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Death is a Marvel character who is also known as Mistress Death or Lady Death. She made her first appearance in Captain Marvel #26 which was published in June 1973. Jim Starlin and Mike Friedrich created her. You might know Jim Starlin from his other work with Marvel and DC Comics. Mike Friederich is most known for his work with Iron Man and the Justice League of America.

When Death makes her appearance as Mistress Death, she is a female who weighs 139 lbs and is 5’7″. Both her hair and eyes are black at this time. Just as Death, her appearance is completely variable. She can be then recognized as a female but with a skull as a head. But actually, she is not a she but more of an entity. Death also has an opposite which is called Eternity. Eternity is considered to be the embodiment of the universe while Death is the embodiment of the end of life and destruction.

Death lives in a place called the Realm of Death and is served by her undead minions. In normal circumstances, no living person or entity could enter this realm.

Deadpool and Thanos

It is no secret that Thanos is completely obsessed with Death. He even went so far as to try to destroy all life through the Cosmic Cube just to prove his love for her. Luckily, he was stopped by Captain Marvel and The Avengers which ended with Death walking out on Thanos.

Ironically, later on, Death resurrected Thanos in order to solve an imbalance in the universe. Thanos went on a quest to collect the Infinity Stones and the Infinity Gauntlet. With this power, the Mad Titan actually becomes superior to Death. But to prove his love, he wipes out half of the universe. Again, Thanos was eventually defeated by the heroes from Earth and Death even teamed up with them.

But probably the best story of Death is together with Deadpool and Thanos in Funeral for a Freak. Deadpool is dead and has several encounters with Death. Deadpool eventually starts to develop feelings for Death and this drives Thanos mad with jealousy. He actually becomes so jealous that Thanos curses Deadpool with immortality just to keep him away from Death.

In another storyline, Avengers: Celestial Quest, we finally find out that Death also has feelings for Thanos. Death admits to Thanos that when he was resurrected their energies merged and an offspring was created that goes by the name of the Rot. They both need to work together to track down and destroy the Rot. During this time, Death admits her feelings for him.

Power Grid

On, we can see that Death is one of the strongest beings or entities in the Marvel Universe. She has almost the perfect score except for Fighting Skills where she only got a 6 out of 7. For all other criteria like Durability, Energy, Intelligence, Speed and Strength, she received a 7 out of 7. So there aren’t many beings or heroes stronger than her but this makes sense as she is Death.


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