him the perfect score for his fighting skills. Wolverine has retractable bone claws which can expand up to 6 feet from his knuckles. After infusing his body with adamantium, these claws are also now covered in adamantium and can cut through everything.

Intelligence: Deadpool 2 vs Wolverine 2

Intelligence is, without a doubt, a source of frustration for Deadpool. When it comes to mental stability, he isn’t the brightest tool in the shed, and he can be rather unstable at times. However, if being annoying is considered a superpower, Deadpool would have received a perfect score. The ability to irritate everyone in the Marvel Universe is something he enjoys doing, and it happens to be his favourite pastime. He finds it more enjoyable than murdering them.

Wolverine encountered a lot of dramatic events and this scarred him for life which is actually quite ironic. His intelligence is considered above average according to Fandom but due to his troubled past, this makes him quite mentally unstable. He often has violent memory flashbacks and suffers from memory loss.

Speed: Deadpool 7 vs Wolverine 2

We were taken by surprise once again when Deadpool scored the highest possible score, despite the fact that there is little evidence to support this. In fact, Fandom has asserted that he can only sprint at peak human speed, implying that he does not even possess superhuman speed. The only reason why Marvel could have rated him a 7 is because Deadpool is in possession of a teleportation gadget that he can use at any moment to go anywhere he wants.

Although Wolverine has superhuman speed and reflexes, he is on par with other heroes and villains. Luckily for Logan, he can always fall back on his superhuman senses. He can smell and even hear his enemies from miles away which makes it hard to catch him off guard. He can also use these senses for tracking his prey which gives him an edge in fights. Another note is that thanks to his rapid healing factor, he is less vulnerable to fatigue.

Strength: Deadpool 4 vs Wolverine 4

One thing Deadpool never has faith in is his physical prowess. Only around 800 pounds can he lift. He depends on his superhuman agility, endurance, and reflexes the most during battles with the other characters. So when he’s up against certain foes, his strikes seem a little bit like Deadpool is tickling them.

Like most heroes and foes, Wolverine possesses average strength. He can lift up to 800 pounds but this is also where it stops. Wolverine can never win on strength alone. Wolverine’s best option in a fight is actually to exhaust his enemies until they become vulnerable to an attack and then strike with his adamantium claws.


One thing is sure with this fight, it could go on for days maybe weeks. Both heroes possess a superior regenerative healing factor which makes them almost impossible to kill. It would be easier just to catch them and lock them up probably.

If we count all scores together, we see that Wolverine got a 20 out of 42 while Deadpool just beats him by 4 points so 24 out of 42. So there you have it, Deadpool would win in a fight with Wolverine. The difference is mainly made on Speed thanks to the teleportation device that Deadpool owns.


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